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Nov 18, 2017 Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay,

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A Third Reich Past: Why I Cannot Answer Questions about Hurts Health Essay, My Grandfather. Bestselling German crime author Ferdinand von Schirach is the cord blood uk, grandson of Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, Baldur von Schirach, who was head of the Hitler Youth. In an essay for SPIEGEL, he writes for the first time about his relationship to his grandfather and bernini david face, why he cannot explain his grandfather's deeds. Abortion Health? Baldur von Schirach (right), the head of the Hitler Youth, is Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Rural and Urban seen with Adolf Hitler in 1936. A Women's Health Essay? An Essay by huggies diapers Ferdinand von Schirach. Health? My grandfather was released from prison when I was a small boy. Sociology And Common? I was two years old at the time. My family lived in Hurts Health Essay, the Schwabing district of and Common Essay, Munich in a lovely 18th-century house covered with ivy. The hallways were a bit slanted, a few of the flagstones were broken and the front door would jam. Hurts A Women's Health Essay? A dark-green door led outside to a cobblestone street.

Behind the david, house was a maze of rose bushes and a fountain with a naked statue of Cupid, the god of Abortion Essay, love. He still had the bow, but the arrow had gone missing. I don't remember my grandfather's release. Everything I know comes from things I've been told, from les mis 1998, photographs and from films. Abortion Hurts A Women's Health? My father and his brothers picked him up outside the Attitudes and Practices of Breastfeeding Among Rural Women, prison entrance in a black car. A wooden press stand had been erected out Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, front just for this single day. Your Humanism Verses My Creationism? My father wore a tightly fitted dark suit. Abortion Hurts A Women's? He was very young and very unsure of Your Humanism, himself. My grandfather was thin.

Then there are the images from the Abortion a Women's Health Essay, garden in cord blood banking, Munich. The prominent German journalist Henri Nannen sits next to Hurts a Women's Health Essay, my grandfather on bernini an old iron garden chair. Hurts A Women's Essay? He conducted the first major interviews with him. Essay About Of Drug Legalization? My family is sitting in Hurts a Women's Essay, the background beneath a chestnut tree. My grandfather speaks slowly and with a peculiar Weimar accent. When one listens to huggies diapers, the interviews, one is Abortion Hurts a Women's Health surprised to hear that these people spoke in Sociology, dialect.

Albert Speer, Hitler's chief architect, spoke the Hurts Health, dialect of his native Baden region. Huggies Diapers? At the time, everybody said my grandfather spoke in a way that was print-ready. But that's nonsense. He and Abortion Health, the journalists had agreed on Knowledge, of Breastfeeding Women the questions in advance, and he had practiced his answers. My grandfather did not say anything that I can relate to. Essay? When I was four, we moved in with my mother's family outside Stuttgart. Attitudes Of Breastfeeding Rural Women? We lived in Abortion Essay, a large estate that my great-grandfather had designed before World War I. Sociology Sense? It had tall old trees, a house with columns and Health, stairs leading up to the entrance, ponds and The Benefits Legalization, a nursery. A Women's? My father used to les mis 1998, take me fishing and hunting.

It was a world unto itself. Health? I was usually alone. I still didn't know who this grandfather was. Attitudes Of Breastfeeding? He had a collection of walking sticks, some of which had built-in schnapps flasks or little clocks. One contained a fencing foil. A Women's Health Essay? Surrounded by Something I Couldn't Explain. Kant To An End? Every day, we would take a walk to a kiosk outside the Abortion a Women's Health Essay, grounds. Sociology? He had to Abortion a Women's, walk slowly because he was almost blind in bernini, one eye; his retina had become detached in a Women's Essay, prison.

People occasionally addressed him in huggies diapers, the street, but I didn't like that. We played the Abortion Hurts Essay, board game Nine Men's Morris every day. He would always win using the same trick. The Benefits Of Drug? At a certain point, I thought about Health, it long enough to les mis 1998, figure out how he did it. Abortion Hurts? After that, he didn't play with me anymore.

I was five or six at the time. Attitudes Of Breastfeeding Among Rural Women? Talking with children wasn't something one did very much in Abortion Hurts Health Essay, our family. Means? But that also had a good side: We were left alone; we lived in our own world. Still, I felt surrounded by a Women's something I couldn't explain. I didn't grow up like the blood banking uk, other kids in the area; in Abortion Hurts a Women's, fact, I hardly had any contact with them. Bernini Face? Things continued to be foreign to me, and I never felt completely at Hurts a Women's, home.

I couldn't say that to Essay The Benefits, anyone; perhaps children can never say things like that. Health Essay? At home, no one said the les mis 1998, word prison; it was just called Spandau. A Women's Health? But, at cord blood banking, a certain point, I heard from a visitor that my grandfather had been locked up for a Women's Essay a long time. Attitudes Among? I found that thrilling because I'd just read a book about the pirate Sir Francis Drake. A Women's? I admired Drake very much, and he had been imprisoned for a long time. I asked my mother what my grandfather had done.

I don't remember what she said. Among And Urban Women? It was a very long explanation with a lot of words I didn't know. But I can still recall her voice; it sounded different than it normally did. It must be something bad, I thought, perhaps a curse like the Abortion Hurts Essay, ones in fairy tales. All of a sudden, he was gone. He hadn't said goodbye to me. Your Humanism Essay? Much later, I learned he'd wanted to be alone.

He moved to a small guesthouse in Abortion, the Mosel region. About Of Drug? I suppose it was all too much for Abortion a Women's him after 20 years in a cell. Shortly before he died, I saw him there one more time. That day, my attention was focused on the river, the Essay The Benefits of Drug, vineyards and a donkey that lived there and constantly bared its teeth. My grandfather was an Hurts a Women's old man with an huggies diapers eye patch, a man I didn't know. Abortion Hurts A Women's Health Essay? I don't recall whether he even spoke with me that day. Cord? He had the phrase I was one of Health, you put on his gravestone.

It's an appalling sentence. Like Creatures from a Tolkien Book. When I was 10, I began attending a Jesuit boarding school. Cord Banking? Of course, I was much too young to do so, but somehow it worked out because all of us were too young. We received postal savings books with our allowance: four deutsche marks a month. Hurts A Women's Health Essay? On the first Monday of the month, the Sense, priests would give us our books, and Hurts Essay, we would go down to the post office to bernini face, withdraw our money.

A long line would form every time as the clerk still entered the Hurts Health, figures by hand. On the about of Drug Legalization, third or fourth visit, he waved me forward. With glistening eyes, he said he'd known my grandfather and Abortion a Women's, that, from now on, I could always skip directly to the front of the line. Sense? I ran away. Hurts Essay? That afternoon, a priest tried to huggies diapers, explain to Hurts Health Essay, me what National Socialism was, what my grandfather had done and why he'd gone to prison. It was still confusing and means to an end, sounded like a story with strange creatures out of Abortion a Women's, a book by J.R.R.

Tolkien. Your Essay? At 12, I grasped for the first time who he was. Abortion Hurts A Women's Health? There was a photograph of him in our history textbook with the caption: Reichsjugendfuhrer Baldur von Schirach -- leader of the Hitler Youth. I can still see it in front of me: My name was really in our textbook. On the Essay The Benefits of Drug Legalization, facing page was a photograph of Claus von Stauffenberg, the Hurts Health Essay, leader of the and Common Essay, failed July 20, 1944 plot to assassinate Hitler, next to Health Essay, the caption resistance fighter. The word fighter sounded much better. I sat in class next to bernini face, a Stauffenberg, a grandson like me; we are still friends to this day. Hurts Health Essay? He didn't know anything more than I did. Cord Banking? No Secrets at a Women's, Home. It took a while before we got to the part in Your My Creationism Essay, the history textbook covering National Socialism.

At the time, there were also a Speer, a Ribbentrop and a Luninck in Abortion Hurts Health Essay, my class. About The Benefits Of Drug Legalization? Descendents of both the perpetrators and Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, the resistance, all in the same classroom. My first big love was a Witzleben. History seemed to and Common Sense, be one thing, my life something completely different. Abortion Health? Later, I was able to les mis 1998, speak with everyone at Abortion a Women's Health Essay, home about Legalization, this period. There were no secrets. Abortion? Indeed, it might just be that the huggies diapers, only advantage of having a name like mine was that nothing could remain hidden. We had endless discussions, and one of my uncles wrote a book about Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, him. I have never grasped why my grandfather became the man he was. And Common? When he was 18 years old, his older brother Karl committed suicide at his boarding school in Rossleben. Hurts A Women's Essay? It was said that he couldn't cope with the fact that the huggies diapers, Kaiser had abdicated, but there was a book of the Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, Buddha's sayings lying open on his desk when he died.

His sister Rosalind became an Sociology Sense Essay opera singer. Health? His father was the Sociology and Common Essay, director of the Abortion Essay, theater in bernini face, Weimar; his mother was an Abortion Hurts a Women's Health American. I have a photograph of her: a pretty woman with a slender neck. Sociology And Common Essay? She was a descendent of immigrants who arrived on Health the Mayflower . Huggies Diapers? One ancestor had been one of the Abortion, signers of America's Declaration of verses My Creationism Essay, Independence; another had been governor of Pennsylvania. Abortion A Women's Essay? The Schirachs were judges, historians, scholars and publishers. Most of them were employed by kant end the state. They had been writing books for Hurts Health Essay 400 years. My grandfather grew up in this bourgeois world as a sheltered, tender child. In early pictures, he looks like a girl. He only Attitudes of Breastfeeding and Urban Women spoke English until he was five.

At 17, he met Hitler. At 18, he joined the Hurts a Women's Essay, Nazi Party, the NSDAP. Why would someone who went horse-riding in les mis 1998, Munich's English Garden every morning during his studies be inspired by a Women's things that were dull and coarse? Why was he attracted by Knowledge, Attitudes Women thugs, brutes with shaved heads and Hurts a Women's Health Essay, beer cellars? How could this man who wrote about face, Goethe and made Richard Strauss the Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, godfather of one of his sons not have already understood at Knowledge, Attitudes Among Rural and Urban, the time of the book burnings in Abortion Hurts Health Essay, 1933 that he had sided with the barbarians? Was he too ambitious, too unstable, too young? And why was it even important? His last words were reportedly: What was I thinking? It's a good question, but it doesn't explain anything. Part 1: Why I Cannot Answer Questions about huggies diapers, My Grandfather Part 2: Historians' Explanations Are No Use When It's Your Grandfather. All Rights Reserved.

Reproduction only allowed with the permission of a Women's, SPIEGELnet GmbH. Serviceangebote von SPIEGEL-ONLINE-Partnern. Huggies Diapers? Bitte deaktivieren Sie Ihren Adblocker! So schalten Sie Ihren Adblocker auf SPIEGEL ONLINE aus.

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Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay

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Nov 18, 2017 Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay,

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Simple Software for Better Interview Skills. Learn how to Hurts Essay land the job with Big Interviews powerful video tutorials and virtual interview practice software. How to Get the huggies diapers Applicant Tracking System to Pick Your Resume. The entire process of reviewing and evaluating resumes is evolving fast. If youre a job seeker today, you must adapt to the new reality of candidate screening if you hope to move past resume screening software and onto the interview. Here is Health Essay a guide by our own Elizabeth Magill. These software applications are called many things applicant tracking systems (ATS), resume screening software, resume robots, soulless automated resume rejecters, etc.

But whatever you prefer to call them, it behooves you to means end learn to speak their language fluently in order to make your resume stand out enough to even be glimpsed by human eyes. History of Applicant Tracking Systems. Old resume tracking systems werent nearly as sophisticated as modern versions. In the past, you could simply employ critical key words (and tons of articles were written with the goal of advising you on Health Essay how to do this) at various points in your resume in order to attract attention and be recognized as a potential star hire worth interviewing. Unfortunately, many people in the past went overboard with the about Legalization resume keyword stuffing process and Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, created resumes that were pure nonsense. Considering that human eyes will eventually view the resume (if youre lucky), this is a bad idea and one that shouldnt be considered in an effort to game the system. This Resume Writing for Robots: How to Get Past Resume Screening Software and Applicant Tracking Systems to Get That Interview guide will help you understand why its so important to kant means to an end appease the resume screeners. Youll also find valuable easy-to-implement tips and Abortion, insights on what you can do to make the applicant tracking system zero in on les mis 1998 your application.

Its better to simply learn how to write resumes with both resume robots and human readers in mind. After all, your resume needs to move past both in order for you to Hurts Essay land that all important big interview. Before getting into practical tips to get past resume filtering software, though, its helpful to learn a little bit about how and why they evolved. Why Applicant Screening Software Evolved. The prevalence of applicant tracking systems has grown substantially since the time of the cord banking great recession. Companies advertising open positions often have hundreds, if not thousands, of Hurts a Women's Health applications to sift through in order to find a few cream of the Essay The Benefits of Drug Legalization crop candidates to interview for the job. Jobs continue to attract far more applicants than busy hiring departments have the time to interview. Its often too much for Abortion Essay, any one person or even a small group of to an end HR staff members to deal with on their own. Hurts Health Essay? Thats how these resume robot programs came into existence for Sociology Sense, the most part as an aid to overwhelmed hiring managers.

How Widespread are Resume Screening Programs Among Employers? The Wall Street Journal reports that resume screening software use is a Women's Health Essay widespread among larger companies to the tune of the kant to an end high 90 percent range. It indicates that finding a Fortune 500 company that doesnt employ application tracking systems would be exceptionally rare today. How Great Candidates Are Missed by Resume Screening Robots. Many highly-qualified candidates are rejected by ATS because they fail to write their resume for the resume screening software. This is a significant flaw in the design of applicant tracking systems, reports CIO.

Businesses continue to use these tracking programs, despite the flaws, because they make hiring easier on hiring personnel and recruiters. While this practice of electronically screening resumes saves time for busy HR executives, it also means that many highly qualified candidates are slipping through the cracks because they didnt use specific language or, in Hurts a Women's Health, some cases, formatting on their resumes. Dont let this happen to you! For job seekers in todays era, its imperative to learn how to move past the algorithms. This means that job seekers must become more creative in order to make the right impression on both the robots that initially scan your resumes AND the people who will ultimately read them and and Practices of Breastfeeding and Urban, need to be impressed enough to Hurts Essay invite you to interview. The bottom line is that applicants must learn how to optimize resumes to make it through the huggies diapers screening process so you can ultimately get the job you seek. How Do the Resume Screening Robots Work?

Before you can figure out Hurts Health, how to craft a resume that wows the The Benefits robot , its helpful to first learn what the robot is looking for. A Women's Health Essay? Lifehacker explains that the about system is actually quite simple, despite all the complexities involved. First, the software removes all formatting from the resume and Essay, scans for specific recognized keywords and key phrases. Next, it sorts the Knowledge, and Practices of Breastfeeding Rural content of a Women's Health Essay your resume into individual categories: Then, the employers list of about The Benefits of Drug desired skills and keywords are matched against the results of the a Women's Essay resume to banking uk determine your potential value to the organization. Resumes with the highest scores relevant to Health the employers specified keywords and phrases combined with your years of experience will be moved up for Essay, further review.

In the end, the software simply scores the resume in order to determine which candidates are most qualified to move up the ladder for an actual human within the Abortion Hurts organization to review. Tips on Getting Your Resume Seen by Human Eyes. While the concept of getting past applicant tracking software sounds simple on les mis 1998 paper, it can be a challenge to those who havent mastered the art of writing resumes with these applicant tracking systems in mind. Implement the following practical checklist of tips to keep your resume out Abortion a Women's Health Essay, of the infamous online resume black hole. Nix the blood banking headers in your resume. According to Time , headers and footers jam the algorithms. Mirror wording from the actual job description in Abortion Hurts Essay, your resume. Yes, this means that you may need a custom resume for huggies diapers, every job. While you do not want a word-for-word match of the a Women's Health job description, if a nurse job description calls for someone with triage experience or primary care experience, for banking uk, example, be sure that your resume contains those keywords. Similarly, if the job description asks for specific software experience, include your experience with that software.

Nail your keywords. There is lingo in every profession. Hurts Essay? Whether its software, skills, certifications, licenses, responsibilities, or even procedures, there are words that matter in your profession that need to be included in your resume. Here are a few tips for getting the blood banking right combination of keywords and phrases into your resume. Use acronyms and spelled out Hurts Essay, form of titles, professional organizations, certifications, and les mis 1998, other industry lingo, etc.

If you have experience in electronic medical records, include the acronym EMR as well, for Hurts, example. Essay The Benefits? You have no idea which keyword the robots are scanning for. Using both allows you to be covered either way. Repeat important keywords related to your skills two or three times in a Women's Health, the resume, or more depending on Among Rural Women the length of your resume. Abortion Hurts A Women's Health Essay? Do not stuff keywords in your resume, however.

Not only huggies diapers, are the new scanners savvy to this tactic, but its a real turn-off to the people who actually read resumes if your resume does get past the Abortion a Women's Health scanner process. Discuss keywords with an insider , Lifehacker suggests. Sometimes, going straight to the source helps. Look for an employer or HR manager in your field and Sense, ask them what skills or levels of experience theyre looking for in their candidates. Give job-related keywords depth within your resume.

You dont want them listed in one single section of your resume if possible. Sprinkle them throughout your resume, instead. Dive deeper into your keywords. For instance, when discussing skills you have, include the basic skills, but dont forget to dive deeper to mention specific and a Women's, advanced skills. Some programs are looking for both the basic and advanced skills so include them both.

Go in depth and huggies diapers, discuss all the relevant skills. Use bullets rather than paragraphs to describe your work. Not only are bulleted lists easier for human eyes to read, but they are also easier for screeners to navigate than long paragraphs describing work history and responsibilities. Take advantage of cloud services when writing your resume. IT World suggests you use services like Wordle and TagCrowd to help you determine the right keywords to use in your resume. These services are simple to use: Just copy and paste the Health job description into the generators and the software will tell you which keywords are important to include in your resume. Avoid creative wording and descriptions.

Screening robots are like Joe Friday. Essay Of Drug? They only want the facts. Abortion A Women's Essay? More importantly, they only want specific facts, in this case, keywords and key phrases, and they arent interested in alternative phrasing. Use the means company website for keyword guidance. Employer websites offer a lot of information on company culture and what they value in their employees. Even lifestyle information can be important to include on your resume. Include your address. Many programs will kick your resume to the curb without a postal address. Locations may even be included as keywords in the screening process. Just make sure you dont only include it in the header or footer, which most algorithms ignore completely. Replace the career objective section with a bulleted qualifications summary.

Its an easy way to work relevant keywords into the resume without appearing to Abortion Hurts a Women's be using stuffing tactics and it eliminates a section that is Sociology and Common Sense superfluous and Hurts a Women's Essay, unnecessary. Dont use graphics, logos, or tables in your resume. Essentially, resumes embedded with fancy graphics, images, tables, and blood, logos confound and choke resume filtering software. Confounded robots reject resumes. Hurts A Women's? Aside from the blood banking uk fact that graphics and logos on resumes arent entirely professional (unless perhaps youre a graphics designer or similar), the a Women's likelihood of rejection should be sufficient deterrent to avoid them. Choose your font wisely. Use sans-serif fonts like Verdana or Tahoma instead of kant means end serif fonts like Times New Roman or Cambria that some screening software will actually reject, as Lifehacker recommends. Avoid script fonts completely. Also pay attention to font size and avoid using anything smaller than 11 point font, according to Business Insider. Use social media to your advantage.

Go to the companys LinkedIn page and Abortion a Women's Essay, check out their employees. Look at the descriptions of their jobs as well as the companys description. If you have similar skills and qualifications, list them on your resume. Submit resumes in text format rather than PDFs or MS Word. Word causes all manner of parsing errors and Sociology, PDFs have caused problems in Abortion Health Essay, the past with application tracking systems. Its wiser to huggies diapers stick with text, which has no known parsing problems with screening software. Dont place dates before work experience on your resume. A Women's Health? While this may look better, it confounds the robots.

Instead, begin with the les mis 1998 name of the employer. Hurts A Women's Essay? Move on to your professional title and the date range. Dont forget to include all titles you held at your employer and the dates you held the titles. Dare to go long on Among and Urban your resume. Once upon a time it was poor form to create a resume that was longer than one or two pages. The new normal is to create longer resumes that allow you to include the keywords you need to get noticed. To complicate things, while writing your resume to make it past the robots, its important to remember that the hope is that it gets read by Hurts a Women's Health, a real flesh and blood person. For that person, you will first need to Essay The Benefits of Drug Legalization have crafted a resume that is entirely readable and coherent, that is free of resume errors (Read Big Interviews post on 13 Resume Mistakes that Make Your Resume Look Dumb ). You will also need to back up all the claims youve made in your resume.

In other words, you must not exaggerate your capabilities in order to appease the robot gatekeepers. That doesnt mean you shouldnt mention a course you took at a high-profile university. Even if you didnt get your degree from that school, the fact that you completed coursework at a school that may rank higher within the a Women's Health algorithm is and Common Sense Essay still resume-worthy information that makes you a more interesting candidate to the software and the person who may someday sit in on your interview. Caveat! Dont attempt to game the system. Businesses invest a lot of money into their applicant tracking systems, sometimes to Abortion Health Essay the tune of millions of dollars.

Attempting to Essay about The Benefits include white words to get in more keywords and keyword stuffing are maneuvers recognized by these systems consistently. Hurts Health Essay? Sneaky resume tactics can cause the resume-filtering software to Sociology and Common Sense move the resume that employs them to the bottom of the electronic search pile or even worse, reject it! In order to get hired, youre going to want to get comfortable with the resume screening robots. As a job seeker, there is more competition for a single job than ever before largely due to the technology that makes it so easy for a Women's, companies to post their job openings to Essay about a mass audience. This means that youre competing with a much larger field of candidates. Considering, though, that only Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, 25 percent make it through the kant end initial electronic resume screening process, the good news is that your odds of standing out remain high as long as you adopt resume writing tactics that will help you move past the Abortion a Women's Essay resume screening process to make it into the hands of real people on the other side.

These practical tips will help you get your resume seen by the hiring managers. And once you do, be sure to consider interview coaching for the fastest way to turn your interview into a job. Big Interview provides video lessons, answer helpers, practice drills, and more to les mis 1998 help you ace your interview. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As an interview coach, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of Hurts a Women's Health Essay experience training and cord blood banking uk, advising managers at organizations from Hurts, American Express to the City of New York. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. 75 Comment to and Common Sense Essay How to Get the Applicant Tracking System to Pick Your Resume.

I absolutely agree with what youve said. I do my best with the resume and pray to God when I apply for a job. Hurts A Women's Essay? He is the One who wills that I get the job or not. Hes still got the whole world in His hands! Very insightful! Totally appreciate your expert advice, as its just what I was looking for!! I will implement the many changes I clearly need to make to my CV right away.

Fingers crossed Headers and Footers are formatting which you can add to the top/bottom of Essay every page. A Women's? Adding page numbers in Word creates a I guess we should remove those! You blog is really very good. Les Mis 1998? It has cultivated a new sense of Abortion Health Essay inspiration in me to start a setup of my own. I just love the way you described everything. After reading this blog I think anyone can achieve what they want. I dont think you should delete them, the human reading your resume might find page numbers useful. Sociology And Common Sense? But if you have say, your email and phone number the robot might not see it (so you need to have them on the main body of the Abortion Hurts text)

This is a very informative article with great things to know about how to get your resume noticed through social media. And Common Sense Essay? I never knew that there were Resume Screening Robots to Abortion Hurts a Women's screen resumes. You learn something new everyday. I like to learn especially if its going to help me in the future. Once again, great article. This is a great article and anyone looking for a job should read prior to sending out a resume. what a shitty system corporates have invented. I am a fresh graduate with a degree in engineering, I cant find a damn job because of this.

On top of kant means to an it, in now days big companies hire cheap ass indians with masters and experience rather than the kids of this country. It is really sad. Shame on Abortion Hurts a Women's Health the politician whom they do not improve the system! Great article. Good advice. how about getting a masters and some experience then. let the best man win when Europeans pushed and killed these Indians somebody should have done something!

One of the most inciteful articles I have read on beating the and Common Sense Essay system honestly. I am a little bit wiser and much more confident! Thank you Pamela. Rather than blaming Indians, you should focus on why you are an unsuccessful person. Dont blame others for Abortion Health, your failures. Applicant tracking system has become a need of organizations HR department. It will help you find best potential employees for your organization. I personally really like applicant tracking software, It helps my organization to full fill human or manpower needs.

I have got really very good employees through this system. probably better than a dumb ass american who made trump his president. Not the same indians. I believe hes talking about indians from India, not Native Americas no wonder you dont get hired with such poor culture ! Some companies only accept applications online. I am applying to Via Rail Canada and you just have to send it in and pray they call you back. Many highly-qualified candidates are rejected by ATS because they fail to write their resume for the resume screening software. or the software is poorly written and Sociology and Common Essay, not very good at Abortion Hurts, assessing applicants. skills, experience or potential fitness for an advertised job. I take the advice but I think it reflects poorly on les mis 1998 business, HR departments and Abortion, the recruitment industry. What a wonderfully insightful article! Thank you for cord blood banking, all the links, too! Excellent post!

Great insights into what many candidates dont even know it exists these robot gatekeepers! I have a question: you say no tables but arent Europass tables with invisible lines? They also have their dates on the left of the experience, not right. Thanks a lot for your insight and tips on ATS. Having formatted ones resume using your tips above, how can we be sure we are on the right path ? Thus I earnestly suggest most-likely, an online ATS should be installed on your website so that prospective candidates could check their resume before hand, relative to their field of study, because the ATS dont seem to come around handy. I agree completely, I do think it is a poor reflection of the company. I can certainly understanding automating systems I have instituted and used them in business. However, there are some important aspects I think are being neglected. First, applicants that are over Hurts a Women's a certain age range are not accustomed to the non-personal interactions. Banking? Some of us were raised and trained and operated with the Hurts Health Essay values of forward-facing respect, acknowledgement, manners and so on.

These systems, and especially the responses are offensive. Also, those of cord banking uk us who have had long successful career paths have much more data that is required to be entered than someone just graduating college. So these systems in a way require us to dumb-down actual representations. Second, I dont believe companies are using their demographic data to appropriately use the Abortion Hurts Health filters in these systems. For instance, if a company (even a larger one) is hiring for a position in a rural area or an of Drug Legalization area where the demographics likely do not have a large pool with the Abortion Hurts a Women's Health basic skill sets for cord uk, the type of position then they likely do not need so many filters. If you are likely only going to get 10 maybe 15 applications then why bother with the automated system? In some areas, youd be lucky to get that many, so be respectful to those who took the Health time and interest.

Furthermore, if the demographics are limiting, the Essay Legalization company is likel going to Hurts Health have to Knowledge, and Practices Among Women either be creative or adaptive with their hiring and training. Third, if an applicant has been a loyal customer or user of the companys service and the company makes numerous claims of valuing customers and Abortion a Women's Health, their commitment to exceptional customer service then they really should ot be sending automated rejection emails that offer no real feedback because that is bad customer service. If these automated sytems the company paid attention to the data, their own data, then they would know. As much of a focus there seems to be on and Practices Among Rural and Urban Women interaction, connection, and other types of social issues, it seems that this is really only a one-way experience. If you want people to believe in all the mission and values statements and commitments to people and quality then the focus should be on Abortion a Women's any introduction to kant the company, from Abortion a Women's, any entry point. It doesnt reflect well on an applicant, which could then impact the overall trust and belief in the company and thus increase reputation risk and sales/financials. This process of re-entering the workforce has been interesting and huggies diapers, frustrating. But it has also made me think about what type of research is being done to Hurts study the effectiveness and impact of the growing use of these systems espcially on consumer behavior.

Holy crap, no wonder l never hear back from jobs l easily qualify for! Thanks for this, i didnt know it was so important. Didnt even know about the damn font type! Nice article but is it still relevant? I hate when these internet bloggers writers dont put dates on their articles. This article seems to have been written in early 2013. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As one of the country's top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at kant means, organizations from American Express to the City of New York.

She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at Abortion Hurts Essay, the American Management Association. Continue reading. Copyright 2017 Big Interview Job Interview Training - All Rights Reserved. Skillful Communications, LLC | 244 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor | New York, NY 10001 XML SItemap.

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The Only Way to Save Indie Is to Eliminate That Outdated and Implicitly Racist Term. The comebacks of many flagship 2000s bands show its time to eliminate this outdated, insular, and implicitly racist term. Photo illustration by Slate . Photos by Getty Images. After a four-year hiatus, the Portland, Oregon, group the Decemberists opened its new album in January with a characteristically theatrical move. In a curtain-raiser called “The Singer Addresses His Audience,” frontman Colin Meloy sings, “We know you built your life around us/ Would we change?

We had to Hurts, change, some.” Carl Wilson is means end, Slate s music critic. As Meloy explained in Hurts Health Essay interviews, “That was my imagining the viewpoint of a singer in a band.” Which sounded a bit like O.J. Attitudes And Practices Among Rural And Urban! Simpson imagining he “did it”a rather timid leap for Abortion a Women's Essay a songwriter known for huggies diapers epics about pirate ships and forest queensuntil Meloy clarified he meant “a boy band.” It seems supremely “indie” to assume that even if you’ve had a Billboard No. 1 album (on a major label, no less), conventional pop stars’ experiences are utterly alien to Health, you. Les Mis 1998! Yet perhaps Meloy was being coy: In the latter half of the 2000s, his band commanded a devoted audience given to costumes, fan art, and mass sing-alongs.

The scene was a bit like a One Direction tour crossed with LARPing. Abortion Essay! So the reconstituted Decemberists may well have wondered if their fans were prepared to let them change, or if the less manic sounds and more mature concerns of their new album would draw a “WHAT ABOUT ZAYN ?” kind of backlash. Other music listeners might ask if bands of the Decemberists’ vintage can change enough to feel pertinent in 2015. A decade ago, music blogs, film and TV music supervisors, Pitchfork , and other new media outlets boosted “indie” to a rare visibility. Now, many of those acts are returning from long absences to quite an altered atmosphere. Early 2015 saw new albums by Sleater-Kinney and Belle Sebastian, after 10 and Essay five years respectively. Late March and Hurts Health early April have brought releases from Modest Mouse (after eight years), Death Cab for Cutie (four years), and about Legalization Sufjan Stevens (five). These never really were artists you could lump together easily, but for years they seemed to get by with “indie” or “indie rock” as an umbrella. Hurts A Women's Health! Many people still use these terms, but what do they mean today?

The distribution shifts that enabled the indie boom of the 2000s have only multiplied, divided, and Sociology subdivided since then. Artists break out on Abortion, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, then market themselves there, directly to fans, no matter how famous they get. This hasn’t democratized music anywhere near the way indie partisans once predicted, but as overall music sales continue to deteriorate, it has blurred any clear distinctions between insiders and outsiders. Consider the press conference last week for the revamped music-streaming app Tidal, which has set itself in opposition to the low royalty rates of other streaming services: There, a murderer’s row of rich and famous performers made a show of signing an les mis 1998 ownership agreement as if it were the Health, Declaration of Independence. Among the mostly pop, hip-hop, and huggies diapers RB stars on hand, there were also indie rockish representatives Win Butler of Hurts a Women's Health Essay Arcade Fire (pictured in Billboard ’s report raising glasses with Jay Z and Beyoncé) and Jack White. Photo by Attitudes Rural and Urban Women, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Roc Nation. Streaming royalty rates are a real issue, and maybe Tidal can be a partial remedy. A Women's! But such comically inept symbolism is an inevitability because no one really understands what is going on. Blood Banking! The indie-corporate binary is even less credible than it was a decade ago, when “indie” artists were topping charts either because they had signed directly to major labels or because their “independent” labels had subcontracted to transnational media companies.

Most of the Abortion, new spate of means to an end “indie” comeback albums, then, come from artists now twice removed from their beginnings as non-corporate DIY units. Abortion Hurts A Women's Essay! The term has survived instead as a kind of mixed social and aesthetic signal, indicating both a connoisseur audience and a non-pop production style. On those levels “indie” carries a coded sense of aesthetic superioritythe legacy of “corporate rock still sucks”that has always been a canard. You can make great records if (and because) you don’t care about them sounding popular. And you can make great records if (and because) you care a whole hell of les mis 1998 a lot about them sounding popular. Modest Mouse’s 1997 album The Lonesome Crowded West is a huge sentimental favorite of Hurts a Women's Health Essay mine, but its rough-hewn sound is Essay, not inherently better or more meaningful than the highly produced ones of Michael Jackson or Blood, Sweat Tears or the Abortion Health, Beatles. This clash flows out of cord banking uk and into the endless “authenticity” debate in Hurts a Women's music fandom and criticism. Sociology And Common Sense Essay! But in the time that most of the indie comeback artists have been away, a general consensus seems to have been struck. Musical hipsters right now are as likely to sneer at white indie guitar bands as an undifferentiated whole as at pop starswhich is Abortion Health, also an unfair over-generalization, but may be the necessary corrective. Essay About The Benefits Of Drug Legalization! Even the erstwhile indie bible Pitchfork now gives plenty of respectful attention to pop, dance, and RB records it once would not have deigned to Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, acknowledge.

In itself that doesn’t subtract from the relevance of indie artists. Few of them claim to be fighting any kind of battle against blood pop anymorefans are almost always worse than artists on that count. A Women's Health Essay! But this decade has also seen a more widespread suspicion and critique of the workings of kant means social privilege, and Abortion Hurts a Women's Health “indie” has a problem therebecause its creators and listeners seem so disproportionately white, male, and upper-middle-class. In late March, Pitchfork itself published a passionate critique called “The Unbearable Whiteness of huggies diapers Indie” by Sarah Sahim, which jumps off from Hurts, a “blindingly white” film by Stuart Murdoch of Belle Sebastian into problems of exclusion and appropriation on indie stages and in indie audiences. I have a lot of huggies diapers quibbles with the Abortion Health Essay, piece (chiefly her historically short-sighted dismissal of riot grrrl and other white feminist interventions as “feel-good”go ask Russia’s Pussy Riot). But her central point is undeniable.

In the Sociology Sense Essay, New Republic , Noah Berlatsky points out that the problem is actually circularmusic made by a Women's Health, non-white people is uk, routinely defined out of “indie,” so that white people making neo-RB or hybrid blues sounds are included but FKA Twigs and Valerie June are usually not. As Berlatsky writes, this is routine to Hurts, how genres are formed. Essay! Very often, not much divided the sounds of blues and country, or RB and rock. They were grouped by the racial origins of their performers, which both reflected institutional racism and for the industry served to organize market segments. There are exceptions, and have been from Hurts Essay, Jimi Hendrix through Bad Brains through Bloc Party or TV on the Radio. Huggies Diapers! (Not to mention artists of mixed race, Asian, or Hispanic backgrounds, among others.) Without them, the regime of separation would be too transparent and indie’s self-consciously liberal audience would be turned off as well.

After the civil-rights era, even country music managed to rustle up a Charley Pride. The counter-examples enable the system to persist in a Women's Health mostly excluding minority participants or, through social expectation, discouraging their interest to begin with. (For evidence, watch Afro-Punk: The Movie .) Sahim and Berlatsky each in their own ways call for widening indie’s tent, but I think it’s more realistic to pull it down. Means End! Because its insularity is not only Health Essay, racial and genderedit is also the effect of huggies diapers sorting by class. I made this argument when then New Yorker pop critic Sasha Frere-Jones offered his own critique of indie whiteness in Hurts a Women's 2007, and it’s remained true: Indie is an acquired and self-sequestering taste, an implication not only built into the name but now its only les mis 1998, functional meaning the distinctive cultural “sophistication” and social status of Abortion a Women's its audience. One of the rival terms in cord banking uk the 1980s and 1990s that indie eventually eclipsed (along with alternative , underground , etc.) was college rock . Abortion Health! It was more honest, which is no doubt why it was abandoned. There are contradictions within the about of Drug Legalization, debate about indie and race, for Abortion Hurts a Women's Health example, that will never be neatly squared. For instance, the dangers of stylistic appropriation and the dangers of self-segregation can present a double bind. Quandaries like these go back to the beginnings of not only rock, but also American popular music itself (ragtime, jazz, swing, etc.). But when widening divides in wealth and privilege (themselves strengthened and cord perpetuated by the higher education system) are a central social crisis, the self-selecting “indie” identity is no help.

The older term college rock was more honest, which is no doubt why it was abandoned. What do we call the music, then? Given the decline of mainstream rock as an Hurts Essay adversary, who cares? Call it rock, electro, whatever it sounds like. Call it twee and precious, if that’s what you mean. In the always fraught struggle to listen to the music itself and of Breastfeeding and Urban Women not the social category, “indie” is just another blinder. And abandoning indie just might make for better music, too. Some of the Abortion Essay, bands in the “indie” comeback crowd would be robust no matter what you called them. Sleater-Kinney’s postriot grrrl ferocious complexity has never made for a bad record and it hasn’t now.

Modest Mouse has had its ups and downs, but leader Isaac Brock’s voice is his own, and he faces the relevance problem on the new Strangers to Essay The Benefits, Ourselves by grappling metaphorically with the implications of the environmental crisis. Abortion Essay! It’s compelling, though maybe not 15-songs compelling. (He’s always needed an editor.) Belle and Knowledge, and Practices of Breastfeeding Among and Urban Sebastian’s effort at making a quasi-disco record with Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance , however, would be strengthened if the walls of their cloister could fallif, instead of “disco enough for indie,” they had the ambition to compete vigorously with disco itself and its current dance-floor heirs. This studied sense of distance is why indie “appropriation” is Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, usually less convincing than the pop variety. Death Cab for Cutie’s Kintsugi sounds much like any Death Cab albumbut time has not been kind to their placidly competent guitar-rock or to Ben Gibbard’s lyrics, which I don’t recall being so riddled with romantic, gender-stereotypical clichés. Les Mis 1998! (Which may be to Hurts, say that I was once less sensitive to those flaws than I am now.) Even if you try to ignore the fact that some of its passive-aggressive bull is directed at Gibbard’s ex, Zooey Deschanel, it irks.

I switched it off after the tune with the chorus, “My love, why do you run? For my hands, they hold no gun.” Not, of course, that pop isn’t rife with such stuff, but indie’s lofty aura makes it much harder to stomach. Likewise I am a bit skeptical that without “indie,” the Decemberists could even exist. If there were then still a call for a post-modern folk-rock Gilbert and Sullivan, it would have to have more of the courage of its strangeness. The band’s hiatus has done it some good, and the songwriting is more grounded on this year’s What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World . But I still find Meloy’s unrelenting streams of conceits wearying, like a prog concept album from 1975 without even the gonzo musicianship to liven up the occasion. More than any other band, they bring me back to the self-regarding turn that America made in the 2000sthe post-9/11 world-wariness and self-soothing.

It would be too much to say that’s what made it an ideal period for Sociology and Common Sense Essay “indie.” But when I listen to the Decemberists, I’m tempted. Album art for Carrie Lowell. Sufjan Stevens’ Carrie Lowell , on the other hand, may be the finest album of his careerand along with its deeply personal narrative of family, fear, and faith, it is Abortion Hurts Essay, partly because it’s free of the attention-grabbing cleverness of huggies diapers much of his 2000s work. You can call it a folk record, without scare quotes or the indie modifier. It is solitary but not at Abortion a Women's all withholding, as Ann Powers beautifully illustrates in Sociology Sense her NPR essay centered around it (which, speaking of anti-segregation, parallels it to Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly ). Finally, there’s one last thing I would hope abandoning “indie” might nudge ahead: a renewed search for non-corporate models of music making. A Women's Health! Ones that speak to today’s questions and Knowledge, and Practices Among Women crises, without all the baggage and Abortion Hurts Health socially compromised affiliations that have accrued over the 40 years since the dawn of of Breastfeeding Among Rural punk.

The new model might be a crowd-sourced streaming service of Abortion Hurts a Women's Health some kind, or it might be an outgrowth of the SoundCloud pages some people maintain not as calling cards but as ends in themselves. It might be lots of things that someone like me, engaged too long with the old “indie” models, can’t envision. It is true, after all, that hopes for digital democratization have degenerated and instead tend to Attitudes Among Women, reinforce the hegemony of the musical “1 percent”the people on that Tidal stage and, more importantly, the corporations that sponsor them. Pro-pop populism can never be the complete answer. There are experiments to be made in screaming unpalatable truths, in sustainability in all its senses, and in the simple joy of Abortion Hurts Health Essay making music with others on and Practices Among Rural Women, more localized, intimate grounds. “Indie” can’t do it anymore. But musicians and audiences of Hurts a Women's Essay all stripes could. Can we change? We have to change some.

Slate is published by The Slate Group, a Graham Holdings Company. Les Mis 1998! All contents 2017 The Slate Group LLC. All rights reserved.

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20 Basic Resume Writing Rules That#39;ll Put You Ahead of the Competition. A Women's Health Essay. If youre thinking about Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Breastfeeding Among Rural and Urban, taking a new step in your career, your resumes probably high on your mind. Whens the last time you updated it? How will you transfer the skills from your current job or industry to a new one? How will you set yourself apart from a Women's, other candidates? How long and horrible will this revision process actually be? Just asking these questions can be exhausting, let alone actually answering them.

And, if youre not fresh off the job search, the thought of cord blood uk, thinking everything through and creating an interview-worthy resume can be exhausted. Abortion Essay. Fear not! Weve come up with the of Drug Legalization, 20 basic rules that will get you that much closer to success. This is a biggie! If a hiring managers spending six seconds looking at your resume, he or she might not even get to the second page! Unless youre applying to Abortion Hurts a Women's, be an executive or a partner somewhere, one page will be sufficient and is a widely accepted best practice. To cut it down, remember the huggies diapers, purpose of itits not to showcase everything youve ever done, but rather to show that you have the background, skills, and experience for the job at hand. 2. Avoid Spelling or Grammar Errors. Another biggie. A Women's Essay. There are some recruiters who will discount your resume the second they see a spelling or grammar error. Although it can be painful, make sure you dont just read over Sociology Sense Essay, your resume several times, but also that you have a friend take a peek, too.

This is another common error that can really hurt you in the eyes of hiring managers. As a general rule, if something on Health Essay, your resume is in cord blood banking uk the past, use the past tense (managed, delivered, organized) and if you are still actively in the role, use the present tense (manage, deliver, organize). 4. Avoid the Abortion Health, First Person Pronouns. As a general practice, dont use words like I or me or my. So, instead of saying I hit and exceeded company sales quotas 100% of the time say Hit and exceeded sales quotas 100% of the time. Saving your resume as a PDF (rather than a Word and cord, document) freezes it as an image so that you can be sure hiring managers see the same formatting as you. If you send it any other way, theres a chance that the styling, format, font, and so on, could look different on their computer than yours. 6. Label Your Resume File Correctly. Too many people save this important document with random or generic file names like sgks123.pdf or resume.pdf. Abortion. Remember that recruiters can see the name of the file that you send them and also remember that they get tons of and Common Sense Essay, resumes every day.

Make it super clear whose resume they should click on by saving it under a logical name like FirstName_LastName_Resume.pdf. Even more important than naming the file in Hurts a logical manner is laying out Knowledge, Attitudes of Breastfeeding Rural Women, your resume in Abortion Health a logical manner. How you lay it out really depends on where you are in your career path and what youre looking to do next. While chronological the default, its not always the best way to make your case. About The Benefits Of Drug. Muse writer Lily Zhang lays out the other options that might work better for you. You might be tempted to just shrink the text to get your resume to fit on Hurts a Women's Essay, a page. (Which is Essay of Drug Legalization funny, because remember all those times in school when you made it 12.5 to make it longer?

Life!) While you can adjust the size to some degree, never go below 10-point font. 9. Keep it Organized and Visually Appealing. Remember how hiring managers usually spend just six seconds looking at your resume? Help them maximize that time by making your resume super clear and easy-to-read. You want each section bolded (maybe capitalized) and each job title bolded. Make your life easier by using a template. Just like you want your verb tenses to be consistent throughout, its also important that the formatting is, too.

If one titles bold, the other titles should be bold. If one bullet point has a period at the end, the other bullet points should have that as well. When you list out your experience, be sure to include context. What city, state (or country) did this job take place in. Did you travel and Abortion, operate in multiple cities?

What dates did you have that experience? Was it for five months or five years? Context matters! Anyone can say that he or she excelled at his or her last job. So, you need to prove to end, the hiring manager that you truly did. Hurts Health Essay. Numbers, percentages, and supporting facts go a long way in showing that you have a track record of success.

For example, rather than saying successfully hit sales quotas as a bullet point in your resume you should say successfully hit sales quotas 100% of the time and exceeded goals by 25% in cord banking uk the last 5 months. You can even do this if your position doesnt involve using numbers. 13. Name Drop (and Title Drop) Like Youve Never Done Before. This is your chance to brag. If you got a promotion or a raise because of your performance, you should mention it. If you worked with the CEO of the company or were a point of Abortion a Women's, contact for a large, corporate customer, mention their names!

This goes a long way in showing that you can run with important people. It shows that youre confident. It shows that youre capable. (Of course, make sure youre presenting the facts accurately and Sociology, not exaggerating.) WANT AN EXPERT TO HELP YOU PERFECT THE RESUME. . and get you way ahead of the competition? Dont use any of your precious space to include the Abortion Hurts, names and contact info for your references (or to huggies diapers, write things like references available upon request). This documents for recruiters to decide if they want to talk to Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, you, not your references. If they get to cord blood banking uk, the point in the application process where they want to speak to Hurts Health Essay, these people, they will reach out to Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Breastfeeding Among Rural Women, you and Hurts a Women's Essay, ask for those names. Until then, no need to mention. 15. Use Your Judgement When it Comes to Creativity. Some industries are more creative than others. If youre working in digital media or design or elementary school education, it might make sense for your resume to be creative and Sense Essay, colored.

If youre applying for a job in finance, operations, or most corporate jobs, you probably want to keep it black and Hurts a Women's Health Essay, white and structured. Be thoughtful when it comes to your creativity (or lack thereof). 16. Dont List Everything Youve Ever Done. There should be a purpose for every word. When youre writing and editing, ask yourself this question, Will this sentence help me get the job I want? If not, you should consider editing that sentence or removing it.

17. Huggies Diapers. Think About the Abortion Health Essay, Person Reading Your Resume. Its important to remember that theres a real person reading this. And its also important to remember that its her job to find awesome candidates to interview and present to her boss or team. Its also not her job to do you any favors.

So you should think about her when youre writing your resume. Cord. How can you make her job easier? How can you write your resume in such a way that she gets excited when she sees it, thinks youre perfect for Abortion Hurts a Women's the job, and Sociology and Common Sense Essay, is willing to put herself out there by presenting you to Abortion Hurts a Women's, her team. 18. Think About What Makes You Different. Its important that you be yourself during the Sociology Sense Essay, application process (obviously putting your best foot forward).

This includes what you write on your application materials. Dont hesitate to show who you really are, your likes and interests, your personality, what makes you unique, and so on. Abortion Hurts. While this definitely requires some judgment calls (for example, expressing personality when applying for a traditional role in a traditional industry might not be the best move) it could ultimately be the thing that sets you apart and gets you hired. After all, these are real people hiring you and theyd probably prefer to work with someone whos enjoyable and a good culture fit. And if your personality isnt a fit for to an the job, you probably wouldnt have been happy there any way so it works out for everyone. 19.

Think About the Specific Job Youre Applying To. One of my favorite tricks to help communicate that you are the perfect person for a job is to read the Abortion Hurts, job description and list out les mis 1998, key phrases. Then, when youre writing or editing your resume, find ways to incorporate those words and phrases from the desired job description into your resume. This can be super useful when a machine or human recruiter skims it. 20. Think of Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, This as a Storytelling Document. Many of the of Breastfeeding Among Rural, tips that Ive mentioned all point to the general idea that your resume should clearly and Abortion, concisely tell the story of youhelping hiring managers understand why youre the right person for les mis 1998 the job. This is, in Hurts fact, the entire purpose. Huggies Diapers. Ultimately, when you re-read and Abortion Hurts a Women's, edit it, make sure that it tells the and Practices Among, story of your background, the skills you gained along the way, the Abortion, experiences that youve had, and makes it crystal clear why youve ended up where you are today and why the role that they are hiring for is the Rural, perfect next step for Abortion Hurts you.

Photo of hands on computer courtesy of Dougal Waters/Getty Images#46; Jody loves anything that has to huggies diapers, do with people, business, and Health Essay, technology. With these passions (and perhaps the fact that her parents are a psychologist and a counselor) it only makes sense that Jody manages Coach Connect at Legalization, The Muse. Abortion Hurts A Women's Health Essay. In her spare time, Jody enjoys writing, spending copious amounts of time outside, falling in cord blood love with NYC, and visiting friends and family in Abortion North Carolina. Huggies Diapers. (Go Heels!) Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class. While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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Downton Abbey Cooks Online Guide to Afternoon Tea. My tea party on National TV. Link to Recipes and Video Clip from the Abortion Hurts Health Essay, show. An overview on what you need to know about Essay about The Benefits Afternoon Tea. My new book with 60+ recipes and tips. Afternoon Tea is arguably the best contribution the British have made to Abortion Hurts cuisine. A lovely tradition My upcoming new book will provide all you need to huggies diapers know, whether you are planning to visit a famous tea house in Health Essay London, organizing a fundraiser or just hosting a tea at of Drug Legalization, home. This article provides highlights on history, what to eat, how to Abortion Essay eat, when to eat!. Huggies Diapers! Enjoy.

History of the English Tea Ritual. In 1662 Catherine of Braganza of Portugal married Charles II and brought with her the preference for tea, which had already become common in Europe. As tea was her temperance drink of choice, it slowly gained social acceptance among some of the aristocracy as she replaced wine, ale and spirits with tea as the court drink. It did take some time though to ween courtiers from Hurts Health enjoying ale at breakfast. Baby steps. The actual taking of huggies diapers, tea in the afternoon developed into a new social event some time in the late 1830s and Health, early 1840s. Among And Urban Women! It was Anne, Duchess of Bedford, one of Queen Victorias ladies-in-waiting, who is Abortion Hurts Essay, credited for first inventing Afternoon Tea, but actually it had been a gradual evolution. The gap between lunch and supper was widening, so Anne started asking for les mis 1998 tea and small cakes to be brought to her private quarters.

I am sure she quickly realized that a lot of gossip could be shared if she invited other ladies to her quarters to share her cakes. Queen Victoria herself was encouraged to Abortion a Women's Essay start hosting her own parties as a way of re-entering society after the passing of Attitudes and Practices of Breastfeeding Among Women, her beloved husband Albert. Legend has it that Victoria Sponge was named and served at her tea parties which became large affairs. Other women picked up the idea and spread like wildfire. Thus the ritual of afternoon tea began. Women do know how to get things done.

Tea lingo: Afternoon Tea is Not High Tea. Nothing better than sharing tea with friends. There is nothing like enjoying tea with friends or colleagues. Check out my recent tv interview about hosting a tea party. Hurts A Women's Essay! If you are planning a visit to the UK, watch Downton Abbey , Coronation Street , or other British type serials, it might be helpful to get proper knowledge of the terms used. Afternoon Tea What we imagine all British teas to be. Les Mis 1998! An afternoon meal, served typically from Health 4 6 pm, which includes the Sociology and Common Sense Essay, tiers of smart little crustless sandwiches, scones, clotted cream, curd, 2-3 sweets and heaps of tea. High Tea or Tea High tea is eaten in high chairs at the dinner table. Afternoon Tea is Abortion a Women's Essay, traditionally served on lower couches and lounging chairs. High tea is actually is a meal that the working class had at the end of the Sociology Sense Essay, day with cold meats, potatoes, as well as other foods with tea and perhaps a beer. Hurts A Women's! Americans confuse the two, and since some London tea houses use the terms interchangeable to keep tourists happy, it adds to the confusion.

Low Tea This still afternoon tea, but called low tea because guests are seated in low armchairs with low side-tables on which to place their cups and saucers. Royale Tea A social tea served with champagne at the beginning or sherry at the end of the tea. Celebration Tea Another variation of afternoon tea with a celebratory cake which is also served alongside the other sweets Cream Tea A simple tea service consisting of scones, clotted cream, marmalade or lemon curd and tea. Les Mis 1998! Elevensies Morning coffee hour in England (I remember the Hobbits used this term in Lord of the Rings. I thought that they ate 11 times a dayjust like me!) Tea Etiquette: Learn by Example from Downton Abbey.

Matthew helps himself to Madeleines (ITV) Displaying acceptable manners is Abortion a Women's, a way of fitting in with a certain class. Pay attention to the tea scene in S1 E2 of Downton Abbey . The new heir Matthew Crawley comes home to find visitors, and decides to help himself to tea and madeleines. Molesley, the butler, is horrified and his mother, the Dowager and huggies diapers, Cora embarrased. Yes, it is evident that this middle class lawyer is a diamond in the rough, and Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, has a long way to go before he will become a true gentleman, but we gradually see him growing into the role of heir apparent. If you plan to enjoy the les mis 1998, tea ritual in London or your home town, book an Afternoon Tea (not High Tea), and do take note of proper manners to fully enjoy the Hurts a Women's Health Essay, experience. In London, they do try to means end do things properly, which is why we adore Downton Abbey in the first place, right? The Dowager at Tea: always with an agenda (ITV) Tea with the Dowager could be stressful since was always some plan she had in mind to Abortion Hurts Health discuss. To help make your tea experience less stressful, here are some tips to take to the Dowager House, your local tea shop, or famous London tea house:

Sugar/lemon tea is about The Benefits Legalization, poured first, then sugar or thinly sliced lemon and never milk and lemon together as it will curdle. Milk goes in after tea a nice little saying: To put milk in your tea before sugar is to cross the Hurts Essay, path of love, perhaps never to marry. (Tea superstition) Who Pours? If you are the hostess, you should pour. Cord Blood! If you are taking tea at a tea house, it is the person who is Hurts a Women's Health Essay, closest to the pot when the pot is brought to the table. Blood Banking! Proper placement of spoon the spoon never stays in the cup. Abortion Hurts A Women's Health! Proper holding of cup use both hands to kant lift both cup and Abortion Health, saucer to drink from, and please no pinkies*.

I dare you to catch anyone on kant to an Downton The correct order when eating on Health a tea tray is to kant to an end eat savouries first, scones next and sweets last. Abortion A Women's! We have changed our order somewhat. We like guests to eat the scones first while they are hot, then move to savouries, then sweets. Scones the most practical approach according to Debretts is to split the scone horizontally before adding your favorite spreads. Essay The Benefits Legalization! Cream, then jam on scones? This depends. Devon tradition puts clotted cream first on scones, then jam.

In Cornwall, preserves first. Eat with fingers neatly. Use your fingers you can eat bite-size pastries with your fingers, as well as sliced loafs, breaking off small pieces before consuming. Use a dessert fork to eat larger pastries. Abortion! No dunk zone unless your tea party is Among and Urban Women, very informal, dunking treats in Hurts Health Essay your tea will garner a scowl.

*Since ancient Rome, a cultured person ate with 3 fingers, a commoner with five. Thus, the birth of the raised pinkie was a perceived sign of elitism, however the means to an end, The pinky up rule is actually a misinterpretation of the Abortion Hurts, 3 fingers vs 5 fingers dining etiquette. Huggies Diapers! You will never see the ladies at Abortion Hurts Essay, Downton Abbey raise a pinky. I am a bit of Sociology and Common Sense, a pack rat and have accumulated a number of pieces over Abortion the years for my tea service. Some I have inherited, a few are treasured gifts from friends, but many I have picked up at Essay about of Drug Legalization, yard sales and a Women's Health Essay, thrift stores over the years. Your tea service does not have to means to an end match and in Essay fact it works out better when each person has their own personal cup to keep track of. If you are keen on starting your own tea service, try checking out your local Goodwill store. You will be amazed at what you may find. Dont get too stressed about Essay about The Benefits Legalization making tea, particularly since much tea is now sold in tea bags. To distinguish yourself as a tea aficionado, however, just follow the time honored tradition of first warming the tea pot. Abortion Hurts Health Essay! Add a bit of boiling water to the pot, give it a swirl and pour it out before adding your tea.

Steep 3 or 4 minutes and means, dont let the tea steep too long or it will become bitter. If you go with loose tea, the general guideline is to allow for 1 tsp per Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, person, 1 tsp for the pot, and huggies diapers, allow 10 ounces per person. Use a tea strainer and Abortion a Women's, pour into cups. You may wish to fill your tea pot with tap water, pour into a measuring cup to determine how many cups your pot will hold. Debretts also advises that you keep a heated pot of water nearby in case to help dilute tea if it is means to an, too strong. Queen of the Kitchen. The following are the types of items you will find at tea. Follow the links to locate recipes for items we have prepared in our travels. A Women's! Essentially the tray holds the 3 Ss: Scones, Sandwiches/Savouries and Sweets. I mostly focus on traditional tea items (great food always has a history). Sociology And Common Sense Essay! I am a big fan of healthy eating and while many of these treats are sometimes foods, but I also include healthy versions of some treats which you can enjoy anytime.

The general rule to the tea tray is that items can be eaten by hand so are cut into bite sized pieces, and Abortion, generally cold, unless you have scones right out Knowledge, Attitudes Among Rural and Urban Women, of the oven. always time for tea (Carnival Films) Afternoon tea trays have three levels: TOP: SCONES. You your site are amazing! Thanks for Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay all your hard work. This is such a beautiful, as well as informative blog. And Common! There are so many dishes I am inspired to make. So glad I found it! Hi Pamela!

I am going to use this tea bible when the Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, cast and crew of Titanic:A New Musical at TUTS Vancouver organizes a high tea to celerate the final week of rehearsals! Thanks so much! Yay! Someone that knows that high tea is Essay about The Benefits of Drug, supper and is serving a real high tea. You go girl.

Thank you so much. Very helpful to Hurts a Women's us Americans! Reblogged this on The Rose of Europe and commented: Read this to avoid making a fool of yourself at tea parties! #128521; This is your tea bible! lovely article on kant means to an end tea. great info, thank you! Great source of information! Thank you for clarifications on the different types of Tea service. Americans still make the mistake of referring to a traditional afternoon tea as a High Tea (one of Abortion a Women's Essay, my pet peeves). Hello, in the Dowager Countess clip showing how to serve tea, she uses a hot water type urn to cord blood banking uk pour the Abortion Hurts a Women's, water into the tea pot.

Do you know the proper name for this as l would love to buy one if it is huggies diapers, still possible? You know i really dont know, but I would love to have one myself. Hurts Essay! Perhaps another follower will be able to provide some insight. I found out the name of it. They are called Tea Kettles some used spirits to create heat at the base or tea candles. When we were in Russia they called the urns Samovar, some designs are quite beautiful. Just found your blog today Pamela, Love it! We used to sell these in our tea room. We ordered them from a company called Aldas which, alas, is no longer in business. They called them tea tippers.

Tea Time magazine often features advertising from companies that offer this kind of specialty item. Actually, just google it. There are several options! Have fun! The tea story relating to marriage is about how young womens suitors were tested for about Legalization proper breeding before being allowed to court (proceed to woo her to wed). Poorer quality china (porcelain) cracked due to Abortion thermal shock if hot tea went in of Drug first- so the Abortion, custom was to put in the milk, then the tea- thus lessen the thermal shock. Thus, if a man put milk in first- he could be seen to be from poorer stock- and lesser breeding thus successfully out out of the blood, running by the Dowager. Conversely if a Mr Willoughby was wooing your Marianne Dashwood- it would be greatly admired if he poured the hot tea first- nevermind the breakages- as he was obviously well bred- and Hurts, all the ladies would together a-swoon. Thats an interesting tidbit I hadnt heard before.

My understanding had been that milk was poured in first because the earlier china couldnt stand up to the thermal shock, and that people only and Common Essay, started reversing the process when higher-quality cups and such became available; it makes sense that those able to afford the higher-quality pieces would be the first to own them (and then proceed to make pouring milk into tea a status thing). Another interesting tidbit: pouring milk in after the tea will dull the Abortion a Women's, flavour of the tea. How funny an Irish friend told me the milk was poured in les mis 1998 first to prevent staining or discoloration on the cups- both theories makes sense I suppose- I didnt know pouring it after dilutes flavor! good to Abortion Hurts Health Essay know-:) Great, informative post! I love tea and the rich tradition associated with it. Consider this bookmarked. #128578; What specific brands and types of Sociology and Common Sense Essay, tea are recommended? Generally you want to offer two or three types.

Earl Grey is crowd favorite as well as English Breakfast and perhaps an orange pekoe. There are lovely tea shops which offer fresh tea, and if you ask nicely they can provide a nice sampler pack for you. Hurts A Women's Essay! If you are a fan of huggies diapers, history, Typhoo Tips was the first brand of tea offered in tea bags back in 1869, assuring customers they were buying fresh tea and Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, not reclaimed tea. Thank you so much! What a delightful site; Tea and Downton Abbey- What could be better? Excellent information! We enjoyed the first episode of season three of Downton Abby last night while partaking of High Tea! Although I enjoy my daily cuppa (or cuppaS), there is nothing like a real tea ceremony to make me feel all warm and fuzzy. I sincerely wish I had known of your website when I hosted a tea party for a few of my coworkers last year! We had cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, jam, and lemon curd, and kant, I made lemon drops which are essentially slices of homemade sponge cake with lemon curd between the layers and Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, topped with whipped cream and les mis 1998, a raspberry (or a gooseberry if youre being authentic).

Such good fun!! I am English and over the years have attended many Afternoon tea parties Including once as a girl a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace , I love them. I am just about to host my own Downtown tea party for 60. Hurts A Women's! I have found your site the most informative and well researched, it far surpasses any other research I have found. The links to the recipes are very useful. Thank you for all your hard work and research.

Your site is lovely. Suzanne, Oxfordshire, Uk. An absolutely brilliant guide. Knowledge, Attitudes Among Rural And Urban! Amazing how many people confuse high tea, cream tea and the much more substantial afternoon tea. Im constantly on about tea on my comfort food blog.

Having grown up with afternoon tea, I have introduced many friends to the pleasures of afternoon tea over a Women's the years. Also love to go out for tea, and I *hate* it when servers at and Common Essay, even the Health, poshest places call it high tea. I think Americans do that because it sounds more haute. Which, in your opinion is better when it comes to a tea kettle: stainless steel or porcelain enamel? Im getting very tired of using a regular pot to heat water in our house but would rather invest in a quality kettle than not. Any information you could give would be appreciated. Thank you. #128578; I have always used a stainless steel kettle, we currently have a smart looking brushed Cuisinart cordless version, and didnt realize you could find porcelain, but you must live in a wonderful part of the world where they exist. As for a teapot, ceramic is the way to go. Thank you for your input! The porcelain kettles Ive seen are online actually.

Not many to choose from but there are a few companies that make them. Again, thank you for replying. Well. I couldnt have found a better site to link to from my article, Downton Abbey: Hats of Distinction. As the to an end, Teapixie, I live for tea and the taking of tea. I love that special menus are created around tea and it is so fun to see how you pair recipes with Downton Abbey events. Even if the events are tragic. Isnt television fun?

In any case, I just want to let you know that I have linked to your site, along with others. I want to Abortion Hurts invite you to come by my page so that you can see how I am profiling the fun of the Downton Abbey style-makers. I am regularly updating the article with new links and new hats. Putting the article together is cord banking uk, almost as fun as Tea or watching Downton Abbey, because I get to Hurts Health visit sites like yours. Thank you so much for creating a site with true tea ambiance! Im terribly sorry but I really feel that I must comment. Commendable as your blog may be, I find it rather offensive when you refer to The British may have failed miserably in other culinary areas.

I am English born and bred and I suggest you visit my fair country to actually try our food and fabulous restaurants. We have an means to an, extraordinary amount of Hurts Health Essay, fantastic fare, amazing quality of produce, a thriving farmers market and artisan producers. We have some of the best chefs in the World and thankfully independent restaurants still survive despite the ongoing march of Essay about of Drug Legalization, dull franchises. As someone who was bought up in a house of food, a brother who was a pastry chef at Fortum and Hurts Essay, Mason and cooked for the royal family; I suggest you try our cuisine for yourself and on huggies diapers our shores before you revert to a stereotypical and spread rather outdated and uneducated view. A Women's Health! I think you might even enjoy the education. I wish you well. Oh CC! My roots are in England and huggies diapers, I do have a special place in my heart for Jamie, Nigella, and Heston (a family favourite).

Of course England is coloured by myriad gastronic experiences, just like Canada. I am on Hurts Essay the West Coast of Canada and I rarely eat smoked salmon because its just too expensive! And a dish like Poutine is for uk those who wish to live short lives. But we eat lots of Abortion Hurts a Women's Health, sushi, curry, Mexican, and cord blood uk, Italian. It is hard to think of stereotyped British food without thinking of deep fried fish and chips, bangers and mash, and scraped toast.

This is not meant as an Abortion, insult to the country of England, it actually gives me warm feelings about my British Grandad even the huggies diapers, overcooked veggies that he loved. I have eaten food on your shores, many, many times. There are fantastic restaurants and Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, there are places that struggle to break free from the historic menus. I love both and look forward to huggies diapers shopping in English grocery stores, talking with restaurant and tea room prorietors, and Abortion Hurts a Women's Essay, eating a wide variety of fantastic foods including the les mis 1998, nations number one dish, chicken tikka masala! Please know that my personal regard for the culinary failures of England are associated with history just as Afternoon tea or High Tea or Elevenses are fantastic events associated with the history. All country cultures are weirdly stereotyped but should never be perceived as lacking in Hurts Essay opportunities to evolve or lacking in cord blood banking evolution. My connection with historic British food is enveloped in incredibly wonderful feelings about my own heritage.

I am proud to say that I have a British culinary heritage. So am I! I cherish all my mother passed on to me. Not just cooking but the heritage as well. Rule Britiana. Abortion A Women's Health Essay! Joan Murphins. I believe it is correct to say elevenses not elevensies. in English hi tea what hot snacks we can offer. Dear Pamela,As a Brit, its nice to see someone from The Benefits over the pond whos got most of the Abortion Hurts a Women's Health Essay, information about Afternoon Tea correct for a change: I now live in Vinci, Italy (yes where Leonardo was born), and now offer afternoon tea to kant to an end Italians in our home dining business.I would take you to task on one item in your article,(theres always a critic!) and Hurts Essay, that is about Cream Tea in les mis 1998 which you say: Cream Tea A simple tea service consisting of Health, scones, clotted cream, marmalade or lemon curd and tea. Cream Tea traditionally consists of les mis 1998, scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam.Having said that if people prefer to Hurts a Women's Health have their scones (and its pronounced skons as far as Im concerned),with an alternative, I have no problem with that, its a free world (supposedly)!For example I sometimes fill my Victoria Sponge with lemon curd instead of the traditional raspberry jam and fresh raspberries both of which balance well with a nice cup of sweet tea.Good Luck with the book!

Is Sherry served at Tea? When, before or after? Your article is great, very helpful. Essay About! Thank you very much !