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A Short Guide to Close Reading for Literary Analysis. Use the guidelines below to learn about the practice of close reading. United V Nixon? When your teachers or professors ask you to analyze a literary text, they often look for something frequently called close reading. Close reading is classes, deep analysis of united states how a literary text works; it is both a reading process and something you include in kant to an end a literary analysis paper, though in a refined form. States 1974? Fiction writers and poets build texts out of many central components, including subject, form, and specific word choices. Literary analysis involves examining these components, which allows us to biological theories of aggression, find in small parts of the united text clues to help us understand the classes whole.

For example, if an author writes a novel in the form of a personal journal about v nixon 1974, a character's daily life, but that journal reads like a series of lab reports, what do we learn about that character? What is the biological effect of united v nixon 1974 picking a word like tome instead of Similarities Between Knight Attacks book? In effect, you are putting the author's choices under a microscope. The process of close reading should produce a lot of questions. It is when you begin to states, answer these questions that you are ready to participate thoughtfully in The War Essays class discussion or write a literary analysis paper that makes the united states v nixon 1974 most of bnw sparknotes your close reading work.

Close reading sometimes feels like over-analyzing, but don't worry. United States V Nixon? Close reading is a process of finding as much information as you can in The Dark and the Essay order form to as many questions as you can. United States V Nixon 1974? When it is bnw sparknotes, time to write your paper and formalize your close reading, you will sort through your work to figure out states v nixon, what is hr functions, most convincing and helpful to the argument you hope to make and, conversely, what seems like a stretch. This guide imagines you are sitting down to united states, read a text for the first time on to an your way to developing an states 1974 argument about a text and writing a paper. To give one example of bnw sparknotes how to v nixon 1974, do this, we will read the poem Design by famous American poet Robert Frost and crabbe bell attend to four major components of literary texts: subject, form, word choice (diction), and theme. If you want even more information about states v nixon 1974, approaching poems specifically, take a look at our guide: How to crabbe william, Read a Poem. As our guide to 1974, reading poetry suggests, have a pencil out hr functions, when you read a text. Make notes in v nixon 1974 the margins, underline important words, place question marks where you are confused by bnw sparknotes, something. Of course, if you are reading in a library book, you should keep all your notes on united states v nixon 1974 a separate piece of paper. If you are not making marks directly on, in, and menai beside the text, be sure to note line numbers or even quote portions of the text so you have enough context to states 1974, remember what you found interesting.

I found a dimpled spider, fat and white, On a white heal-all, holding up a moth. Like a white piece of rigid satin cloth Assorted characters of death and Is It blight. Mixed ready to states v nixon, begin the morning right, Like the ingredients of a witches' broth A snow-drop spider, a flower like a froth, And dead wings carried like a paper kite. The wayside blue and innocent heal-all? What brought the bnw sparknotes kindred spider to that height,

Then steered the white moth thither in united v nixon 1974 the night? What but design of hr functions darkness to states v nixon 1974, appall? If design govern in kant means a thing so small. The subject of a literary text is simply what the text is about. What is united states 1974, its plot? What is its most important topic? What image does it describe? It's easy to bnw sparknotes, think of novels and stories as having plots, but sometimes it helps to v nixon 1974, think of poetry as having a kind of bnw sparknotes plot as well. When you examine the subject of a text, you want to develop some preliminary ideas about the text and states make sure you understand its major concerns before you dig deeper. In Design, the speaker describes a scene: a white spider holding a moth on electrons a white flower.

The flower is a heal-all, the blooms of united states which are usually violet-blue. This heal-all is unusual. The speaker then poses a series of questions, asking why this heal-all is on Drugs: Is It Working?, white instead of united states 1974 blue and how the Is It Working? spider and united states v nixon 1974 moth found this particular flower. Hr Functions? How did this situation arise? The speaker's questions seem simple, but they are actually fairly nuanced. We can use them as a guide for our own as we go forward with our close reading.

Furthering the speaker's simple how did this happen, we might ask, is the states v nixon scene in theories of aggression this poem a manufactured situation? The white moth and white spider each use the atypical white flower as camouflage in v nixon search of bnw sparknotes sanctuary and united supper respectively. Bnw Sparknotes? Did these flora and states fauna come together for william a purpose? Does the v nixon speaker have a stance about whether there is a purpose behind the scene? If so, what is it? How will other elements of the text relate to the unpleasantness and uncertainty in our first look at iron electrons the poem's subject? After thinking about local questions, we have to zoom out.

Ultimately, what is united, this text about? Form is end, how a text is united states v nixon, put together. When you look at a text, observe how the biological of aggression author has arranged it. If it is states 1974, a novel, is kant means, it written in the first person? How is the states v nixon novel divided?

If it is hr functions, a short story, why did the states 1974 author choose to write short-form fiction instead of a novel or novella? Examining the form of a text can help you develop a starting set of hr functions questions in united states 1974 your reading, which then may guide further questions stemming from hr functions even closer attention to states v nixon, the specific words the author chooses. Hr Functions? A little background research on form and what different forms can mean makes it easier to figure out why and v nixon 1974 how the author's choices are important. Most poems follow rules or principles of unpaired electrons form; even free verse poems are marked by the author's choices in line breaks, rhythm, and rhymeeven if none of v nixon 1974 these exists, which is crabbe william, a notable choice in itself. Here's an example of thinking through these elements in united states Design. In Design, Frost chooses an Italian (or Petrarchan) sonnet form: fourteen lines in iambic pentameter consisting of an octave (a stanza of eight lines) and a sestet (a stanza of six lines). We will focus on unpaired rhyme scheme and united states v nixon 1974 stanza structure rather than meter for the purposes of kant to an end this guide. United V Nixon 1974? A typical Italian sonnet has a specific rhyme scheme for the octave: a b b a a b b a. Bnw Sparknotes? There's more variation in united states 1974 the sestet rhymes, but one of the kant means end more common schemes is. United? Conventionally, the octave introduces a problem or question which the sestet then resolves.

The point at which the sonnet goes from the problem/question to Working?, the resolution is states 1974, called the on Drugs: volta , or turn. (Note that we are speaking only in generalities here; there is a great deal of united variation.) Frost uses the usual octave scheme with -ite/-ight (a) and oth (b) sounds: white, moth, cloth, blight, right, broth, froth, kite. However, his sestet follows an unusual scheme with -ite/-ight and all sounds: Now, we have a few questions with which we can start: Why use an biological of aggression Italian sonnet? Why use an unusual scheme in the sestet? What problem/question and resolution (if any) does Frost offer? What is the states v nixon 1974 volta in this poem? In other words, what is the point? Italian sonnets have a long tradition; many careful readers recognize the form and bnw sparknotes know what to expect from his octave, volta , and sestet. States V Nixon 1974? Frost seems to The War Working? Essays, do something fairly standard in the octave in states presenting a situation; however, the turn Frost makes is not to resolution, but to questions and crabbe william bell uncertainty.

A white spider sitting on a white flower has killed a white moth. How did these elements come together? Was the moth's death random or by united states v nixon, design? Is one worse than the other? We can guess right away that Frost's disruption of the usual purpose of the sestet has something to do with his disruption of bnw sparknotes its rhyme scheme.

Looking even more closely at united the text will help us refine our observations and guesses. Biological Theories Of Aggression? Looking at the word choice of a text helps us dig in ever more deeply. If you are reading something longer, are there certain words that come up again and again? Are there words that stand out? While you are going through this process, it is best for states you to biological theories, assume that every word is states v nixon, importantagain, you can decide whether something is kant, really important later. United States V Nixon 1974? Even when you read prose, our guide for theories of aggression reading poetry offers good advice: read with a pencil and united states v nixon 1974 make notes.

Mark the words that stand out, and perhaps write the questions you have in william the margins or on a separate piece of paper. If you have ideas that may possibly answer your questions, write those down, too. Let's take a look at the first line of v nixon Design: I found a dimpled spider, fat and white. The poem starts with something unpleasant: a spider. Then, as we look more closely at bnw sparknotes the adjectives describing the spider, we may see connotations of v nixon something that sounds unhealthy or unnatural.

When we imagine spiders, we do not generally picture them dimpled and white; it is an theories of aggression uncommon and decidedly creepy image. States V Nixon 1974? There is dissonance between the spider and its descriptors, i.e., what is menai classes, wrong with this picture? Already we have a question: what is going on united with this spider? We should look for additional clues further on kant to an in the text. The next two lines develop the image of the unusual, unpleasant-sounding spider: On a white heal-all, holding up a moth. Like a white piece of united states 1974 rigid satin cloth Now we have a white flower (a heal-all, which usually has a violet-blue flower) and a white moth in addition to our white spider. Heal-alls have medicinal properties, as their name suggests, but this one seems to goodlife menai, have a genetic mutationperhaps like the states 1974 spider? Does the mutation that changes the william bell heal-all's color also change its beneficial propertiescould it be poisonous rather than curative? A white moth doesn't seem remarkable, but it is Like a white piece of united v nixon rigid satin cloth, or like manmade fabric that is crabbe, artificially rigid rather than smooth and united states v nixon 1974 flowing like we imagine satin to be. We might think for a moment of on Drugs: Is It a shroud or the states lining of bnw sparknotes a coffin, but even that is awry, for neither should be stiff with death.

The first three lines of the poem's octave introduce unpleasant natural images of death and blight (as the speaker puts it in line four). United States 1974? The flower and hr functions moth disrupt expectations: the heal-all is white instead of blue and innocent, and the moth is reduced to rigid satin cloth or dead wings carried like a paper kite. We might expect a spider to be unpleasant and deadly; the united v nixon 1974 poem's spider also has an unusual and Similarities Between Knight and the 9/11 Attacks Essay unhealthy appearance. States V Nixon? The focus on whiteness in william bell these lines has more to united states 1974, do with death than puritycan we understand that whiteness as being corpse-like rather than virtuous? Well before the biological of aggression volta , Frost makes a turn away from united states nature as a retreat and haven; instead, he unearths its inherent dangers, making nature menacing. Hr Functions? From three lines alone, we have a number of united v nixon 1974 questions: Will whiteness play a role in the rest of the poem? How does designan arrangement of crabbe william these circumstancesfit with a scene of death? What other juxtapositions might we encounter?

These disruptions and dissonances recollect Frost's alteration to states v nixon, the standard Italian sonnet form: finding the ways and unpaired places in v nixon which form and electrons word choice go together will help us begin to unravel some larger concepts the united states v nixon poem itself addresses. Unpaired? Put simply, themes are major ideas in states a text. Many texts, especially longer forms like novels and hr functions plays, have multiple themes. That's good news when you are close reading because it means there are many different ways you can think through the united 1974 questions you develop. Similarities The Dark 9/11 Attacks Essay? So far in our reading of 1974 Design, our questions revolve around disruption: disruption of form, disruption of expectations in the description of biological of aggression certain images. United V Nixon? Discovering a concept or idea that links multiple questions or observations you have made is the beginning of a discovery of theme. Theories Of Aggression? What is happening with disruption in Design? What point is Frost making?

Observations about v nixon, other elements in biological the text help you address the united idea of The War Is It disruption in united states 1974 more depth. Here is where we look back at the work we have already done: What is the kant end text about? What is states, notable about the form, and how does it support or undermine what the words say? Does the crabbe william specific language of the text highlight, or redirect, certain ideas? In this example, we are looking to determine what kind(s) of united v nixon 1974 disruption the poem contains or describes. Rather than disruption, we want to see what kind of disruption, or whether indeed Frost uses disruptions in form and language to communicate something opposite: design. Is It? After you make notes, formulate questions, and set tentative hypotheses, you must analyze the states v nixon subject of hr functions your close reading.

Literary analysis is united states v nixon 1974, another process of of aggression reading (and writing!) that allows you to make a claim about the text. United? It is also the william point at states v nixon which you turn a critical eye to bnw sparknotes, your earlier questions and 1974 observations to iron, find the united states most compelling points and discard the ones that are a stretch or are fascinating but have no clear connection to the text as a whole. Iron Unpaired Electrons? (We recommend a separate document for recording the v nixon brilliant ideas that don't quite fit this time around.) Here follows an excerpt from a brief analysis of crabbe william bell Design based on united states the close reading above. This example focuses on some lines in crabbe william bell great detail in states v nixon order to unpack the Similarities Between The Dark Attacks meaning and significance of the poem's language. By commenting on united the different elements of Between Knight and the Attacks Essay close reading we have discussed, it takes the results of united v nixon our close reading to offer one particular way into the text. Goodlife Classes? (In case you were thinking about using this sample as your own, be warned: it has no thesis and states it is Between The Dark and the 9/11 Essay, easily discoverable on the web. Plus it doesn't have a title.) Frost's speaker brews unlikely associations in the first stanza of the poem. The Assorted characters of death and united blight / Mixed ready to begin the morning right make of the bell grotesque scene an equally grotesque mockery of states v nixon 1974 a breakfast cereal (45). These lines are almost singsong in meter and it is to an, easy to imagine them set to a radio jingle. A pun on right/rite slides the characters of death and v nixon blight into their expected concoction: a witches' broth (6). William? These juxtapositionsa healthy breakfast that is also a potion for united states v nixon 1974 dark magicare borne out when our fat and white spider becomes a snow-dropan early spring flower associated with renewaland the of aggression moth as dead wings carried like a paper kite (1, 7, 8).

Like the mutant heal-all that hosts the moth's death, the spider becomes a deadly flower; the harmless moth becomes a child's toy, but as dead wings, more like a puppet made of a skull. The volta offers no resolution for states v nixon 1974 our unsettled expectations. Menai? Having observed the v nixon 1974 scene and detailed its elements in goodlife classes all their unpleasantness, the speaker turns to united 1974, questions rather than answers. How did The wayside blue and innocent heal-all end up white and bleached like a bone (10)? How did its kindred spider find the white flower, which was its perfect hiding place (11)?

Was the hr functions moth, then, also searching for camouflage, only to meet its end? Using another question as a disguise, the speaker offers a hypothesis: What but design of darkness to appall? (13). United V Nixon? This question sounds rhetorical, as though the only reason for such an unlikely combination of flora and fauna is Similarities Knight, some design of v nixon darkness. Some force, the speaker suggests, assembled the white spider, flower, and moth to snuff out the moth's life. Means To An End? Such a design appalls, or horrifies. We might also consider the speaker asking what other force but dark design could use something as simple as appalling in its other sense (making pale or white) to effect death. United States V Nixon? However, the poem does not close with a question, but with a statement. Kant Means To An? The speaker's If design govern in states 1974 a thing so small establishes a condition for biological of aggression the octave's questions after the fact (14). There is no point in considering the united states dark design that brought together assorted characters of death and blight if such an event is hr functions, too minor, too physically small to be the work of some force unknown.

Ending on an if clause has the effect of 1974 rendering the theories poem still more uncertain in its conclusions: not only united v nixon, are we faced with unanswered questions, we are now not even sure those questions are valid in the first place. Behind the speaker and means the disturbing scene, we have Frost and his defiance of our expectations for united a Petrarchan sonnet. Unpaired? Like whatever designer may have altered the flower and attracted the spider to kill the moth, the poet built his poem wrong with a purpose in united v nixon mind. Design surely governs in biological theories a poem, however small; does Frost also have a dark design? Can we compare a scene in nature to a carefully constructed sonnet? Your goal in a paper about v nixon, literature is to communicate your best and hr functions most interesting ideas to your reader. United V Nixon 1974? Depending on means to an the type of paper you have been assigned, your ideas may need to be organized in states 1974 service of a thesis to Working? Essays, which everything should link back. V Nixon? It is unpaired electrons, best to ask your instructor about the expectations for v nixon your paper. Knowing how to of aggression, organize these papers can be tricky, in part because there is no single right answeronly more and less effective answers. V Nixon? You may decide to organize your paper thematically, or by unpaired electrons, tackling each idea sequentially; you may choose to order your ideas by united v nixon 1974, their importance to menai classes, your argument or to v nixon, the poem. Biological Theories? If you are comparing and contrasting two texts, you might work thematically or by addressing first one text and united 1974 then the other.

One way to approach a text may be to bnw sparknotes, start with the states v nixon 1974 beginning of the theories novel, story, play, or poem, and united states v nixon 1974 work your way toward its end. Kant Means To An End? For example, here is the united v nixon rough structure of the theories example above: The author of the sample decided to states 1974, use the poem itself as an organizational guide, at least for this part of the analysis. Hr Functions? A paragraph about the states 1974 octave. Means To An? A paragraph about the volta . A paragraph about the united 1974 penultimate line (13). A paragraph about the final line (14). Menai Classes? A paragraph addressing form that suggests a transition to the next section of the paper. You will have to united states v nixon, decide for yourself the theories of aggression best way to communicate your ideas to your reader. Is it easier to states v nixon, follow your points when you write about each part of the text in detail before moving on?

Or is your work clearer when you work through each big ideathe significance of whiteness, the effect of an altered sonnet form, and so onsequentially? We suggest you write your paper however is crabbe william, easiest for united 1974 you then move things around during revision if you need to. Crabbe William? If you really want to master the practice of reading and writing about literature, we recommend Sylvan Barnet and William E. States V Nixon 1974? Cain's wonderful book, A Short Guide to biological of aggression, Writing about Literature . Barnet and v nixon 1974 Cain offer not only bnw sparknotes, definitions and v nixon descriptions of processes, but examples of explications and analyses, as well as checklists for crabbe william you, the author of the paper. United States? The Short Guide is iron unpaired electrons, certainly not the united states v nixon 1974 only available reference for iron writing about united states v nixon 1974, literature, but it is an crabbe excellent guide and reminder for new writers and united v nixon 1974 veterans alike.

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orwell burma essay George Orwell confronted an Asian elephant like this one in the story recounted for this lesson plan. Credit: Image courtesy of American Memory at states v nixon the Library of crabbe Congress. Eric A. Blair, better known by united 1974 his pen name, George Orwell, is today best known for iron unpaired electrons, his last two novels, the united states v nixon, anti-totalitarian works Animal Farm and 1984 . He was also an accomplished and experienced essayist, writing on topics as diverse as anti-Semitism in England, Rudyard Kipling, Salvador Dali, and nationalism. Among his most powerful essays is the 1931 autobiographical essay Shooting an Elephant, which Orwell based on his experience as a police officer in colonial Burma. This lesson plan is designed to help students read Orwell's essay both as a work of literature and as a window into the historical context about which it was written. Crabbe William Bell. This lesson plan may be used in both the History and Social Studies classroom and states 1974, the Literature and Language Arts classroom. How does Orwell use literary tools such as symbolism, metaphor, irony and connotation to convey his main point, and what is that point? What is Orwell's argument or message, and what persuasive tools does he use to make it? At the end of this lesson students will be able to.

Situate Orwell's essay within its appropriate cultural and historical context Distill and articulate the main points of means this essay Discuss Orwell's use persuasive tools such as symbolism, metaphor and irony in united states 1974 this essay, and explain how he uses each of these tools to hr functions, convey his argument or message. The essay Shooting an Elephant is set in a town in southern Burma during the colonial period. The country that is today Burma (Myanmar) was, during the time of Orwell's experiences in the colony, a province of united v nixon 1974 India, itself a British colony. Prior to British intervention in the nineteenth century Burma was a sovereign kingdom. Hr Functions. After three wars between British forces and the Burmese, beginning with the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1824-26, followed by the Second Anglo-Burmese War of 1852, the country fell under British control after its defeat in the Third Anglo-Burmese War in 1885. Burma was subsumed under the administration of British India, becoming a province of that colony in 1886. It would remain an Indian province until it was granted the status of an individual British colony in 1937.

Burma would gain its independence in January 1948. Eric A. Blair was born in Mohitari, India, in 1903 to united states, parents in Between and the 9/11 Attacks the Indian Civil Service. His education brought him to England where he would study at Eton College (college in England is roughly equivalent to a US high school). United 1974. However, he was unable to win a scholarship to continue his studies at the university level. With few opportunities available, he would follow his parents' path into service for the British Empire, joining the Indian Imperial Police in 1922. He would be stationed in what is today Burma (Myanmar) until 1927 when he would quit the imperial civil service in disgust. His experiences as a policeman for the Empire would form the basis of his early writing, including the novel Burmese Days as well as the essay Shooting an Elephant.

These experiences would continue to influence his world view and his writing until his death in 1950. Review George Orwell's Shooting an Elephant . Similarities The Dark Knight 9/11 Attacks Essay. The text is available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Center for the Liberal Arts. Familiarize yourself with the historical context of Orwell's story, as well as the biographical circumstances that placed him in Burma as a police officer. Additional information on Burmese history, the British Empire in India and the biography of George Orwell can be accessed through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library. Review metaphor, imagery, irony, symbolism and connotative and denotative language. States V Nixon. The definitions for each of these terms can be found through the goodlife menai, EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library.

Activity 1. United States V Nixon. British Bobbies in Burma. It was once said that the biological theories, sun never set on the British Empire, whose territory touched every continent on earth. English imperialism evolved through several phases, including the early colonization of North America, to its involvement in South Asia, the colonization of Australia and New Zealand, its role in the nineteenth century scramble for Africa, involvement with politics in united v nixon 1974 the Middle East, and its expansion into Southeast Asia. At the height of its power in the early twentieth century the British Empire had control over nearly two-fifths of the theories of aggression, world's land mass and governed an empire of between 300 and 400 million people. It is the united v nixon 1974, addition of the Southeast Asian countries today known as Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia and Similarities Between Knight Attacks Essay, Singapore that set the stage for Orwell's vignette from the life of a colonial official. Review with students the v nixon, history of the British Empire. Hr Functions. For World History courses, you may wish to utilize materials you have already covered in earlier classes as well as your textbook. You may also wish to v nixon 1974, use the overview of the British Empire that is available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library. Ask students to look at this late nineteenth century map of the British Empire.

Have students note which continents had a British colonial presence at the time this map was drawn in 1897. Next, ask students to means end, read through the list of territories which were part of the British Empire in 1921. Again, ask students to states 1974, note which continents had a British colonial presence that year. Both the map and the list of territories are available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library. Ask students to read the iron unpaired electrons, history of British involvement in Burma available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library. United V Nixon. Introduce students to Eric Blair, the man who would take the unpaired, pen name George Orwell. You may wish to do so by reading the background information above to the class, or by reading a short biography of the writer available through the EDSITEment-reviewed Internet Public Library. Explain that Orwell would spend five years in united v nixon 1974 Burma as an hr functions, Indian Imperial Police officer.

This experience allowed him to see the workings of the British Empire on a daily and very personal level. Activity 2. The Reluctant Imperialist. Ask students to united states v nixon, read George Orwell's essay Shooting an Elephant available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Center for the Liberal Arts. Ask students to take notes as they read of their first impressions, questions that may arise, or their reactions to biological theories of aggression, the story. Ask them to also note any metaphors, symbolism or examples of irony in the text.

Ask students to discuss Orwell's relationships with his profession and with the people he is meant to united v nixon 1974, be patrolling. Direct their attention to the moments in the text when Orwell confesses conflicted feelings. During the crabbe william bell, class discussion students should concentrate on the tension between his feelings, his duties, and his conscience. Discuss Orwell's feelings towards the British Empire and 1974, his role as an Imperial police officer. Students should focus on the ways in which Orwell writes about these feelings, and about his internal conflicts. Knight And The 9/11 Essay. You may wish to have students answer questions such as the following: How does Orwell feel about the united states, British presence in Burma? How does he feel about his job with the Indian Imperial police? What are some of the internal conflicts Orwell describes feeling in iron his role as a colonial police officer? How do you know? He wrote and published this essay a number of united 1974 years after he had left the unpaired electrons, civil service.

How does Orwell describe his feelings about the British Empire, and about his role in united states v nixon 1974 it, both at the time he took part in the incident described, and at the time of writing the essay, after having had the opportunity to reflect upon these experiences? Ask students to kant end, point to united states 1974, examples in the text which support their view. What did Orwell mean by the following sentence: It was a tiny incident in itself, but it gave me a better glimpse than I had had before of the real nature of hr functions imperialism -- the real motives for which despotic governments act . Discuss the following passages and states, what they tell us about Orwell's conflicted feelings towards the bell, project of states v nixon 1974 empire and the people who have been colonized. The two passages included here may help students to begin thinking about the tension in the text; however, wherever possible they should utilize other examples from throughout the essay to goodlife menai classes, think about the questions which follow. All this was perplexing and upsetting. For at that time I had already made up my mind that imperialism was an evil thing and the sooner I chucked up my job and states, got out of means it the better. Theoretically—and secretly, of course—I was all for the Burmese and all against 1974, their oppressors, the British. As for the job I was doing, I hated it more bitterly than I can perhaps make clear. In a job like that you see the dirty work of Empire at close quarters. The wretched prisoners huddling in the stinking cages of the lock-ups, the grey, cowed faces of the long-term convicts, the scarred buttocks of the men who had been flogged with bamboos—all these oppressed me with an intolerable sense of guilt. But I could get nothing into perspective.

I was young and biological theories, ill-educated and I had had to think out my problems in the utter silence that is imposed on every Englishman in the East… All I knew was that I was stuck between my hatred of the empire I served and united states v nixon 1974, my rage against the evil-spirited little beasts who tried to make my job impossible. With one part of bell my mind I thought of the British Raj as an unbreakable tyranny, as something clamped down, in united saecula saeculorum*, upon Similarities Between Knight and the Attacks Essay, the will of the prostrate peoples; with another part I thought that the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddhist priest's guts. Feelings like these are the normal by-products of imperialism; ask any Anglo-Indian official, if you can catch him off duty. V Nixon 1974. . * In saecula saeculorum is a liturgical term meaning for ever and ever. Discuss how Orwell writes about his conflicted feelings. Questions you may wish to ask the students might include: Orwell states that he was against the British in their oppression of the Burmese. However, Orwell himself was British, and in iron his role as a police officer he was part of the oppression he is speaking against. How can he be against the British and their empire when he is a British officer of the empire? What does Orwell mean when he writes that he was theoretically… all for the Burmese and all against their oppressors. Why does he use the word theoretically in this sentence, and united v nixon 1974, what does he mean by crabbe william it? How does this theoretical belief conflict with his actual feelings? Does he show empathy or sympathy for the Burmese in united states his description of this incident?

Does he show a lack of sympathy? Both? Ask students to biological, focus on the kind of language Orwell uses. How does he convey these feelings through his use of language? Does Orwell believe these conflicting feelings can be reconciled? Why or why not? What does he mean by states 1974 the utter silence that is imposed on every Englishman in the East?

Compare the excerpt above with Orwell's opening description of his experience as a European in colonial Burma. Iron Electrons. You may wish to review the definition of symbolism, accessible through the EDSITEment reviewed web resource Internet Public Library, before beginning this exercise. Again, the two passages included here may help students to united states, begin thinking about the tension in the text; however, they should utilize examples from throughout the essay to think about the questions which follow. Goodlife Menai. I was sub-divisional police officer of the town, and in an aimless, petty kind of way anti-European feeling was very bitter. No one had the guts to raise a riot, but if a European woman went through the bazaars alone somebody would probably spit betel juice over her dress. As a police officer I was an obvious target and was baited whenever it seemed safe to united states v nixon 1974, do so. When a nimble Burman tripped me up on the football field and the referee (another Burman) looked the other way, the hr functions, crowd yelled with hideous laughter. This happened more than once. States V Nixon. In the iron, end the sneering yellow faces of young men that met me everywhere, the insults hooted after me when I was at a safe distance, got badly on 1974, my nerves. The young Buddhist priests were the worst of all. There were several thousands of them in the town and none of them seemed to have anything to do except stand on street corners and jeer at Europeans.

Knowing that Orwell had sympathy for the position of the Burmese under colonialism, how does it make you feel to read the description of the way in which he was treated as a policeman? Why do you think the crabbe bell, Burmese insulted and states 1974, laughed at iron electrons him? The first sentence of 1974 this paragraph is In Moulmein, in lower Burma, I was hated by large numbers of people- the only time in my life that I have been important enough for this to happen to me. What does he mean when he says he was important enough to be hated? As a colonial police officer Orwell was both a visible and accessible symbol to many Burmese.

What did he symbolize to the Burmese? Orwell was unhappy and angry in his position as a colonial police officer. Why? At whom was his anger directed? What did the Burmese symbolize to iron unpaired electrons, Orwell? Activity 3. The Price of v nixon Saving Face. Orwell states As soon as I saw the elephant I knew with perfect certainty that I ought not to hr functions, shoot him. Later he says … I did not want to shoot the elephant. Despite feeling that he ought not take this course of action, and feeling that he wished not to take this course, he also feels compelled to shoot the animal. In this activity students will be asked to discuss the reasons why Orwell felt he had to united v nixon, kill the elephant. Ask students to read the following excerpt and discuss the questions which follow.

It was perfectly clear to me what I ought to do. I ought to walk up to within, say, twenty-five yards of the elephant and test his behavior. If he charged, I could shoot; if he took no notice of me, it would be safe to leave him until the mahout came back. But also I knew that I was going to do no such thing. I was a poor shot with a rifle and the ground was soft mud into which one would sink at crabbe bell every step. If the elephant charged and I missed him, I should have about as much chance as a toad under a steam-roller. But even then I was not thinking particularly of my own skin, only the watchful yellow faces behind. For at that moment, with the crowd watching me, I was not afraid in the ordinary sense, as I would have been if I had been alone … The sole thought in my mind was that if anything went wrong those two thousand Burmans would see me pursued, caught, trampled on and reduced to a grinning corpse like that Indian up the hill. United States V Nixon. And if that happened it was quite probably that some of them would laugh. That would never do. Orwell repeatedly states in the text that he does not want to The Dark and the Attacks Essay, shoot the states 1974, elephant.

In addition, by the time that he has found the elephant, the animal has become calm and has ceased to be an immediate danger. Despite this, Orwell feels compelled to execute the creature. Why? Orwell makes it clear in this essay that he was not a particularly talented rifleman. In the excerpt above he explains that by attempting to shoot the crabbe bell, elephant he was putting himself into grave danger. But it is not a fear for states, his own skin which compels him to go through with this course of action. Instead, it was a fear outside of the theories, ordinary sense. What did Orwell fear? In colonial Burma a small number of states v nixon 1974 British civil servants, officers and military personnel were vastly outnumbered by their colonial subjects. They were able to maintain control, in part, because they possessed superior firepower -- a point made clear when Orwell states that the Burmese population had no weapons and were quite helpless against (the elephant).

Yet, Orwell's description of the iron unpaired, relationship between the 1974, Burmese and Europeans indicates that the division of power was not necessarily that simple. How did the Burmese resist their colonial masters through non-violent means? Ask students to show examples from the text to support their ideas. Ask students to explain how they would feel and what they would do were they in Orwell's position. Activity 4. Reading Between the Lines. Ask students to read the following passages from the essay, which they should then use as a jumping off point for answering the following questions.

Answers may be supplemented with other examples from the text. You may wish to review the definitions of metaphor, irony, and connotation and denotation that are available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library before asking students the questions which follow. How does Orwell use metaphors in order to describe a people and a situation geographically and culturally unfamiliar understandable to his readers? …The sole thought in my mind was that if anything went wrong those two thousand Burmans would see me pursued, caught, trampled on and reduced to a grinning corpse like that Indian up the hill. And if that happened it was quite probable that some of them would laugh. That would never do. When irony is employed by a writer the true intent of hr functions his or her words is united v nixon covered up or even contradicted by the words that are used. Where is irony employed in Between and the this excerpt, and what is Orwell's true intent? The use of irony often also presumes there being two audiences who will read or hear the delivery of the united v nixon, ironic phrase differently. One audience will hear only the literal meaning of the words, while another audience will hear the intent that lies beneath.

Who are the two audiences to whom Orwell is speaking? In this section a series of biological theories of aggression sentences and phrases will be supplied which should provide examples for students to discuss the differences between the united v nixon 1974, connotative and denotative meanings. Explain that denotative meanings are generally the literal meaning of the word, while connotative meanings are the coloring attached to words beyond their literal meaning. For example, the army of people Orwell refers to in his essay bring to mind not only a large group of biological of aggression people, but also a military and oppositional force. Ask students to explain the 1974, connotative and Between The Dark Knight and the 9/11 Attacks Essay, denotative meanings of the following words or phrases using this organizational chart, or its online interactive equivalent. One day something happened which in a roundabout way was enlightening . It was a poor quarter, a labyrinth of squalid bamboo huts , thatched with palmleaf, winding all over the steep hillside . I marched down the united states v nixon 1974, hill, looking and feeling a fool, with the rifle over unpaired electrons, my shoulder and an ever-growing army of people jostling at my heels. They were watching me as they would watch a conjurer about to perform a trick. They did not like me, but with the magical rifle in my hands I was momentarily worth watching.

He wears a mask , and his face grows to fit it. Activity 5. Persuasive Perspectives. Orwell was both an united 1974, accomplished and a prolific essayist whose work covered a large number of topics. Of Aggression. Many of his essays are written as third person commentaries or reviews, such as his Politics vs. Literature: An Examination of united states 1974 Gulliver's Travels. Orwell often chose to include himself in kant end his essays, writing from a first person perspective, such as that employed in united states v nixon one of his most famous essays, Politics and the English Language. In these works Orwell uses the first person perspective as a rhetorical strategy for supporting his argument. For example, he opens his 1946 essay Politics and the English Language with the following lines: Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is generally assumed that we cannot by conscious action do anything about it.

Our civilization is decadent, and our language- so the argument runs- must inevitably share in the general collapse. It follows that any struggle against the abuse of language is a sentimental archaism … Underneath this lies the goodlife classes, half-conscious belief that language is a natural growth and not an instrument which we shape for united states, our own purposes. In the paragraph which follows the above excerpt Orwell switches from the first person plural to the first person singular. By the second paragraph, however, he has already included his audience in his argument: we cannot do anything; our civilization is decadent. If we disagree with these sentiments, then we are ready to follow Orwell's argument over the following ten pages. While he does not use the inclusive we in Shooting an goodlife menai, Elephant, Orwell's use of the first person perspective is united states 1974 a rhetorical strategy. Hr Functions. Discuss with students Orwell's decision to utilize the first person perspective rather than the third person perspective. You might ask question such as: How does seeing the united states v nixon, incident through both the eyes of Eric Blair, the young colonial police officer, and George Orwell, the kant to an, reflective essayist, support Orwell's argument? How does the story change by having the narrator not only present, but active, in the action of the story? How does the use of the first person perspective create a sense of sympathy or understanding for Orwell's position?

If time permits you may wish to ask students to re-write a section of Shooting an Elephant from states 1974, a different perspective- such as in the third person. What is biological theories of aggression gained by united 1974 this shift in perspective? What is lost? Ask students to write a short essay about one of the following two topics. Students should be sure to support their answers with examples from the text. Explain Orwell's use of language, and hr functions, of rhetorical tools such as the first person perspective, metaphor, symbolism, irony, connotative and states v nixon 1974, denotative language, in his commentary on the colonial project.

How does Orwell use language to bring his audience into unpaired electrons the immediacy of his world as a colonial police officer? The litany of examples of cruelties, insults and moral bankruptcy extend from the Buddhist priests, to the market sellers, the referee, the young British officials who declare the worth of the united 1974, elephant far above that of an of aggression, Indian coolie, to Orwell himself. States V Nixon. While this essay contains anger and bitterness, is not simply a nihilistic diatribe. Hr Functions. In what ways did the project of empire affect all parties involved in the shooting of an elephant? George Orwell wrote a second essay called A Hanging about v nixon, his time as a police officer with the Indian Imperial Police. End. In addition, Orwell's first novel, Burmese Days , give a fictionalized account of his time in Burma. The essay and the novel are available through the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource Internet Public Library. George Orwell was not the states 1974, only writer to discuss imperialism in his work. Another well known British author, Rudyard Kipling, also made imperialism the focus of some of iron unpaired electrons his works, and the backdrop to many others. United States V Nixon 1974. Both Orwell and crabbe william bell, Kipling were born in united states 1974 India to English parents (Kipling was born in Bombay in biological theories of aggression 1865), and both returned to India after their educations.

Despite similar backgrounds their descriptions of empire and their ideas on the moral foundations of the project of empire were quite different. Have students investigate the united states v nixon 1974, views of empire by each of these authors through a comparative reading of Orwell's Shooting an Elephant and Kipling's famous poem urging American imperialism in Similarities The Dark Knight 9/11 Attacks Essay the Philippines, The White Man's Burden . Kipling's poem is available on united states, the EDSITEment-reviewed web resource, History Matters. 2-3 class periods. Subject Areas Literature and Language Arts Genre Common Core History and biological, Social Studies Place Europe Literature and Language Arts Place British Literature and Language Arts Genre Essay History and Social Studies Place Asia Skills Critical analysis Critical thinking Discussion Interpretation Literary analysis Making inferences and drawing conclusions Authors Jennifer Foley, NEH (Washington, DC) George Orwell confronted an Asian elephant like this one in states 1974 the story recounted for iron unpaired electrons, this lesson plan. Credit: Image courtesy of American Memory at 1974 the Library of Between The Dark Attacks Congress. A blog for and about the 1974, humanities in the classroom: literature, social studies, language, art and culture, and means end, more.

Get updates on new lesson plans and states, other resources. EDSITEment! is a project of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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2017 MBA Essay Questions: UCLA Anderson. The Anderson essay guide is here to help you out united states with everything about The Dark Attacks your MBA app to UCLA! Thankfully, UCLA has fixed the awkward mission-focused attempt at branding within their essay question, and v nixon 1974 simplified it to The Dark 9/11 Essay, what really matters: the goals. They also have a new short-answer question that lets you bring in another dimension. States? Describe your short-term and long-term career goals. How can the UCLA Anderson experience add value to your professional development? (500 words) Describe how you would contribute to the UCLA Anderson community. (250 words) For the iron electrons short-answer question especially, it wouldn#8217;t hurt to check out united states this video that they released in a prior session, so that you get a sense for what they mean by their culture and how they value those who #8220;share success, think fearlessly and drive change#8221;: You can also refer to past essays and other discussion towards the bottom of this page. Anderson is one of the most reapplicant-friendly schools out there, and goodlife menai this is united states 1974, reflected by their very generous 750-word essay for those who are trying again: Reapplicant Essay Question: Please describe your career progress since you last applied and ways in which you have enhanced your candidacy. Include updates on short-term and long-term career goals, as well as your continued interest in UCLA Anderson. There#8217;s also a standard optional essay (250 words) so plenty of opportunity to talk to the adcom about things that matter in your app! We have updated our UCLA Anderson essay guide for 2017 to reflect these changes.

Average GMAT for the Class of 2018 decreased from 718 to 716, and the upper end of the goodlife classes 80% range of scores ticked down from v nixon, 680 to 760, to 680 to 750. We don#8217;t know about app volumes at goodlife menai classes this school but it appears that either they#8217;ve been getting fewer candidates applying #8212; which is opposite to every other program #8212; and/or they had trouble getting them to convert that year. Rd 1: October 6, 2017 one of the later ones, which means you#8217;ll get to take your breath after a crazy run in September with other schools#8217; deadlines hitting first. It also means that (hopefully) you#8217;ll be able to do a better job on your UCLA app because you#8217;ll be well experienced by then! Interview invitations often begin coming out 1974 quite quickly after the deadline, and theories of aggression they continue throughout the whole cycle till December. There#8217;s nothing to be interpreted from whether you receive one earlier or later in the sequence. Rd 2: January 5, 2018 another #8220;ouch#8221; Round 2 deadline (sigh nobody listens to states v nixon, the #8216;Snark) Two recommendations, as is common for most schools. Hr Functions? One of them should be from your current boss and the second one someone else in a position of seniority. Three standardized questions for united v nixon them to answer and one optional (See their questions here ) Lots of crabbe william, resources for choosing your recommenders available here on states v nixon the blahg; if you want more help on who to choose, our Letters of iron electrons, Recommendation App Accelerator walks through the specifics and states lets you submit your recommenders#8217; strategy for feedback from EssaySnark. We don#8217;t have many Anderson essays reviewed on the blahg, however they look for the same strong career goals as Columbia, Ross, and other schools do, so try these out for biological of aggression some guidance: For Reference: Anderson#8217;s Past-Season Questions.

Included in united states v nixon 1974 case anyone wants to see what UCLA asked before. Click to view 2016 questions. 2016 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis. Here#8217;s what we said when last year#8217;s questions came out#8230; remember this analysis is from *last year*. They#8217;ve kept the question from 2015, which is: We believe that the best results are achieved when you share success, think fearlessly and drive change. Biological Theories? With this in mind, what are your goals at UCLA Anderson and in your short-term and states v nixon long-term career? Here#8217;s the unpaired video that they produced when they first came out with this particular essay: [end discussion of states v nixon, 2016 questions.] 2015 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis.

UCLA thankfully improved their application this year: The difficulties in phrasing of the essay question that they introduced last year have been fixed, and they#8217;ve also reverted to two recommendations, from just one that they had required. Hr Functions? These are good news for all you BSers. Details below, and our UCLA MBA essay guide is up to date with these 2015 changes. Cool! With this question, and states 1974 the change in their Round 1 schedule, EssaySnark is pleased to see UCLA Anderson, like other schools this season, redeeming themselves from past mistakes and applicant-unfriendly policies. Kant To An? UCLA joins the trend of improving apps! Like MIT, Anderson simplified their one essay question it#8217;s still a little unwieldy but it#8217;s much much better than they had before. Here it is for the Class of united states, 2018: We believe that the best results are achieved when you share success, think fearlessly and drive change. With this in william mind, what are your goals at UCLA Anderson and in your short-term and long-term career? (750 words) They#8217;ve posted this video as a way to united v nixon, convey the #8216;culture#8217; themes those phrases #8220;share success, think fearlessly and drive change#8221; are all part of their school principles: They also pulled in their Round 1 deadline, to October 6th. That#8217;s still one of the later first-round deadlines for the top schools but it#8217;s now three weeks earlier than last year (it was way out on October 22nd then).

This standardization actually may not help you all that much, since you#8217;ll likely be feeling pretty burned out by essay writing in the first week of October, having already managed submissions for about a month. The advantage is that you#8217;ll be in the swing of things with your essay writing projects and you will have plenty of experience writing essays for crabbe bell other schools by that time but the temptation may be very great to united v nixon 1974, re-use one of those other essays for Anderson. Unpaired Electrons? And that would be a mistake. When they had a three-weeks-later deadline then at least people could take a break and regroup after the flurry of craziness in united states September. Goodlife? So not sure this new standardized date is states 1974, that helpful. What will help is hopefully! that Anderson will begin issuing interview invitations much earlier now. That#8217;s to everyone#8217;s benefit. The 2015 UCLA Anderson application guide will walk you through what#8217;s important in your pitch including some critical policies that are rather unusual at hr functions UCLA compared to other schools.

Be equipped for success with this detailed guide for UCLA! 7/29/15 update: YES! ANDERSON SWITCHED BACK TO TWO RECOMMENDATIONS AGAIN! We had hoped that they would do this, and they have. United States V Nixon 1974? (Last year it was only one rec which really put everyone at kant end a disadvantage). One of states 1974, your recommendations should be from your current boss and biological theories of aggression the second one someone in united states 1974 a position of hr functions, seniority. Three questions for that person to answer (review them here ) [end discussion of 2015 questions.] 2014 Essays EssaySnark#8217;s Analysis. 8/1/14 The UCLA essay prompt has been updated; it#8217;s still just one question about goals, but it#8217;s been expanded to conform with the trend of so many other schools talking about united states 1974 #8220;mission#8221; and theories of aggression #8220;principles#8221;. You shouldn#8217;t be using the states v nixon 1974 optional essay for crabbe william bell UCLA any more than you should for most other schools (in other words, don#8217;t submit it unless you need it for something specific to explain about a weakness in your profile). United V Nixon 1974? 2014 UCLA full-time MBA question Class of 2017. UCLA Anderson is distinguished by three defining principles: Share Success, Think Fearlessly, Drive Change. What principles have defined your life and pre-MBA career?

How do you believe that UCLA Anderson#8217;s principles, and end the environment they create, will help you attain your post-MBA career goals? (750 words maximum) There#8217;s also a reapplicant essay, and united states v nixon an optional essay of up to 250 words (remember that should be used only to explain stuff, not just to means to an, talk about new things that you want to states v nixon 1974, talk about). And, UCLA has mostly standardized with other schools asking just two questions of recommenders however just one recommendation is required. That#8217;s gonna be tough. This year#8217;s essay question sounds remarkably similar to Haas and their #8220;defining principles#8221;; hate to call Anderson a copycat but this is far from original. Hr Functions? Instead of Kellogg#8217;s #8220;Think Bravely#8221; we now have #8220;Think Fearlessly.#8221; We had actually applauded Kellogg#8217;s decision to drop language around their brand tagline from their essays this year, and now here is Anderson falling into that same trap or more precisely, forcing all of you BSers into it.

At least #8220;Share Success#8221; is v nixon, easy to understand, though on first blush it#8217;s pretty one-dimensional, too. These types of essays are NOT easy to write. You need to spend time ferreting out what in biological of aggression heck the school means by states 1974, these #8220;principles#8221; and then you need to come up with stories from your past that illustrate how you#8217;re someone who shares them and THEN you need to communicate your plan for your future. All of biological theories of aggression, that in 750 words. Sheesh. States V Nixon 1974? Not doing anyone any favors, UCLA. [End 2014 questions section.] What are your short-term and hr functions long-term career goals, and how will an MBA from UCLA Anderson specifically help you achieve these goals? (750 words) The beauty with UCLA is they give you enough room to actually write something. This July 2013 post from Anderson Admissions explains their changes. [end discussion of united states v nixon 1974, 2013 questions.] What is your proudest achievement outside the workplace, and how has it impacted you? What are your short-term and long-term career goals, and how will an MBA from menai classes, UCLA Anderson specifically help you achieve these goals? [end discussion of 2012 questions.] The UCLA MBA essay guide has been updated for 2017 to help you out with your essay and short answer! 2017 MBA Application Strategy Guides. The 2017 Darden MBA Application Guide - rewritten almost from united, scratch to william bell, help you with the 2017 app!

The 2017 Michigan Ross Essay Guide - totally new to help you with the states nine short-answer options and your career goals! The 2017 MIT Essay Guide with brand-new material on the cover letter and the 'introduce yourself' video. The 2017 Duke Essay Guide - covers the 25 Random Things essay and bell all the rest too! The 2017 Harvard MBA Application Guide - refreshed with new details and v nixon 1974 strategies for your Class of 2020 app. Brave Supplicants' latest reviews on The 'Snark. I think that the reviewer raised a lot of good points, but a) three pages of goodlife, feedback on a 250 word . As a re-applicant, I knew I needed considerable improvement to my pitch in order to maximize my . V Nixon 1974? Thanks so much for the additional feedback ES. I really appreciate it. I just submitted my HBS app, . What were we snarking about at this time in past years? 2016 : Good luck for to an end HBS applicants!

2016 : No, you don't have to actually do the thing you say you will do in the career goals essay. 2014 : Did you just discover EssaySnark? 2014 : The disturbing trend of decreasing transparency 2013 : More on visiting schools 2013 : ($) Being a thought leader is not a career goal. 2012 : ($) Duke's main essay: What do you tell your family, friends, and colleagues? 2012 : About Deadlines. And Momentum. 2011 : Battle of the Blogs!

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Film Analysis: “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” Essay. Queen Elizabeth I was one of the most memorable, most discussed and most written about united states v nixon 1974, monarch not only in England, but in biological theories, Western history (Dobson and united, Watson 2; Rozett 103). She was the only monarch that historians attributed an entire era of The Dark 9/11 English history after. The film “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” is an states v nixon example of the goodlife classes Queen’s popularity in literature. Although much of the film had accurately depicted the states 1974 life of the Queen as to the reason why the Elizabethan period of biological theories of aggression England was synonymous to the period of peace and prosperity, there were a number of discrepancies between the information shown in the film against data retrieved from historical records. This paper would be presenting these discrepancies as well as an united states 1974 insight on Queen Elizabeth I’s view towards marriage and psychological profile.

The film “Elizabeth: the crabbe william bell Golden Age” was set in the year 1565, when Spain was considered as the most powerful Empire in Western history and was under the rule of King Philip II. In order to achieve his goal to spread the Catholic faith across Europe, Philip II began what he considered as a holy war. This war had allowed him to conquer all the European countries, except for England which was still under the rule of a Protestant Queen, Elizabeth I. Although not directly stated, the 1974 film implied that it was in the year 1585 that Philip II decided it was time to Similarities The Dark 9/11, purify England from the states v nixon clutches of the devil ruled by a whore (“Elizabeth: the Golden Age”). The film depicted King Philip II clearly as someone who extremely despised Queen Elizabeth I in her entirety. However, Campion and Holleran stated that when Queen Elizabeth I ascended the throne in 1558, King Philip II in fact proposed marriage to the Queen. Although she politely declined is marriage proposal, she accepted the advice and protection that King Philip II offered to Similarities Between The Dark and the 9/11 Attacks, her (2).

Meanwhile, in united states, a meeting with her political advisers, Queen Elizabeth I was warned that her country was now divided by religion. Half of the country was now practicing the Catholic faith with the other half practicing the Protestant faith. They recommended to the Queen that measures must be taken against the English Catholics. This was because her advisers saw the iron unpaired electrons English followers of the Catholic faith as a threat to Elizabeth I’s reign because of two reasons. The first was that since they were practicing the Catholic, this meant that they had allied themselves with both the Pope and the kingdom of Spain, who has been considered in the film as England’s greatest enemy. United States V Nixon! The second was that the Catholics no longer recognized Elizabeth I as their ruler. Rather, their loyalty had shifted to Mary Stuart, the Queen’s cousin and whom they regarded as the rightful Queen-in-waiting. Queen Elizabeth I responded to her advisers that she would not punish her people because of Similarities Between 9/11 Attacks Essay their religious beliefs and assured them that she had been told that the people still revered her as their Queen (“Elizabeth: the Golden Age”). V Nixon! The division in England, brought about by iron unpaired electrons religious beliefs, had been a problem that did not occur during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign. Instead, this division was an issue that the Queen inherited from her predecessors, Mary Tudor and united states v nixon, her father, Henry VIII.

According to historical records, Henry VIII rejected the papal authority in 1534 and assumed the end title of Supreme Head of the National Church. With the ascension of Mary Tudor to united states, the throne in 1553, she sought to reconcile the English Church with the Church of Similarities The Dark and the 9/11 Essay Rome. United V Nixon 1974! Initially, Elizabeth I was considered to be moderate when it came to religious affairs since she was more concerned in keeping her throne, maintaining the peace and the promotion of the prosperity of to an England. Furthermore, Elizabeth I herself accepted three different religions during her lifetime: Anglo-Catholic, Catholic, and Protestant. This was why she did not see the English Catholics as a threat and refrained herself from imposing severe punishments. She did, however, encouraged religious uniformity by setting an example. She had also pressured her subjects to abandon their resistance to the established Church of England (Campion and states v nixon 1974, Holleran 11-14; Cole 2; Taylor-Smither 63). Sir Francis Walsingham revealed to Queen Elizabeth I in the film that an classes assassination plot called the “Enterprise of England” was discovered masterminded by united states v nixon the Spanish monarchy.

The plot included two armies were situated along the coasts of Sussex and Norfolk. They were waiting for biological theories, the order to assist Mary Stuart to assassinate Elizabeth I and to put Mary Stuart on the throne of England. United States V Nixon 1974! When she learned about the iron unpaired assassination attempt, Queen Elizabeth I confronted the ambassadors of Philip II to England. This caused the ambassadors to end their office in disgrace and to view her as the center of an international Protestant conspiracy inciting a rebellion both in the Netherlands and in France (Doran “Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603” 8; “Elizabeth: the Golden Age”). Upon the discovery of the assassination plot, Mary Stuart had given the order to execute the assassination plot on the Queen. While she was in united v nixon 1974, church, one of the supporters of the Enterprise of England managed to get through the guards at the front of the church and tried to kill the Queen with the use of a pistol. However, the pistol used was unarmed, and the Queen survived the assassination attempt. The assassin and the other members of the Enterprise of England were captured, imprisoned and crabbe bell, tortured. Later, Sir Walsingham then confronted Mary Stuart with regards to the assassination attempt on the Queen and her involvement to the plot. She was then presented the orders she had given out to the members of the Enterprise of England to proceed with the united v nixon 1974 assassination of the crabbe william Queen.

Mary Stuart was tried for treason and v nixon, was executed by to an end beheading. It was only after the execution of Mary Stuart that Sir Walsingham realized the true intention of Spain. Through the execution of united states v nixon Mary Stuart who was both a Catholic and an ally of Spain, England provided Philip II a reason to wage war against England (“Elizabeth: the Golden Age”). Although this served as the climax of the iron unpaired electrons entire film, it also contained the most of the discrepancies on historical documents and records except for united v nixon 1974, Mary Stuart’s involvement in the assassination attempt on goodlife classes, the life of Queen Elizabeth I. This did not come as a surprise since there have been numerous documents and v nixon 1974, literary works where the events of the life of Queen Elizabeth I were re-arranged. An example of this was the biography made by Sir Walter Scott entitled Kenilworth where he changed the events so that Amy Robsart, the first wife of Robert Dudley which occurred in 1560 would coincide with the crabbe bell entertainment spectacle at Kenilworth which occurred in 1575 (Rozett 104). United States! Mary Stuart, who was also known in history as Mary, Queen of Scots, became the Queen of hr functions Scotland after her birth in 1542. She married the Dauphin of France and states v nixon 1974, became the Queen of France when he ascended the throne in Similarities Between The Dark 9/11, 1559. Her reign as Queen of France was only short-lived, since her husband died a year later his ascent to the throne. She then returned to Scotland to united states 1974, assume her place as the Queen of Scots upon the death of her mother. Her succeeding marriages were met with such scandal.

Of these marriages, the most scandalous was her marriage to kant to an, the Earl of Bothwell, who had been considered as the alleged murderer of her second husband. Her marriage to the Earl of Bothwell resulted to a national uprising where she was defeated in 1567. She was then forced to united states v nixon, sign a document on the threat of iron death to abdicate her throne and title of the Queen of Scotland. She tried to regain her title by raising another army which was also defeated. United V Nixon! She then sought protection on her life in England and her cousin, Elizabeth I. Outraged by hr functions the actions done by the Scottish lords against her cousin, Elizabeth I protected her cousin and states v nixon 1974, detained her as a prisoner (Campion and Holleran 2-3; Perry 145-46). Since the death of Knight Attacks Essay Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I’s ascension to the English throne, Mary Stuart had expressed publicly her legitimate claim to the English throne since her mother was the eldest sister of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I’s father. Even though she was a prisoner in England, she remained to be a threat to Elizabeth I. When reports were brought to Queen Elizabeth I’s attention that her cousin was involved in united states v nixon, assassination plots against her, Parliament moved for Mary Stuart’s execution. Between Knight And The Attacks! Initially, Elizabeth I did not consider this option since there was no evidence that proved the allegations against Mary Stuart. That all changed upon when Sir Francis Walsingham discovered the assassination plot against the Queen called the united v nixon Babington plot.

To gather evidence regarding the involvement of Between Attacks Mary Stuart on the plot, he ordered Mary Stuart to be moved to a house where she could be more closely monitored and appointed a new jailer who was less sympathetic to Mary Stuart. Soon, Mary Stuart began to receive news from Europe which were smuggled to states 1974, her through waterproof packages inserted in the bungholes of beer kegs. Unknown to Mary Stuart, Sir Walsingham had already intercepted these messages and had managed to decode them before Mary Stuart and her confidantes received them. It was here that Sir Walsingham discovered that the plotters of the assassination of the Queen were headed by a rich and idealistic Catholic squire named Anthony Babington and that there were sixty thousand Spanish and English soldiers ready to rescue Mary upon means end receiving her approval. She approved the 1974 assassination and her rescue in crabbe, writing. Sir Walsingham presented to Elizabeth I the directions and approval written by Mary Stuart in her own handwriting as evidence and proof of the states allegations made against Mary Stuart. After protecting Mary Stuart for nineteen years, Elizabeth I was compelled by law to transfer Mary to Fortheringhay Castle where she was tried and was found guilty on the crime of treason. She was executed by beheading in 1587.

The betrayal brought by Mary Stuart to hr functions, attempt to assassinate her, Elizabeth I’s outlook towards Catholics began to change and saw them as traitors and united, a threat to her life. This resulted in her implementing sterner laws against Catholics were enforced with penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment, torture and death (Campion and Holleran 11-14; Taylor-Smither 63; Thomas 147-48). King Philip II launched his Spanish Armada against England a year after the execution of Mary Stuart. This decision was not influenced by the execution of Mary Stuart. Knight Attacks! Rather, it was a result of the declining relationship between the two countries. Between the years of 1565 and 1566, many members of the Spanish nobles had demanded Philip II to forego the Spanish Inquisition because they viewed his measures against v nixon 1974 Protestantism as an electrons attempt to extend Spanish control over united, the ecclesiastical affairs as a drive to undermine traditional privileges of Spain. This Inquisition was temporarily placed on hold due to the constant threats of the bell Turks to Spain.

The moment the Turks signed a series of treaties with Spain, it gave King Philip II the opportunity to once again pursue his goal to v nixon 1974, expand Spanish rule over Europe (Doran “Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603” 6-10). The relationship between Spain and England had begun to deteriorate as a result of a number of events that had occurred between King Philip II’s courtship to Queen Elizabeth I and the war between Spain and England. Among these events were the voyages of Francis Drake around the world which were secretly supported by Elizabeth I. On top of the products from the New World, Drake also looted the Spanish galleons he came across of which the Queen accepted a portion of when he returned from his journeys in 1580 (Doran “Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603” 9). The Spanish Armada greatly outnumbered the English army because the population of England was significantly lower than that of Spain which resulted in fewer able men to be enlisted in Similarities Between and the 9/11, the army. Also, the military technology of the English army was far behind than any other European countries and it was impossible for Queen Elizabeth I to united states 1974, maintain an army financially because during the four decades of her reign, most of the financial resources were allotted to the maintenance of the blend of politics, socializing and ceremonies that the Queen accomplished through travels around the kingdom (Cole 1; Doran “Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603” 7; Frye 100; Thomas 160). As the Spanish Armada drew near, Elizabeth I gathered her small army and encouraged them with a short oration which is iron electrons now known as the “Oration at Tilbury Camp. ” This short speech was considered by most writers and historians accepted as one of the best speeches composed by a monarch in England’s history. The most striking line in the speech which was mentioned in the film, although reworded, was “I […] come to lay down for my god, and for states v nixon 1974, my [kingdom], and for my people, [my] honor and Similarities The Dark Knight 9/11 Attacks, my blood in the dust […] I know I have the body […] of a weak and [feeble] woman, [but] I have the [heart] and [stomach] of a [king], and a [king] of England too […]” (“Elizabeth: the Golden Age”; Frye 98; Green 424-26). Perhaps what made Queen Elizabeth I such an enigma for many historians and writers was her decision to remain unmarried, which is why she has been referred to in history as “the Virgin Queen. ” Her decision to remain unmarried stretched down to her ladies-in-waiting and her courtiers such that, in order for them to be married, they must first seek the approval of the Queen. Those who married in secret would have to face the fury of the united 1974 Queen and might even have to face imprisonment. Such was the case in the movie when she lashed out against Bess, her favorite lady-in-waiting and Walter Raleigh when she discovered they had not only married without her consent, but were expecting a child.

Although there are no documentation discovered regarding the encounter between Queen Elizabeth I, Walter Raleigh and 9/11 Essay, Bess, there are numerous accounts on the outbursts of anger the Queen exemplified upon the discovery of the secret marriages of the members of her court. The most documented was the incident between Queen Elizabeth I and one of her ladies-in-waiting named Mary Shelton. When Elizabeth I discovered Mary Shelton’s marriage to James Scudamore, she exploded and demanded why Mary Shelton or James Scudamore did not seek her approval before they got married. One eyewitness stated that Mary Shelton was hit profusely by the angered Queen and was attacked by the Queen with a candlestick which caused Mary Shelton’s finger to be broken (Doran “Monarchy and Matrimony” 5-6; “Elizabeth: the united v nixon Golden Age”; Hammer 80-81). Historical records provided two reasons on why Queen Elizabeth I decided to remain unmarried throughout her reign. One is that it was her own decision in Between and the Attacks, order to be able to united v nixon 1974, concentrate all her attention to the affairs of the kingdom. This was evident in the speech that she had made at Parliament in 1559 when the members of Parliament presented her a petition to marry. Biological Theories! She responded to this petition by states stating that she was already married to her husband, the Kingdom of England. This being the case, she did not see any reason why she should still marry a man. Another reason historical records presented in hr functions, connection to her choosing to remaining unmarried were her cousin, Mary Stuart and the circumstances surrounding her cousin’s marriage. As mentioned earlier, Mary Stuart’s marriage to her third husband led to a civil uprising in Scotland.

After being defeated in the civil uprising, the Scottish lords forced Mary Stuart to abdicate the throne of Scotland and her title as Queen of Scotland. Queen Elizabeth I saw her cousin’s marriage as the primary cause of her cousin’s downfall and united states 1974, feared that should she marry, the The Dark and the Essay same events might happen to her (Doran “Monarchy and Matrimony” 2; King 30-33; Taylor-Smither 61). Psychologists have also presented studies to explain Queen Elizabeth I’s decision to remain unmarried. Based on their findings, psychologists concluded that Queen Elizabeth I was a damaged human being, based on Sigmund Freud’s theory of personality. This damage occurred during her childhood when she witnessed not only her father, King Henry VIII, accusing her mother, Anne Boylen, of the states v nixon crime of adultery, but also she witnessed her mother’s execution by beheading after she was tried and found guilty of the crime. This childhood memory affected Queen Elizabeth I’s personality such that she began to embody the iron electrons traits of united states v nixon males. Goodlife! It also caused her to united states, identify with males in terms of being dominant and crabbe, exemplifying traits of fearlessness and being aggressive. Because of these personality traits that Queen Elizabeth I adopted and portrayed, it would make it impossible for her to become a wife and a mother because the personality traits that a wife and a mother during this period included being submissive to her husband and to the needs of her children. Psychologists have also noted her uncontrollable and sudden bursts of rage and states v nixon 1974, mood swings.

An example of this was seen in Similarities Between The Dark Attacks Essay, the film when she found out that her favorite lady-in-waiting, Bess, not only states 1974, married Walter Raleigh, but also is expecting a child. This was also evident in historical records when she attacked her lady-in-waiting named Mary Shelton and James Scumadore upon hr functions learning that they married without first seeking her approval for their union. These events led modern-day psychologists to states 1974, conclude that Queen Elizabeth I was suffering from clinical hysteria. This hysteria was brought about by the unconscious anxieties that she was experiencing as a result of her witnessing her mother’s trial and execution as well as by goodlife menai classes feelings of jealousy. This jealously was exemplified in united v nixon, the film when Queen Elizabeth I confided to Bess that she was envious of electrons Bess because although she was a Queen, there were many things that her lady-in-waiting may enjoy which she, as a Queen, can never experience (Doran “Monarchy and Matrimony” 5-6; “Elizabeth: the Golden Age”; Hammer 81). In general, the depiction of the life of Queen Elizabeth I in the film “Elizabeth: the united 1974 Golden Age” was acceptable, if not accurate. It showed the two sides of the Queen. On one hand, she was a fearless leader devoted to her country and her duties as Queen that she would rather sacrifice personal joys such as being married in order to concentrate on hr functions, her obligations to her kingdom. She also proved that, in period where women are considered as inferior to men, a woman did not need a man by her side in order to rule a country.

Her experiences during her childhood allowed her to develop important characteristics that a leader during this period must possess – dominance, ruthlessness, aggression and fearlessness. States! On the other hand, the film also depicted the Queen as an emotionally weak human being. The same childhood experiences that helped her develop her admirable qualities also caused her to become clinically hysterical based on the findings of modern-day psychologists. Her condition caused her to exemplify sudden emotional outbursts of rage which affected the lives of those who served her court with her outbursts at times causing harm to those who have remained loyal to her. However, the re-arrangement done in the film with regards on the timeline and reasons for events to occur may have provided confusing information for the viewers of the Similarities Between The Dark Attacks film since these events have been re-arranged just as Sir Walter Scott had done centuries before in order to correlate the events presented in v nixon 1974, the film to each other even if historical records showed otherwise. It can only be assumed that the re-arrangement and changes on the relationship of the events that occurred during the timeline presented in the film may have been done in order for the film to become more exciting to view and to highlight more on the positive qualities of the classes Queen which made her the most popular monarch of Western history. Works Cited Campion, Edmund and 1974, James V. Holleran.

A Jesuit Challenge: Edmund Campion’s Debates at biological of aggression, the Tower of London in united v nixon 1974, 1581. New York: Fordham University Press, 1999. (4) Cole, Mary Hill. The Portable Queen: Elizabeth I and hr functions, the Politics of Ceremony. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press, 1999. (2) Dobson, Michael and Nicola J. Watson. England’s Elizabeth: an Afterlife in Fame and Fantasy. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, 2003. (1) Doran, Susan. Elizabeth I and Foreign Policy, 1558-1603.

New York: Routledge, 2000. (4) Doran, Susan. States V Nixon 1974! Monarchy and Matrimony: the unpaired Courtships of united v nixon 1974 Elizabeth I. New York: Taylor Francis Routledge, 1996. (3) Elizabeth: the Golden Age. Dir. Theories Of Aggression! Shekar Kapur. Perf. Cate Blanchett, Geoffry Rush, Abbie. Cornish, and Samantha Morton. 2007. DVD.

Universal Studios, 2008. (7) Frye, Susan. “The Myth of Elizabeth at united, Tilbury. Crabbe Bell! ” Sixteenth Century Journal. United 1974! 23. 1 (1992): 95- 114. (2) Green, Janet M. “’I Myself’: Queen Elizabeth I’s Oration at Tilbury Camp. ” Sixteenth Century Journal. 28. 2 (1997): 421-45. (1) Hammer, Paul E. Theories! J. “Sex and the Virgin Queen: Aristocratic Concupiscence and states v nixon, the Court of Elizabeth I. ” Sixteenth Century Journal. 31. 1 (2000): 77-97. (2) King, John N. “Queen Elizabeth I: Representations of the Virgin Queen. ” Renaissance Quarterly.

43. 1 (1990): 30-74. Hr Functions! (1) Perry, Maria. The Word of a Prince: A Life of united states 1974 Elizabeth I from Contemporary Documents. Rochester, NY: Boydell and Brewer Ltd. , 1990. (1) Rozett, Martha Tuck. Iron! Constructing a World: Shakespeare England and the New Historical Fiction. Albany, NY: University of New York Press, 2003. (2) Taylor-Smither, Larissa J. “Elizabeth I: A Psychological Profile. ” Sixteenth Century Journal.

15. 1 (1984): 47-72. (3) Thomas, Jane Rush. Behind the united states Mask: the Life of Queen Elizabeth I. New York: Houghton- Mifflin Trade and Reference, 1998. (2) University/College: University of Arkansas System. Type of iron paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 16 November 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Film Analysis: “Elizabeth: the Golden Age” for only united, $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your custom essay sample. For Only $13.90/page.

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How to write CV profiles, personal statements, career aims and states 1974, objectives. A Career Aim, Personal Statement or Profile can be a useful way of flagging an interest and skills for a particular career on your CV, particularly if you have no relevant degree or work experience to give your CV focus. When profile is used used on biological theories of aggression, this page it can be assumed that personal statement could have been used in its place. A profile is only part of a CV so this section should be read in conjunction with our CV examples . CAREER OBJECTIVE? CAREER AIM ? CAREER ASPIRATION? CAREER GOAL ? PERSONAL PROFILE ? PERSONAL STATEMENT ? KEY ATTRIBUTES ? ABOUT ME. My own preferred title is simply: Focuses on the type of work you wish to get into states 1974, . Focuses on your skills achievements . Tells an employer who you are and what you can do for them.

short and to the point. contains a sentence or two about the crabbe, type of work you are aiming for . a few lines about the attributes which make you suitable for the role. You can even call it nothing at all. United V Nixon 1974! If it's in the usual place at the start of the CV you can just have an un-named paragraph. It's not necessary to have a profile but if you do, it must be lively and william, succinct! The information can be included as part of your covering letter instead.

It can be a useful summary particularly if you are sending your CV to recruitment agencies where a letter may become detached. They tend to be most used and effective for fields where there is a lot of competition for places and your CV really needs to stand out from the crowd: PR , advertising , management consultancy , the media , events management and similar fields. Are personal statements a waste of states space? Why employers think the personal statement is more important than qualifications. What is the difference between a personal statement and a covering letter? A profile is a short introduction to your CV, whereas a covering letter is a one page letter going into much more detail about why you are suitable for a specific job and organisation. There will inevitably be some overlap in content, so try to write any similar content using different words (use a thesaurus) and from a slightly different perspective. Because your profile will be on all your CVs, you normally just mention the and the, particular job sector you are applying for jobs in (e.g. publishing). A covering letter is united states 1974, normally used to unpaired electrons apply for a specific advertised vacancy and so will focus on a particular job (e.g. editorial assistant in a particular publishing company). States 1974! Sometimes you may send out a speculative covering letter with your CV and here the focus will be broad, just like in the profile, as you don't know which jobs might be available. State the JOB SECTOR you’re applying for e.g. publishing Summarise your strengths . When you're available to start.

State the JOB you’re applying for e.g. editorial assistant. Where you found out about it (advert in The Guardian newspaper etc. - organisations like to know which of hr functions their advertising sources are being successful) When you're available to start work (and end if it's a placement) Why you're interested in that type of work Why the company attracts you (if it's a small company say you prefer to work for a small friendly organisation!) Summarise your strengths and how they might be an advantage to the organisation. Relate your skills to the job. Mention any dates that you won't be available for interview Thank the employer and say you look forward to hearing from them soon. What if I have no idea of what job I wish to states v nixon 1974 go in to? In this case it might be better not to include a profile.

An unfocused profile is worse than none at all. However, a carefully worded summary of your key strengths and attributes will enhance your CV. How long should it be and where do you put it? No longer than six lines - some sites suggest a maximum of 4 lines. It must be short and positive with your key strengths, skills, experience and interests. It is menai, mean to be an appetiser rather than to give the 1974, employer indigestion! The time to elaborate and give evidence for these is william, later in the CV. Place it at the start of the CV . Recently I've seen some CVs with the v nixon 1974, statement half way through the CV or at the end. This seems to hr functions defeat the object, which is to give a concise introduction to united states 1974 your aims and skills . Start with a short description : A highly motivated graduate who has just completed a Law degree at the University of Kent When badly written, they are vague with sweeping generic statements : I have good teamworking and communication skills sends selectors to sleep as it appears so regularly.

Use a Thesaurus or see our Skills Map for better words to biological use! Learn to use action words to brighten up the content. Analyse your core strengths . A profile is a sales tool: a concise summary of why they should take you, so you should include brief details of united 1974 your major selling points, especially those that are important in the job you are applying to. CVs sent to recruitment agencies can benefit from a statement as a covering letter may become detached. Some agencies send you for unsuitable jobs and goodlife menai classes, a career aim can help to prevent this. However the career aim here needs to united states v nixon 1974 be fairly broad or you may get submitted for hr functions few vacancies. Buzzwords make you sound like just another faceless candidate, a plastic applicant with no real personality who just cuts and pastes from other people's CVs. According to a survey by LinkedIn here are the united v nixon, top 10 overused buzzwords used in LinkedIn Profiles in the USA in 2010. Extensive experience Innovative Motivated Results-oriented Dynamic. 6. Proven track record. 9. Problem solver.

In other countries extensive experience was most used in hr functions the USA, Canada, Australia, dynamic was most common in Brazil, India, Spain, motivated was the most common one in united 1974 the UK whereas in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, innovative ruled the roost. For more about this see the LinkedIn Article Stop Using These 16 Terms to Describe Yourself. The 2013 list of overused buzzwords in order were: Responsible, Strategic, Effective, Creative, Innovative, Expert, Positive, Passionate, Driven, Dynamic. 14, Wychurch Road, Canterbury, Kent. CT2 7SJ. Tel. 01227 - 764521 email An adaptable and responsible graduate seeking an entry-level position in public relations which will utilise the organisational and communication skills developed through my involvement with Kent Rag and promotional work during vacations.

During my degree I successfully combined my studies with work and other commitments showing myself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I enjoy working on my own initiative or in crabbe bell a team. In short, I am reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and eager to united states 1974 learn and have a genuine interest in PR. The Profile normally starts straight after the personal details on the CV (these will be missed out in menai all the other examples to save space. See our CV examples to see how the states, profile fits in with the kant, rest of the CV.)

Clear career aim and evidence of some involvement in PR related activities whilst at university. United! This is informative, factual and focused on kant, the job in question and gives information that encourages the reader to delve further into 1974, the CV. Successfully combined my studies with work and other commitments . Public Relations is largely about juggling lots of different tasks successfully , so this is an important piece of evidence that she will cope with the demands of the job. Nice snappy ending to the profile. I am an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and kant to an end, achieving personal goals. My present career aim is to work within IT because I enjoy working with computers, I enjoy the environment and I find the work interesting and states 1974, satisfying. The opportunity to unpaired electrons learn new skills and work with new technologies is particularly attractive to me. This statement is very bland : too vague and makes broad general statements. This is a good example of where it would be better to use no statement at all as it adds nothing to the CV. United States 1974! If you are not sure leave out the profile and use your covering letter to kant means to an end sell your skills instead. I am a dynamic individual with excellent teamworking and comunication skills.

I would like job in business. It should be Personal Statement NOT Personnel ! C oMunication is v nixon, spelt wrongly here - should be coMMunication. Avoid hackneyed phrases such as I have good communication skills and work well in Similarities Knight and the 9/11 Essay a team They sound vague and united states, vacuous, send selectors to sleep. Statements such as I am a dynamic individual can sound arrogant unless well written, and more importantly backed up with evidence later in biological of aggression the CV, otherwise they can sound just like hot air! Although see our Confident Covering Letter to see how this strategy can be made to work effectively. I am looking for management training which offers me the opportunity to united states develop new skills while strengthening those I already possess. My degree in william History has enabled me to develop good organisational skills, an analytical/logical approach to united 1974 tasks and the ability to The Dark Knight and the work under pressure. I am able to work well both on my own initiative and as part of states 1974 a team. My main strengths are adaptability, dependability and crabbe, the determination to get a job done as proven by my varied work experiences in retail, catering, hospitality work, teaching and patient care. I try to learn something new from every experience because I believe there is states v nixon, always room for self-improvement both personally and professionally.

Fairly broad career objective: she's trying to keep her options open here. Sells the skills she has gained in classes her degree. Summarises her main strengths and relates these to united v nixon her work experience. Nice last line about self improvement. Employers particularly like graduates who are up for new challenges . I have a visual impairment (full details are available on hr functions, request), but this has not in 1974 any way prevented me from successfully completing a demanding degree course and further education qualifications. Far from being a disadvantage, this has increased my awareness of the needs of others and crabbe, has increased my determination to succeed and to persevere when obstacles are placed in v nixon 1974 my path. This focuses on the applicant's disability , but rather than deterring the hr functions, selector, it sells the united states 1974, skills she has gained from overcoming her disability ; awareness of the needs of others, determination and perseverance . It is short, to the point and effective. Interesting title: About Me . This is a more informal title that might work well in the creative and media fields.

A graduate with strong communication and organisational skills gained in means end nursing, now seeking to move into a career as an analytical chemist. Whilst my degree is in forensic science a large majority of the united v nixon, course consisted of chemistry, as highlighted by the list of Similarities The Dark Knight and the Attacks Essay modules completed on my course shown below. V Nixon! I feel I have learned more than just the theory behind Forensics but also many fundamental skills for my career and life. As I am a mature student I have other qualities to bring to the work place such as good team work, organisational skills, efficiency and I am very meticulous, I show pride in all the work I do, I work well under pressure and I love a challenge. Bell! I posses excellent verbal and written communication skills and am able to relate to united states v nixon a wide range of people. Biological! All these skills have been enhanced during all the work experiences I have gained over the years. Starts with her objective . Also sells her degree , even though it's in a slightly different field to united states that she is applying for, by listing relevant modules (not shown here of course: see the science CV ). Sells the attributes she brings to the workplace as a mature graduate: pride in hr functions work, gets on well with a range of people.

Also says she has some of the united 1974, k ey skills required by forensic scientists : meticulous, efficient, organised. To enter a graduate training programme in multimedia, preferably in the new-media sector where my creative initiative, ideas and goodlife menai, a genuine enthusiasm would allow me to v nixon progress. I have a good working knowledge of The Dark Knight and the 9/11 Attacks many industry leading software applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Autodesk Maya. I work to the highest standards and have an eye for detail with skills in design and organisation. Completing my course projects has taught me to provide originality and quality whilst successfully meeting deadlines. A clear, well written objective here can help to stand out from the crowd in united states the competitive area of the media or multimedia . Gives brief evidence of technical skills . More details would be given later in the CV. A versatile IT graduate, possessing strong motivational drive to succeed in the industry.

Highly developed skills in problem identification and implementation of effective solutions. Comfortable with analysing and understanding data, working under time pressure and presenting myself in a professional manner. Menai Classes! Excellent inter-personal communication and social skills built through extensive training with the Samaritans. United States V Nixon! A friendly, mature and flexible individual with a proven entrepreneurial approach towards objectives and tasks. Here there is no heading to the profile. It's obvious that it is a profile by Similarities Between The Dark Knight and the 9/11 Attacks the content, and with CVs, the simpler it is, the better! A very confident profile. States V Nixon! Written without the use of personal pronouns (I have . ) to save space. Second paragraph is rather dense and iron unpaired electrons, might be better broken up by united states the use of bullets or smaller paragraphs to make easier to bell read. A Business Administration graduate from the University of Kent.

He has skills and knowledge essential for managing key areas of an organisation and the problem solving skills needed in united states v nixon finance. He is looking for a graduate trainee post in marketing where he can use his strong influencing skills. Through his studies, work and voluntary roles he has acquired the ability to meet deadlines while maintaining a high standard of iron unpaired electrons work. He possesses a good telephone manner and is able to states v nixon relate to a wide range of hr functions people. This is written in the 3rd person (he rather than I) as if written by a referee. This seems to be a modern trend recommended by some recruitment agencies, but I'm not keen as it seems rather false and states v nixon 1974, impersonal. Self motivated graduate with well developed project management and Similarities Knight Attacks, IT skills combined with a flexible attitude to work. A critical thinker with strong analytical skills Strong team-player skills developed through work in retail, in states 1974 group laboratory experiments associated with the degree, and in particular group presentation work, in which good marks were achieved. Good organisational skills developed in hr functions a variety of deadline orientated situations. United States V Nixon 1974! Get on well with people at all levels, easily making good working relationships.

Have good presentation skills combining sound analytical research and clear verbal explanation. Seek out new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition. Strive for quality in everything I do. Uses key attributes instead of profile here. A bulleted list here . Hr Functions! Looks well organised and easy to see the key points, but a short paragraph of prose is warmer and v nixon, more friendly. Action words are well used here. Misses out the personal pronoun and electrons, verb here (I am . ). This saves space and gives a cleaner look. Project management skills are increasingly in demand so sell course projects and especially group projects. What can I do with my degree. These pages are copyright of the united v nixon 1974, University of Kent Careers and Employability Service.

The information and advice given in iron unpaired electrons these pages is united v nixon, primarily for the benefit of University of Kent students and hr functions, graduates. You are most welcome to link to these pages but should not use content in v nixon other ways without our permission. Page maintained by Bruce Woodcock Please email me if you wish to make any suggestions which would improve our services.