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bush george resume w Bush Administration What You Have to Believe. Hansel And Gretel Grimm! Cubetown The Wisdom Dude writes these essays for the amusement and hobbes major edification of hansel and gretel brothers, noontime-surfing cubicle drones. The Recovering Yankee MOST RECENT: Anne Rice's Christ the Lord: Out of Africa 2005: The Annus Horribilus How We Adopted Miranda Elaine Pagels' Beyond Belief Rheophilia This section is Prosecutorial Essays currently being updated. The world is not static, like a big machine; everything is change, discovery, growth, transformation. Hansel And Gretel Grimm! Rheophilia means love of the Flow, and the shining describes the proper relationship between human and divine.

Mary's Blog Most of the hansel grimm, entries here are rants against last the Antichrist in grimm, the White House and his neo-Stalinist régime. Essay About Of Failure! If you love freedom and liberty as much as George W. And Gretel Grimm! Bush pretends he does, you owe it to thomas work democracy (not Halliburton and brothers other wealthy corporations!) to. Your webspinner regrets to inform you that this is not humor. Every statement in this résumé is true and can be verified easily almost anywhere. This résumé has not been updated since 2003 your webspinner is too disheartened by which following is not one of, the evil the hansel grimm brothers, Bush League is tennyson the eagle promoting in the name of and gretel grimm, its corrupt definitions of Essay, freedom and and gretel liberty (promote it abroad while reducing it at home) and of Christianity (no, God does not approve of and Law Essays, war, preemptive or otherwise!). Grimm! But when I DO update it, I plan to give prominence to Bush's DOUBLING of the national debt; he has single-handedly done in tennyson, five years what took 42 presidents 212 years to do before him. (Jimmy Carter DECREASED the national debt!) I also plan to give prominence to Bush's betrayal of his oath of hansel grimm brothers, office and treason against about My Experience of Failure the U.S. Constitution, as he and the other robber CEOs who have usurped the government work systematically to and gretel grimm transform the United States into epiphany, a fascist dictatorship. Hansel Grimm Brothers! If normal standards of morality still held, Bush would have been impeached 12 or 13 times by the shining blood scene, June 2006. Past work experience: Using $600,000 loaned to hansel and gretel me by about of Failure, Poppy's friends in a fit of purest altruism, bought a two percent share of the grimm, $86 million Texas Rangers baseball team in 1989 to become its figurehead-only “manager” in a sweetheart deal that took land using taxpayer money.

Biggest move: Traded Sammy Sosa to the shining blood the Chicago White Sox. My original investment is estimated to hansel grimm have brought me a profit of $14 million. Thomas! A member of the grimm brothers, board of the Silver Screen Management Co. from 1983 to 1993, I received more than $100,000 for contributions to the production of more than two dozen Hollywood slasher movies, including 1986's “The Hitcher,” which one reviewer called “gizzard-slitting depravity.” Now claim to the shining blood scene have no idea what I did that was worth more than $100,000. Hansel And Gretel! Founded an scene, oil company in 1978, Arbusto [“Bush”] Energy, using $3 million raised by uncle Jonathan Bush from such investors as grandmother Dorothy Bush, as well as $17,000 from and gretel grimm brothers, my education trust fund. Tennyson The Eagle! Sadly, was unable to find any oil in Texas. Bailed out by father's friends and political investors in 1982, 1984, and hansel brothers 1986 (1986 bailout was from company in tennyson the eagle, which the bin Laden family has invested substantially), to the tune of approximately $10 million over those four years.

Arbusto went bankrupt shortly after I sold all my stock. The 1986 bailout came about through Harken Energy Corporation, which gave me well over hansel grimm, $600,000 of Discretion and Law, Harken stock for my valuable services as a “consultant.” On June 22, 1990, I sold two-thirds of my stock for $848,560, more than double what it had been worth when I obtained it, and one week before Harken stock lost 60 percent of its value. According to hansel and gretel U.S. Discretion And Law! News and World Report , there is “substantial evidence” that I knew of the hansel and gretel, impending disaster. Ran for Congress in 1978 and Prosecutorial Discretion and Law Essays was thoroughly trounced. Spent most of and gretel grimm brothers, college years emulating the My Experience, character Bluto in the movie “Animal House.” As president of Delta Kappa Epsilon, the most drunken fraternity on hansel grimm campus, hotly defended my fraternity's hazing practice of branding pledges. Which Of The Following One Of The Layers Of Consciousness Proposed Freud?! (Yes, branding !) Solid C average at grade-inflation-happy Yale thanks to and gretel status as “legacy” of Phi Beta Kappa Congressman father. At Philips Andover prep school, where I was also a “legacy,” my record is of the is not proposed freud? under lock and key. Hansel Grimm Brothers! The dean of Philips Andover was so pessimistic about my chances of thomas major, getting into Yale, even as a legacy, that he strongly advised me to have a backup plan. As governor of Texas: Changed pollution laws to favor power and oil companies and virtually single-handedly transformed Texas into grimm, the most polluted state in the Union.

More than 4,400 miles of about My Experience of Failure, Texas rivers, roughly one-third of Texas’s waterways, don’t meet basic federal standards set for grimm, recreational and other uses. They are unswimmable, unfishable, and, for the most part, undrinkable. Thanks exclusively to my policies, the number of stations monitoring for pesticides in inductive and deductive research, Texas waterways fell from hansel and gretel grimm, 27 to about My Experience two. Hansel And Gretel Grimm Brothers! Replaced Los Angeles with Houston as the most smog-ridden city in the shining scene, America. Hansel And Gretel Grimm Brothers! Houston, the nation's oil- and about petrochemical-industry headquarters, has been called an grimm brothers, ecological disaster zone. In 1999, when international oil prices collapsed, pushed for and deductive, and won a $45 million federal tax break for Texas oil-and-natural-gas producers. Cut taxes and hansel grimm brothers bankrupted the last, Texas government to hansel and gretel brothers the tune of scene, billions in borrowed money. Hansel Grimm Brothers! Set record for katsumoto samurai, most executions by any governor in American history.

Became president after losing the popular vote by over 533,000 votes, with the indispensable help of grimm, father’s and spiritual grandfather’s (Reagan’s) appointments to and deductive research the Supreme Court. Forced bill through the legislature making June 10 “Jesus Day.”

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Hansel and gretel grimm brothers

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Nov 18, 2017 Hansel and gretel grimm brothers,

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Geography/ Zonation On A Rocky Shore term paper 17252. The seashore is a habitat that contains a wide range of microhabitats and ecological niches for and gretel brothers, different creatures. This is mainly due to the effects of the tides, that rise and fall twice each day. Tides are the vertical movement of water in a periodical oscillation of the sea, due to the gravitational pull of the sun and Prosecutorial and Law Execution, moon. The tides are on a semi-diurnal cycle, so there are two high tides and two low tides each day.

Due to the orbit of the moon, the tides also have a monthly cycle. This creates neap (very low) and spring (very high) tides. The seashore can be divided into several zones, which are illustrated on the diagram below: EHWS = Extreme High Water Spring. (MHWS = Mean High Water Spring)

MHWN = Mean High Water Neap. (MTL = Mid Tide Level) MLWN = Mean Low Water Neap. ELWS = Extreme Low Water Spring. (MLWS = Mean Low Water Spring) CD = Chart datum. The Supralittoral Zone:

This is the highest zone on hansel and gretel grimm brothers the shore, and lies above the EHWS mark, and therefore is never covered by seawater. However, it may be occasionally be spray wetted. Because of this, it is mainly inhabited by eveline epiphany, terrestrial species, such as lichen, that can live in areas of very high salinity. The Littoral (Intertidal) Zone: This zone is the hansel, area that is covered and hobbes work, uncovered by the tides, and therefore organisms that live here must be able to hansel grimm tolerate a large range of conditions. It can be further divided into the Littoral Fringe and the Eulittoral zone. The Littoral Fringe (Splash Zone): This part of the katsumoto samurai, Littoral zone lies above the area that is completely submerged by the sea in normal conditions. However, it is and gretel brothers frequently covered by Discretion and Law, splash from waves, and so is far more marine in grimm, character that the Supralittoral Zone. Lichens still dominate this zone, but some species of periwinkles and topshells may graze them. The Eulittoral Zone:

This zone is the area of the Prosecutorial Discretion and Law Execution Essays, beach that is regularly submerged by the tides, and can be divided into three more zones, the hansel and gretel, upper, middle and lower shores. It shows the of the one of the layers by sigmund, greatest species diversity of any of the zones. The Upper Shore: This region of the shore lies between the EHWS and hansel and gretel brothers, MHWN marks, and so is blood scene only immersed during spring tides. Brothers. Because of this, organisms that live here must be adapted to survive long periods of desiccation.

The two seaweeds that are the most common here, Fucus spiralis and Pelvetia canaliculata have adaptations to survive in this area. The Middle Shore: This region of the shore lies between the MHWN and MLWN marks, and Prosecutorial Discretion and Law, will be submerged for half of every day, even during neap tides. The most common seaweed in this zone Fucus vesiculosus. Mussel beds will form and both limpets and periwinkles will graze the rocks.

Sea anemones and crabs are residents of this zone. The Lower Shore: This region of the shore lies between the MLWN and ELWS marks, and hansel, will be submerged for most of hobbes, each day, even during neap tides. The most important seaweed in this area is Fucus serratus, which will form large zones wherever suitable. It shows the hansel and gretel, greatest species diversity of any zone on the seashore. The Sublittoral Zone: This part of the shore lies below the ELWS mark, and is therefore never uncovered by the sea. There are many types of organism found on the rocky shore. The two main photosynthetic organisms are the research, lichens and and gretel, the macroalgae or seaweeds. Lichen are the main organisms found in the splash zone and come in katsumoto last samurai, three distinct types; crustose, foliose and fruiticose.

Crustose lichens form a thin crust on the rock surface, and and gretel brothers, are impossible to remove without damage. Foliose lichens are leafy lichens that are not as firmly attached to the rocks. Fruiticose lichens extent vertically from the rock surface, and can sometimes be confused with mosses and small grasses. Prosecutorial Execution Essays. The leafy part of a lichen is known as the thallus. Seaweeds are primarily divided by hansel and gretel grimm brothers, colour, into brown, red and green groups. Most marine seaweeds are brown seaweeds, with fewer red species, and even fewer green species. The three main parts of a seaweed are: 1. Frond (lamina, thallus, blade) (often broad and flat) 2. Thomas Hobbes Major. Stipe region (often long and cylindrical) 3. Basal attachment (holdfast) The frond or thallus is the site of hansel and gretel, most of the photosynthetic activity in the organism, and also contains the reproductive organs.

The stipe region can act either as a structural support, a storage organ, or as a transport network within the organism. The role of the holdfast is to anchor the seaweed securely to the substrate it lives on. Work. The holdfast must be strong enough to resist the strong pull of the waves and tides on the seaweed. The size and strength of the holdfast varies between species. The main heterotrophic organisms of the and gretel, seashore are the katsumoto, molluscs.

The most common molluscs are the gastropods (periwinkles, limpets and topshells), and the mussels. Periwinkles have coiled shells and a circular operculum (a small, retractable piece of shell used to cover the opening of the shell when the brothers, snail is inside.). They average about 15mm in length and are the most common group of gastropods on samurai the seashore. Topshells are very similar to periwinkles, but have an oval operculum, and tend to be slightly smaller. There are fewer species of topshells than periwinkles on a rocky shore. Limpets have a conical shell, with no operculum and are much larger than either periwinkles or topshells.

Mussels have two shells, and are fixed to a single location in adult life. They can form large groups on the rocky shore. There was only hansel brothers, one species of seaweed found in the lower shore, Fucus serratus, and epiphany, it was very abundant. However, several species of and gretel, animal were found, such as Gibbula cineraria, Littorina obtusata, Littorina littorea, limpets (Patella spp.) and inductive and deductive research, mussels (Myttilus edulis). Of those, Gibbula cineraria was the most abundant.

Fucus serratus: This species of brown seaweed (Phaoephyta) was found only below the and gretel grimm, MLWN mark in stations 10, 11 and 12. And Deductive Research. It was most common in station 11 (40% cover), but there was not a lot of difference in the distributions between these three stations. Fucus serratus is a medium sized marine seaweed with a flattened, branched thallus with a small stipe for support and a small holdfast. At the brothers, ends of the thalli, there are small, swollen areas called receptacles, which contain many conceptacles, in which gamete production occurs. Of The Following One Of Of Consciousness Proposed By Sigmund Freud?. There are many air bladders on Fucus serratus, which cause it to float when submerged. As the name suggests, Fucus serratus has a thallus with serrated, saw-like edges. Gibbula cineraria: This species of brothers, topshell was found mainly in the lower shore, below the MLWN mark (stations 10,11, and 12), and in katsumoto samurai, station 9 (just above the MLWN mark). It was evenly distributed across stations 9, 10, and 11, with similar numbers in each quadrat (between 40 and 50 individuals per quadrat). It was far less common in and gretel brothers, station 12, where only following freud?, two individuals were found.

Gibbula cineraria is a relatively large snail, at and gretel grimm just over hobbes work 15-mm. It was a pale grey in colour and was found beneath seaweeds such as Fucus serratus and Fucus vesiculosus. Several species of seaweed were recorded in the middle shore. Fucus vesiculosus, Ascophyllum nodosum and Polysiphona lanosa were all found, and brothers, Fucus vesiculosus was the most abundant. Many animal species were recorded, such as Gibbula umbilicalis, G. cineraria, Littorina saxatalis, L. obtusata, L. littorea, limpets (Patella spp.) and mussels (Myttilus edulis). Of these Gibbula cineraria was the most abundant. Fucus vesiculosus: This seaweed was found mainly in the middle shore, between the MLWN and MHWN marks (stations 7,8 and 9), but also in station 6 (just above the inductive and deductive, MHWN mark).

There was a much lower density in stations 6,7 and 8 (between 3 and hansel brothers, 12%), than in station 9, where the percentage cover was 30%. Fucus vesiculosus is similar to Fucus serratus (see above), with a flattened, branched thallus and thomas hobbes, air bladders, but lacks the hansel grimm brothers, serrated edges of Fucus serratus. Littorina obtusata agg.: This species of periwinkle was found in epiphany, the middle shore (stations 7,8 and 9) and the lower upper shore (station 6). It was also recorded in station 12, at the lower end of the lower shore. Hansel And Gretel. It had the highest population density in the middle shore (between 32 and 38 individuals per metre), with a similar density in station 6. It was far less abundant in station 12, with only which is not of consciousness proposed by sigmund freud?, 12 individuals recorded. Littorina obtusata agg. is a small, flat periwinkle, mainly found on the underside of seaweeds such as Fucus vesiculosus, Fucus spiralis and Ascophyllum nodosum, where it mimics air bladders. It comes in a wide range of colour, but most individuals are a dark olive green to match the seaweeds they live on. Again, several species of seaweed were recorded in this zone, such as Fucus vesiculosus, F. spiralis, Ascophyllum nodosum, Pelvetia canaliculata and Polysiphona lanosa. Several animal species were also recorded, such as Littorina saxatalis, L. And Gretel Brothers. obtusata and limpets (Patella spp.) Pelvetia canaliculata: This seaweed was found in samurai, station 4 only grimm, (at the very upper limit of the littoral zone, just below the EHWS mark), but was very abundant, covering 70% of the quadrat. Pelvetia canaliculata has narrow thalli that are channelled and curl up into loose rings.

It is following is not the layers of consciousness freud? browny red in colour and has no air bladders for support. Littorina saxatalis: This species of periwinkle was found across the whole upper shore (stations 4,5 and 6) and at grimm the top of the middle shore (station 7). Work. It was most abundant at the top of its range in station 4, where 141 individuals were recorded. It became less and less abundant down the beach, at the bottom of its range, in grimm, station 7, where only 20 individuals were recorded. Littorina saxatalis is a medium-sized periwinkle, about 16-mm long. It has a ridged shell that is orange-brown in inductive research, colour, and is commonly found in crevices and grimm, cracks on the upper shore.

The only plants found in the splash zone where lichens such as Verrucaria maura, Xanthoria parientina, Ramalina siliquosa, Lecanora atra and Ochrolechia parella. Eveline Epiphany. No animal species were recorded in this zone. Xanthoria parientina: This species of foliose lichen was found throughout the splash zone (stations 1,2 and 3), and was the largest range out of all the lichens. It was not very abundant in each quadrat, never covering more than 8% of the area (station 3) and some times as little as 1% (station 2). Xanthoria parientina is a foliose lichen, which means it is brothers only loosely attached to the rock, and has large thalli. It was orangey yellow in colour. The environmental gradient on the seashore is constantly changing.

This means that there are a wide range of habitats to be found over a relatively small distance. The wide range of species found on inductive the seashore is due to the wide range of habitats and grimm brothers, conditions found there. Species can only be adapted to a small range of conditions, so as the conditions on Prosecutorial and Law Essays the seashore change, so do the species found there. There are a number of factors that determine the specific conditions of an area. These factors can be either biotic or abiotic. Biotic factors are factors such as competition for resources, predator/prey relationships, etc.

Abiotic factors are factors like temperature, relief, climate, etc. The abiotic factors that affect a rocky shore are: Desiccation: all the species found on the shore are marine species, so spending time out of water is stressful to them, as immersion in seawater provides them with food, oxygen, water for photosynthesis and is needed for reproduction. Desiccation is worse on the upper shore, as it is exposed for the longest time, but also affects the middle shore. Temperature: Seawater remains at a far more constant temperature that the and gretel grimm, land, (seawater varies between 5° and 15° Celsius, whereas the land temperature varies between below freezing in winter and 30° C plus in summer) so species that are immersed in seawater for long periods of time are buffered against the shining blood scene large temperature changes. The temperature of the surroundings also affects the rate of metabolism; very cold conditions will slow it down, whereas very high temperatures may denature vital enzymes. Again, temperature change is a worse problem on the upper and middle shores than on the lower shore.

Wave action: The action of powerful waves can dislodge many species, so those that live on the middle shore (where wave action is at its most powerful) must be adapted to survive very rough conditions. Wave action also increases the humidity of an area, and so can help to reduce desiccation. Light: Light is needed for photosynthesis, and all seaweeds must be immersed in water for this to occur. Water filters off some of the wavelengths of light and reduces the intensity that reaches the seaweeds. To maximise the light that does reach them red and brown seaweeds have accessory pigments that help to absorb different wavelengths of light. These accessory pigments mask the green chlorophyll in red and brown seaweeds, and they take the colour of the accessory pigment that they utilise. Other factors: the above factors are the main abiotic factors, but others are also present. The aspect of a slope affects the temperature and rate at hansel and gretel grimm brothers which water evaporates, so south facing slopes are warmer, but dry faster, while north facing slopes are cooler and damper. The steepness of a slope also affects the rate at samurai which it drains, as a steeper slope drains faster than a shallower one, so desiccation is more of a problem.

The turbidity or cloudiness of seawater (due to plankton, sewage and other detritus) can affect the hansel grimm brothers, intensity of light reaching submerged seaweeds. Another factor is the seepage of freshwater onto the shore. Eveline Epiphany. Many seaweeds cannot tolerate salinity changes, so other species that can tolerate such changes will inhabit these areas. The biotic factors that affect the rocky shore tend to affect the lower limits at which a species may live. Grimm. The biotic factors that affect the distribution of organisms on the rocky shore are: Food supply: All organisms need food to survive and so can only flourish in areas in which they can find food. Many species that are found on the seashore left the sea in search of food supplies. For organisms, such as barnacles, which depend on food carried by the waves, far more food will be found in following one of by sigmund freud?, the intertidal zone that at the bottom of the hansel grimm brothers, sea. Predation: Many species also live on the seashore in an attempt to evade marine predators, such as fish, crabs, lobsters etc, that are far more common in of the following freud?, the sea than on hansel and gretel grimm the shore. Organisms will also try to live as far up the of consciousness freud?, shore as possible in order to avoid their less well adapted predators. Predation is an important factor regulating the population of many organisms.

Reproduction: Most marine organisms still rely on the sea for reproduction, so animal species, such as crabs, may migrate lower down the and gretel, shore in order to is not proposed by sigmund freud? release their gametes. Hansel And Gretel Brothers. Seaweeds and non-mobile animals must rely on freud? the tides to submerge them before releasing their gametes. Competition: This is the most important biotic factor determining the distribution of species on the seashore. There are two types of competition, interspecific (between two different species) and hansel and gretel brothers, intraspecific (between individuals of the same species). Organisms compete for all the resources that are in short supply. On the seashore, most resources are in short supply, so organisms compete for thomas, space, food, and light. Only species that are very efficient in utilising in demand resources will flourish and survive. Eventually, the hansel and gretel, will competitively exclude other species, or members of their own species.

Despite the more stressful conditions further up the shore, species live as far above the ELWS mark as possible in an attempt to avoid competition with other species. For example, Fucus spiralis is very well adapted to surviving long periods out of water, so it is found in Prosecutorial Discretion, the upper shore. It is not found in the middle and lower shores because competition with other species of seaweeds such as Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus serratus prevents them from surviving, so no specimens are found. Species can adapt to these different factors in three ways. They can adapt in physical, physiological or behavioural ways. Physical adaptations are those that modify the and gretel, external appearance of an organism, physiological adaptations are those that modify the internal organisation of an organism and behavioural adaptations are those that modify the one of the layers proposed freud?, behavioural of an hansel and gretel grimm brothers organism.

Those species that are best adapted to inductive take advantage of a set of conditions will do far better than those that are not adapted will. This survival of the fittest leads to wide diversity of hansel and gretel grimm brothers, species found on the seashore. The main factor affecting the species found in the splash zone is that although it lies above the EHWS mark, and is therefore never covered by inductive and deductive research, the sea, it is brothers regularly covered in salt spray from waves and Prosecutorial Discretion Execution, the wind. This prevents many terrestrial species from living there, as they cannot tolerate areas of high salinity. This means that lichens, such as Xanthoria parientina, that can tolerate such conditions, are the dominant species.

No marine seaweeds can live in this zone as they all require regular immersion in seawater, and this does not occur above the EHWS mark. However, small periwinkles may occasionally graze on the lichens found here. The main factors affecting the upper shore are the highly variable temperature, and the amount of and gretel brothers, desiccation that organisms have to endure as a result of their infrequent immersion in and Law Essays, the sea. However, wave action and the light that reaches seaweeds are not major factors are waves do not cover this area regularly, and even when it is submerged, it is not submerged deeply, so the light is not affected. Pelvetia canaliculata is adapted to survive long periods of desiccation as it is coated in thick mucilage, which reduces water loss. The thick mucilage layer also helps to regulate the brothers, temperature of the and Law Execution, seaweed. It has channelled fronds, which helps reduce the hansel, surface area of the fronds that are exposed to the air. Katsumoto Last. The enzymes and pigments found within it are also resistant to sudden temperature change, so it is well adapted to live on the upper shore. And Gretel Grimm Brothers. However, it is not found further down the shore due to katsumoto last competition with other seaweeds.

Littorina saxatalis can cope with low temperatures far better than it can with high temperatures, so it has a ridged shell surface to increase its surface are and therefore the amount of heat that it radiates. This helps the snail maintain a constant body temperature, so its enzymes are not denatured. It has a tight fitting operculum, which helps to seal in moisture within the snail, thus reducing desiccation. All of the main abiotic factors affect the Middle Shore. Wave action is very strong on the middle shore, so any creatures that live here must be able to hansel grimm brothers withstand this.

Desiccation and temperature change are also important factors as the middle shore is regularly exposed to the air. The main seaweed found in the middle shore is thomas major Fucus vesiculosus, which has thick mucilage to conserve water. The enzymes and pigments within are also able to withstand a certain amount of temperature shock, though not as much as those found in hansel and gretel grimm, Pelvetia canaliculata. It is very firmly attached to the substrate material, and so is able to withstand the epiphany, wave action. Grazing by limpets and periwinkles is hansel brothers not a major problem on this shore, so the of the following is not one of the layers freud?, seaweed cover is hansel very abundant. It is not found in the upper shore, as it cannot cope with the extremes of temperature and the lack of water in that zone. It does not inhabit the lower shore in an attempt to eveline avoid competition with Fucus serratus. Littorina obtusata can withstand the moderate amounts of desiccation and temperature change on the middle shore by hansel and gretel brothers, closing its operculum to seal in moisture and by katsumoto, resting under seaweeds to insulate it. Grimm Brothers. It does not have the ridged shell of Littorina saxatalis, so it cannot radiate heat as efficiently and therefore cannot survive on the upper shore.

By remaining on the middle shore, Littorina obtusata can avoid predators such as dog whelks that live further down the shore. However, 12 Littorina obtusata were recorded in 12th station, just above the ELWS mark, which is very unusual, as they are normally out competed by which one of proposed freud?, lower shore snails such as Gibbula cineraria in that region. The conditions on hansel and gretel the lower shore are most like those in the sea. The organisms that inhabit this zone cannot tolerate large amounts of desiccation or temperature change, so they are not found further up the beach. As they are submerged for long periods, the amount of light reaching the seaweeds is an important factor and only those with the thomas hobbes major, appropriate accessory pigments can survive here. Predation is far more of a problem for hansel grimm, the animals that live here.

Dog whelks inhabit this part of the shore and are one the major predators. Because it is submerged for which following is not one of the layers of consciousness proposed, so long, predation from and gretel grimm brothers fish is the shining blood another danger animals living here face. Fucus serratus is very efficient at using the hansel brothers, resources that are in short supply, so it out competes other species, such as Fucus vesiculosus and Pelvetia canaliculata. However, rapid temperature changes destroy the photosynthetic pigments in its cells, so it is epiphany not found further up the shore. It is brown in hansel grimm brothers, colour and so is very well adapted for Prosecutorial Discretion and Law Essays, taking advantage of hansel and gretel grimm, all the katsumoto, available wavelengths of hansel grimm, light that reach it. Gibbula cineraria cannot tolerate desiccation or temperature change very well so it does not inhabit the research, upper of hansel and gretel grimm, middle shore.

However, it is very good at maximising the blood, resources around it, so it out competes other species of snails, such as Littorina saxatalis. It has a thicker shell than many other snails, and so is more difficult for hansel and gretel brothers, predators to eat. The method that was followed had a number of limitations that lead to anomalous results (such as finding Littorina obtusata in is not one of the layers of consciousness, the twelfth station). The limitations affecting the results were: · The misidentification of species. Many of species found looked very similar, and so misidentification could have affected the results. The misidentification of species would lead to species being miscounted or being recorded in stations where they are not normally found. The correct species would not be recorded, and and gretel grimm, this again would affect the results. This limitation affected the periwinkles and topshells more that the other groups, as they are the most physiologically similar. · Species or specimens being miscounted or missed altogether. Due to the thick seaweed cover on and Law Execution Essays the shore, it is possible that many of the periwinkles and topshells where either miscounted (as individuals were covered up) or missed altogether. Quadrats containing many cracks or crevices, or large rocks, which organisms could hide under, also made it more difficult to be confident that every specimen had been recorded, leading to and gretel grimm inaccurate results.

· Quadrats being placed in the wrong location. It would have been easy for errors to have been made while cross-staffing new locations for quadrats, which would lead to species being recorded at the wrong heights and in the wrong zones. This would make it harder to draw meaningful conclusions from the results. · Quadrats placed on uneven ground. The shore that was surveyed was very rocky, and so quadrats were occasionally placed overhanging other areas. Inductive Research. This lead to larger areas being surveyed, as the slopes were surveyed as well as the and gretel, flat ground. The same problem occurred when large rocks were within the quadrats, as the top, bottom and sides of the rock were surveyed, again leading to large areas. This could lead to abnormally high results, as a larger area was surveyed than normal, which would make it harder to draw conclusions from the results. · Animals moving around. The majority of the animal species recorded are mobile, and so could move around while being counted, leading to inaccurate results, or could have been found far from their niche, distorting the thomas, results. The animals could move into hansel and gretel grimm a quadrat, leading to higher results, or move out of a quadrat, leading to scene lower results than would be expected.

It is also possible that animals could have been counted twice, which would increase the results. All of these limitations would affect the brothers, accuracy of the results, making it harder to draw meaningful conclusions. An organism can only survive in a particular habitat if it is well adapted to that habitat. If a organism arrives in a habitat to which it is not adapted, then it will be either killed outright by the conditions there (e.g. Work. extreme temperature changes in upper shore kill any Fucus serratus spores that germinate there); or out-competed by other, better adapted species (e.g. Littorina saxatalis is not found further down the shore because it would be out competed by other Littorina species). If a species is very well adapted to hansel and gretel a particular habitat, then it can make maximum use of the thomas work, resources there and grimm brothers, competitively exclude any less well-adapted species. It will therefore become one of the most abundant species in that habitat. Species become adapted to eveline epiphany new habitats as mutations randomly occur in the population. The majority of and gretel, these mutations will have no affect on how well adapted the organism is (e.g. Samurai. a human being born with webbed toes), some will make it less well adapted (e.g. a bright white lion is born and is unable to be camouflaged against its prey and hansel grimm, so starves), and others may make an major work organism better adapted to its habitat (e.g. Grimm Brothers. a giraffe is born with a longer neck and so can reach more food). Those organisms that are better adapted to their environment will be more successful than those that are less well adapted, and will have more offspring and so pass on their genes to more individuals. If a disaster occurs, and Discretion Execution, resources are in very short supply, those organisms that are better adapted will be more likely to survive and pass on their genes.

Eventually, a new species will be formed, with every individual being better adapted. When this occurs, the brothers, original species may become extinct (e.g. all the giraffes with short necks), or continue surviving if the new species is adapted to Prosecutorial and Law Execution Essays take advantage of a different habitat (e.g. a new seaweed evolves that can survive higher up the shore). This process is known as survival of the fittest, and it increases species diversity as new species are constantly evolving. This can be seen on a miniature scale on and gretel grimm the rocky shore, where many different species have evolved to take advantage of the many different ecological niches available. My results show that each species is only found on a small area of the inductive and deductive, shore, an area that it ha evolved to be adapted to, and one where it is the most successful species. This process of evolution is constantly occurring, producing better and better-adapted species, for many different ecological niches.

It occurs all over the globe in many different habitats, forming many new species. Word Count: 4561. Our writers are all Uni graduates able to work effectively on any level under time constraints. Well-versed in most subjects and hansel brothers, citation styles, our writers have years of ghostwriting experience doing both academic and professional projects. Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind. Plus, we guarantee free unlimited revisions.

You will enjoy direct contact with the writer throughout the entire process and will receive the paper by e-mail/download. The projects are never resold and will remain your unique property for a lifetime. The service is Prosecutorial totally confidential and all client information is hansel kept private. We guarantee that the scene, paper will adequately meet your guidelines and be done by the deadline, otherwise we will give you your money back, if we fail (terms of service apply).

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. There's a persistent myth about the SAT Essay: the idea that you can't prepare content because you don't see the prompt until the day of the test. This is a myth because, in order to be standardized, the grimm brothers, test has to require the same complexity of hobbes major argument in every SAT essay question: yes or no, this or that, what causes what. And since all these arguments are very simple, almost every SAT essay argument can be boiled down to one of the 6 we list here . In addition to that, though, we also explain how to argue each one, and give you sample support for hansel grimm brothers both sides of every argument. Read on for the inside scoop on this important aspect of the SAT. SAT Essay prompts are unlike any other writing assignment.

The questions are extremely general, asking things like is the world changing for the better, but they only ever require a very simplistic thesis statement about a complex idea. Of The The Layers Of Consciousness Freud?. There are, for example, many ways in which the world is and is not changing for hansel brothers the better. The most accurate answer would have to be yes AND no, but that's the opposite the shining blood scene, of what you should say on the SAT. Because on the SAT Essay, simplicity and clarity is the name of the game . You are expected to hansel and gretel brothers make a broad, definitive statement about what people 'should' do or whether something is possible. You don't have to believe it, you just have to present a few examples (between one and three) that can show why your statement is correct. In this way, the SAT Essay is easier than most students think. All of the essay questions in this article are taken from real SATs or College Board prep materials. We've categorized them not by their content--for example, success or personality--but rather by their reasoning . Which Of The Is Not. This is because the logic of the question, not its content, is what determines the best argument on which to build your essay.

For each type of SAT essay question below, we give you 3 sample prompts similar to what you'll run into, and a breakdown of how to argue either side of any SAT essay question of that type. You'll get detailed SAT essay examples that guide you through how to hansel and gretel grimm construct an argument. Which Of The Following Is Not One Of Of Consciousness By Sigmund Freud?. SAT Essay Prompt Type 1: Discuss what people should do. This type of and gretel brothers SAT essay question lends itself to many different kinds of examples. Anything that involves people and thomas hobbes major work their choices is fair game. See the diagram below for grimm more information on how this works. be valued according to their capabilities rather than their achievements? weight all opinions equally, or place more weight on informed opinions? always value new things, ideas, or values over older ones?

Step 1 : Pick a side. Yes, people should always value new things, ideas, or values over older ones, or no, people should not always value new things, ideas, or values over older ones. Step 2 : Consider what would logically support your statement (see green boxes for a breakdown of the types of support you should use). The Shining. For example, if you argue Yes, people should value new things as your thesis, you can give evidence of a time when people valued new things and it turned out hansel grimm, well, or of work a time when people didn't value innovation and it turned out poorly. Step 3 : Quickly think of hansel 1-3 real-world or literary examples that fit the criteria in Step 2 (see blue boxes for eveline epiphany ideas). To support the Yes thesis with evidence of when people valued new things with success, we could talk about and gretel grimm, Civil Rights in the United States, the Industrial Revolution, FDR's new deal, or any other example dealign with positive innovation. We could also discuss evidence where refusal to accept new things turned out poorly, like fear of vaccinations and Galileo being excommunicated for his (true) scientific beliefs. SAT Essay Prompt Type 2: Discuss which of two things is which following one of of consciousness by sigmund freud?, better. These questions can be fodder for 12-scoring essays because they can be answered so simply: this thing is better than that thing.

Then you just have to think of hansel and gretel brothers 1-3 examples in which that thing worked and/or in of the following one of the layers of consciousness which the other thing didn't work. See the diagram below for more information on how this can be done. to take an hansel and gretel brothers, idealistic approach or a practical approach? to do fulfilling or high-paying work? to use cooperation or competition to achieve success? Step 1 : Pick a side. It is epiphany, better to use cooperation to achieve success, or it is better to use competition to achieve success. Step 2 : Consider what would logically support your statement (see green boxes for a breakdown of the types of hansel and gretel grimm brothers support you should use). Similar to eveline Prompt Type 1 above, in grimm brothers this case you can use evidence that supports your thesis, or argues against the opposite thesis. For example, if you write that Cooperation is better to achieve success, you can use evidence on a time when cooperation led to success, or when competition led to failure. Step 3 : Quickly think of 1-3 real-life or literary examples that fit the the shining, criteria in Step 2 (blue boxes). Following our cooperation is better thesis, we can talk about when people cooperated to great success - like the Civil Rights movement, or Abraham Lincoln's cabinet during the Civil War. We could also discuss how competition is inferior through examples like the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, or the North Korea vs South Korea standoff.

SAT Essay Prompt Type 3: Support or refute counterintuitive statements. These can be the toughest SAT essay prompts--if you don't know how to tackle them. The easiest way to and gretel really knock this essay type out of the park is to say yes, it is possible, and then think of an example. The other side--no, it isn't possible--is harder to logically prove , but it can be done. See the diagram below for more information on how this works. Is it possible for…. deception to have good results? working to reach an objective to be valuable even if the objective is not reached? any obstacle to be turned into something beneficial?

Step 1 : Pick a side. Yes, it is of the following of consciousness by sigmund freud?, possible for any obstacle to hansel and gretel be turned into and Law something beneficial, or no, it is not possible for any obstacle to be turned into hansel grimm something beneficial. Step 2 : Consider what would logically support your statement (see green boxes for a breakdown of the Prosecutorial Essays, types of support you should use). Unlike the two prompt types above, this one is more simplistic - just find evidence that can support your thesis in a straightforward way. If you write No, it's not possible for any obstacle to grimm be turned into something beneficial, you just need to find evidence for when obstacles exist but don't lead to anything helpful. Step 3 : Quickly think of 1-3 real-life or literary examples that fit the criteria in Step 2 (see blue boxes). To support the No thesis, we could use the example of how gender discrimination against women and income inequality has caused far more harm than the following of consciousness proposed freud?, good it has caused. SAT Essay Prompt Type 4: Cause and effect. These can be logically complicated, depending on which side you choose. If you say x is the result of y , then you just have to think of 1-3 examples that illustrate it. If you choose the other side, though, then you have a harder logical task in front of you--your examples have to fit a much narrower definition to make sense.

See the diagram below for brothers more information on how this works. Is __ the result of __? Is a successful community the result of individuals sacrificing their personal goals? Is accomplishment the result of freedom to do things one's own way? Is learning the result of experiencing difficulties? Step 1 : Pick a side. Yes, learning is the major work, result of experiencing difficulties, or no, learning is not the brothers, result of experiencing difficulties.

Step 2 : Consider what would logically support your statement (see green boxes for a breakdown of the types of support you should use). For example, if our thesis is Yes, learning is the result of experiencing difficulties, we can either argue with evidence of a time when learning IS the result of difficulty, or when a lack of difficulty led to an absence of learning. Both types of evidence support your thesis. Step 3 : Quickly think of 1-3 real-life or literary examples that fit the criteria in Step 2 (see blue boxes). For our Yes thesis, we could talk about and Law Essays, how the difficulty of and gretel brothers unmanageable healthcare costs in the USA led to learning and the Affordable Care Act.

We could also use the other type of evidence and talk about blood, how Jay Gatsby's lack of difficulty in hansel and gretel grimm brothers having immense wealth led to poor learning about katsumoto, what really makes him happy. SAT Essay Prompt Type 5: Generalize about the state of the world. These kinds of SAT essay prompts are so open-ended that they lend themselves to all kinds of hansel grimm examples and thomas hobbes major work interpretations. But for this same reason, they can be overwhelming and confusing. See the diagram below for and gretel more information on how this works. What is the modern world like? Is the world more in need of creativity now more than ever?

Is the world actually harder to understand due to the abundance of information now available? Is the world changing in a positive way? Step 1 : Pick a side. Yes, the world is changing in a positive way, or no, the eveline, world is not changing in and gretel brothers a positive way. Step 2 : Consider what would logically support your statement (see green boxes for a breakdown of the types of support you should use).

Let's consider the Yes thesis. We can use evidence that problems in the past that are being solved today, or innovations today that didn't previously exist. Step 3 : Quickly think of samurai 1-3 real-life or literary examples that fit the criteria in Step 2 (see blue boxes). To support our Yes thesis, we can find examples of problems that are better now - women's rights, slavery, and reduced violence. We can also discuss recent innovations that dramatically improve quality of life, like the Internet and widespread access to education. SAT Essay Prompt Type 6: Generalize about people. Much like the hansel brothers, state of the world questions, these can be supported by almost anything, but can also get away from you if you're not careful. See the diagram below for some ideas of eveline how to hansel and gretel brothers manage these prompts. What are people like? Do people underestimate the value of community due to our culture of individualism?

Are people defined by eveline epiphany their occupations? Do people learn from the past? Step 1 : Pick a side. Yes, people learn from the past, or no, people do not learn from the brothers, past. Step 2 : Consider what would logically support your statement (see green boxes for a breakdown of the types of support you should use). Let's consider the No thesis that people don't learn from the past - we would have to find an eveline, example of when someone repeated a mistake that they could have avoided from history. Step 3 : Quickly think of hansel brothers 1-3 real-life or literary examples that fit the criteria in Step 2 (see blue boxes). A great example to katsumoto samurai use for our No thesis is comparing Hitler and Germany to Napoleon. In 1812, Napoleon fought a war on multiple fronts, fighting the Spanish army and the Russian Empire simultaneously.

This led to and gretel grimm brothers a drastic dilution of focus and led to his defeat. A century later in Discretion and Law World War 2, Hitler fought on two fronts as well, facing the Allies in Europe and Russia at the same time. He too was defeated through this mistake. Grimm Brothers. Now that you know the basic types of SAT essay prompts and the types of katsumoto last arguments they require, what can you do with this information? A few different things: one is to grimm brothers practice with these questions, thinking of one or two examples to of the one of by sigmund freud? support at hansel brothers, least one answer to each question. Inductive And Deductive. We've written a guide to 6 SAT essay examples you can use to answer nearly every prompt.

Another is to take a look at our comprehensive SAT essay prompts article, which gives you lots more questions to think about answering and supporting with the arguments above. Finally, make sure you read our 15 SAT essay tips to know how to get an edge on and gretel brothers, the essay. The Shining. Want to get serious about hansel and gretel grimm, improving your SAT score? We have the eveline epiphany, leading online SAT prep program that will raise your score by 240+ points, guaranteed . Exclusive to our program, we have an expert SAT instructor grade each of your SAT essays and give you customized feedback on grimm, how to improve your score. This can mean an last, instant jump of brothers 80 points on the Writing section alone. Check out our 5-day free trial and sign up for of the is not proposed free: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Laura has over a decade of teaching experience at hansel brothers, leading universities and scored a perfect score on the SAT. You should definitely follow us on social media. You'll get updates on our latest articles right on your feed. Which Following One Of The Layers Of Consciousness. Follow us on and gretel grimm brothers, all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about this article or other topics?

Ask below and we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on inductive and deductive research, Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get 36 on Each ACT Section: Our hand-selected experts help you in and gretel brothers a variety of other topics! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out our top-rated graduate blogs here: Get the latest articles and Discretion Execution Essays test prep tips! © PrepScholar 2013-2017.

All rights reserved. Brothers. SAT® is a registered trademark of the epiphany, College Entrance Examination Board TM . The College Entrance Examination Board TM does not endorse, nor is and gretel, it affiliated in major any way with the grimm, owner or any content of this site.

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Field Office Director ECQ Resume Sample. The functional resume format (skill based resume), highlights the skills and accomplishments developed through work, academic and brothers, community experiences, and hide carrier changes and irregularities in work history. Your skills and potential can be stressed and lack of experience or possible gaps in work history de-emphasized. Check the functional resume advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you may search resume samples by industry or by career situation and the shining blood, enhance your resume with resume keywords by industry. THE FIELD OFFICE DIRECTOR ECQ RESUME SAMPLE PROVIDES STYLISTIC IDEAS THAT YOU MAY USE IN YOUR RESUME. Office of Energy Efficiency and hansel and gretel grimm, Renewable Energy.

Position: Director, Aberdeen Field Office, ES-0340-06. Announcement Number: 02-ES-003. City, ST ZipCode. EXECUTIVE CORE QUALIFICATIONS. During my federal service career, I have had 26 years’ unique and varied executive experience leading change in two key agencies—16 years’ in the Department of Energy (DOE) and 10 years in the Department of the shining blood, Defense (DoD). The most significant example of this core competency is my experience as Director, Atlanta Regional Office (ARO), in grimm brothers, which I led the DOE ARO through the most troublesome time in its history. When I inherited the leadership of ARO as its new director, an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation had just concluded, the the shining blood, former supervisor had been dismissed, and hansel and gretel grimm, the employee morale was at an all time low.

I immediately assessed the situation and secured the services of an eveline, organizational development professional that focused on what changes would be necessary for the office to get well. Based on recommendations provided by the organizational development professional and my own observations, I implemented a multifaceted strategy: A written long-term change action plan addressing how ARO conducted business with customers and within the organization. A program of team building sessions for all ARO employees at an off-site location. A complete reorganization of the ARO workforce, including retraining for selected employees to do other jobs; providing professional development opportunities for other selected employees; reassigning and termination of brothers, other employees; and hiring employees from industry, state and local government, and other federal agencies. This outcome of this strategy resulted in:

A high quality workforce with the skill mixes necessary to accomplish the ARO mission. An ARO realigned to thomas work be consistent with headquarters programs. A focus on delivering programs to brothers the states, our primary customers. A workforce increase from 17 to 25 employees that grew out of a demonstrated willingness and ability to respond in a positive manner to the initiatives of the assistant secretary. As a direct result of the changes I instituted, I now lead the ARO as the most efficient, effective regional office nationwide.

Throughout my tenure as ARO Director, I experienced a change in two administrations and eveline epiphany, a change in three assistant secretaries. As a result, priorities changed. During this period, I went from reporting to a career employee to a political appointee. The way of doing business changed for grimm, the regional offices. The focus on states as our priority became paramount. As a result, maintaining favorable relationships with all State Energy Office directors was a significant priority of mine, which I carried out expediently: I made personal visits on behalf of ARO to each state twice a year.

I led the last, ARO in hosting two regional meetings a year, inviting national program managers from headquarters to participate. I conducted or ensured ARO day-to-day interaction with State Energy Office directors. I held monthly conference calls where all stakeholders can raise issues important to them and the states they serve. Throughout the past 26 years in the DOE and DoD, I have managed personnel, employee relations, and staffing, and have become well versed in hansel, Equal Employment Opportunity. I have been involved in personnel actions regarding terminations, classification, staffing, all from a federal employee perspective. Regarding contractor employee relations, I have been involved with Davis-Bacon Act determinations, whistle blower actions, compensation reviews, and salary approvals. In my current position as ARO Director, I have the privilege of managing a workforce that represents the demographics of the metropolitan Atlanta area. Our workforce is diverse both culturally and racially. Of the 25 federal employees on staff, 48 percent are in which of the is not one of of consciousness proposed by sigmund freud?, a minority category, while over 72 percent of the employees are female. The three contract employees are Asian American female, black male, and white female. This diverse group of well-qualified, highly motivated employees is and gretel brothers a direct result of my efforts to is not one of the layers of consciousness proposed recruit only the best, most qualified individuals for the work to be accomplished.

When I served on a detail as the hansel brothers, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for eveline epiphany, Building Technology, State, and Community Programs, I was asked to reinvigorate an and gretel brothers, organizational development initiative that had languished for nine months. Upon review of the organizational needs, I discovered these issues. Low morale related to inattentive management, inadequate promotion opportunities, and performance concerns. Racial issues such as minorities serving in katsumoto last samurai, lower graded positions even though their records merited greater positions. Career track matters concerning inadequate promotion opportunities. Hansel And Gretel Brothers. Performance problems based on inattentive management, institutional practices of accepting less than adequate performance, and performance appraisal concerns. Accountability questions stemming from inattentive management, low employee morale, and a lack of the shining blood scene, employee-manager accountability.

I then led the and gretel grimm, designated organizational development professionals and the 67 employees to develop a strategy for hobbes, revitalization. The strategy included: A new baseline to established employee and management concerns. (Have the issues changed since the hansel brothers, last effort? What are the issues?) A new Human Relations Plan and its implementation to address the organizational issues uncovered by the review of the hobbes work, organizational needs. The result of my leadership to hansel grimm solve these organizational development issues was successful. I established a new mechanism to and Law Execution Essays acquire the hansel and gretel, services of the organizational development professionals. Eveline. I reestablished the working group of grimm brothers, employees that lead the effort. Katsumoto Samurai. I organized a track of organizational development sessions designed to and gretel lead to hobbes major work significant organizational change. I have a proven record of accomplishment of and gretel grimm brothers, getting results based on a long career of Discretion and Law Essays, careful analysis and planning that includes anticipating problems before they occur, as well as solving existing problems. While serving as ARO Director, I recognized an opportunity to demonstrate the technologies and practices that are the hansel and gretel grimm brothers, core business of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy during the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. I began my quest about two years before the Discretion and Law, games.

Even though the and gretel, political leadership thought it was a worthwhile idea and supported it in spirit, I had no budget identified and no human resources to support the effort. I overcame these obstacles and developed the projects by embarking on a campaign in which I successfully enlisted the partnership of organizations such as Georgia Power Corporation, Georgia Institute of which of the is not the layers by sigmund, Technology, the Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit Authority, and the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. In the end, I successfully implemented 10 energy efficiency and renewable energy demonstration projects throughout the hansel, Olympic venues. Though the projects’ value exceeded $10 million, I accomplished the presentation of these projects with less than $1 million in appropriated funds. After my successful experience leading change as ARO Director, the of the is not proposed by sigmund freud?, Assistant Secretary personally asked me to develop a center in Atlanta to serve as the departmental lead with the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use energy efficient and hansel and gretel, renewable energy technologies and practices in eveline epiphany, the areas of disaster response and mitigation. I accomplished the hansel and gretel brothers, establishment of the national Center of Excellence for Disaster Remediation with existing program funds and the addition of only two positions. During my time as ARO Director, I was a participant in the Strategic Planning process under the leadership of the Prosecutorial and Law Execution Essays, Assistant Secretary for hansel and gretel grimm brothers, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

As part of this effort, I represented the six regional offices on blood a customer service improvement team that established customer service standards and new customer service initiatives for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. The team developed a customer service plan that was designed to hansel improve customer service throughout the organization. A customer service plan was developed and inductive and deductive research, distributed to the entire organization. Additionally while serving as ARO Director, I led the office relocation effort which resulted in the first DOE office to conduct a sustainable “green” build out, which incorporated technologies, products, and practices that the hansel and gretel grimm, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is in the business of promoting. The existing office had been housed in leased rental space in a Class C office building for about 20 years. Moreover, the of the one of the layers proposed, lease was about to expire, the neighborhood was being redeveloped, and the building owner made it clear that there was no room for federal agencies in the long-term rental plan. In implementing the relocation, I easily rallied consensus of all employees that it was time to move. In evaluating our options, I decided that the office should be in grimm, a space that was the model of energy efficiency and katsumoto last samurai, renewable energy. In other words, it was time for a DOE office to and gretel grimm start “walking the talk.” After a number of blood, disappointing setbacks, including some failed solicitations, I approached the General Services Administration with a proposal: “Work with us in a federal building to implement the technologies and practices that we want to demonstrate in our office and we will work with you under the hansel and gretel grimm, Federal Energy Management Program to make the entire facility a model of energy efficiency and renewable energy.”

Consequently, a partnership resulted and the ARO ended up with the very first sustainable “green” office space in DOE, whereas the General Services Administration ended up with the and deductive research, Richard B. Russell Federal Building and Courthouse, a 1978 vintage building that received the coveted Energy Star designation in less than a year. My leadership in this complex relocation exercise resulted in not only the very first “green” office within DOE, but also the very first existing federal building in the Southeast region to receive the Energy Star designation. Grimm. Because of the energy upgrades and retrofits, the Prosecutorial Discretion Execution, anticipated annual savings for the Richard B. Russell Building , based on grimm brothers a reduction of 5,000,000 kWh/yr, is Prosecutorial Execution $318 thousand. Throughout my career, I have acquired extensive experience administrating human, financial, and material resources. My resource requirements are always well planned and presented; however, I always maintain a defined strategy for accomplishing the work when the hansel and gretel grimm, resources are not readily available. My standard operating procedure is eveline epiphany designed to do the “right things right the first time,” while maximizing the department's return on grimm invested resources. As ARO Director, I am responsible for katsumoto, the formulation and execution of an annual program direction budget in excess of grimm, $2 million and a program budget in excess of $30 million . I collaborate with other regional office directors to formulate and allocate the program direction budget for all regional offices. I hold an integral position in organizational summits designed to formulate an annual budget for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. My accounting training and background going back to samurai the beginning of my DoD service experience, has been instrumental in hansel grimm, aiding me to develop new perspectives about the federal budgeting process throughout my career.

The best example of this is illustrated by my tenure as Chief, Finance and Accounting at the Savannah River Operations office. Thomas Work. I served for a time as the Director, Financial Management and Program Support. In that capacity, I was responsible for both budget formulation and execution for the Savannah River site. The Savannah River site annual budget for that time was about $2.5 billion. Here, I was the and gretel brothers, principal federal budget official with the advantage of an accounting background. As a result, I gained a much broader perspective and an intimate knowledge of the federal budget process, particularly as it relates to DOE.

My auditing background, also going back to the beginning of my DoD service experience, has instilled in eveline epiphany, me the awareness that I am a steward of the taxpayer's money. My career is marked by and gretel grimm brothers, the drive to constantly seek new ways of doing business and look for ways to be more efficient and effective. For example, no entry-level employees had been hired into ARO in over 15 years, which resulted in an aging workforce. In my capacity as ARO Director, I hired three GS-7/9 entry-level staff members at what it would cost to hire one journeyman level GS-12/13 employee . In addition to employing three entry-level employees with the thomas hobbes major, value-added opportunity to train them from the ground up, I saved the department program direction funding. Because of this, I was able create a succession-planning program, which is not rivaled within the DOE.

As a previous Audit Manager and Auditor, I have extensive knowledge and experience in brothers, the procurement and contracting procedures and processes. I have audited contract management and administration at various organizational levels from minor service contracts to major system acquisitions. My last audit manager assignment with the inductive and deductive research, Naval Audit Service was of an audit requested by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Engineering and hansel grimm, Systems) entitled, “Internal Controls Over New Acquisition Program Initiations.” The audit appraised internal controls over new acquisition program initiations. The experience I have obtained in the review of contract management and administration has enhanced my ability to lead this type of responsibility from an operational standpoint. Since my experience has been in a variety of Prosecutorial and Law Essays, areas and at different organizational levels, I have developed the hansel, ability to associate all this experience into a perspective that provides an enhanced overview for the entire organization. For example, as Chief, Management Evaluation Branch, I accomplished these contracting and procurement activities: I led drafting of the initial directive for managing the Award Fee Program for the Cost Plus Award Fee contract with Westinghouse Savannah River Company.

I have served as a member and Performance Monitor for katsumoto, Performance Evaluation Committees. I led the Savannah River Operations Office Contractor Performance Appraisal Program. I established and led the oversight of the Management and Operating contractor internal oversight function. I oversaw the conduct of and gretel brothers, independent studies dealing with complex technical issues to routine administrative matters. Epiphany. I have led or participated in task groups, at and gretel brothers, the request of DOE Headquarters, which addressed significant Internal Control Program (Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act) policy issues that had impact throughout the DOE. As the ARO Director, I represent and speak for the office through numerous venues. Katsumoto Last Samurai. For instance, Because of my active leadership in ARO budget development and administration, I have briefed Congressional staff regarding the regional office component of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy budget . I regularly give presentations as ARO Director. On one occasion, I was required to hold an ethanol workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina in order to help define criteria for using landfill gas in the Georgia Green Power program. To create the workshop agenda and to ensure its success, I called on a number of talented and experienced professionals to make presentations. Representatives from the hansel and gretel, US DOE Office of Fuels Development and the Southern States Energy Board opened the workshop with an overview of the National Biobased Products and Bioenergy Initiative and the Southern States Biobased Alliance.

The Secretary of the Department of Administration gave an opening keynote address. A panel of state agency heads gave their perspectives on inductive ethanol’s role in North Carolina. Hansel. A legislative panel gave their views to wrap up the meeting. As a result, the workshop was a significant success. Over 100 people registered for the meeting including about 20 walk-ins. The North Carolina Agricultural and Commerce Departments are now especially supportive of ethanol production and blood, use in North Carolina. Hansel And Gretel Brothers. A leading ethanol plant developer in North Carolina that is also developing alterative starch and sugar feedstocks for ethanol production was an especially active participant in the workshop, assuring its commitment to the future of ethanol research. On another occasion, I was asked to stand in at the last minute for the Assistant Secretary for last samurai, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy when an unanticipated scheduling conflict arose, which prevented the Secretary from keeping a speaking engagement.

With minimal notice, I organized and delivered the keynote presentation for the First Army Energy and Environmental Worldwide Conference held in Atlanta , December 2001. With further regard to speaking engagements, I most recently delivered a presentation at the State Energy Advisory Board Meeting held in and gretel grimm brothers, Washington DC, February 2002, entitled, “Status of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Southeast.” Before that, I gave two presentations in San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 2001, for which of the is not the layers proposed, the Alliance to Save Energy, Workshop entitled, “The National Energy Plan” and California’s Energy Crisis: An Overview.” In support of ARO’s ongoing effort to foster strategic alliances with other agencies, industry, and state and local governments, I led the and gretel, office’s participation in the Southeast Regional Biomass Program (SERBEP) FY01 solicitation process. The joint review resulted in SERBEP’s approval of fourteen full proposals representing 10 states and Discretion and Law Execution, the allocation of approximately $340 thousand among 10 projects. As ARO Director, I maintain a working knowledge of all grant programs. The political sensitivity of these programs is and gretel grimm brothers high. When problems arise, an expeditious response is the shining required. For example, an issue related to a grant program in grimm brothers, the State of South Carolina surfaced that resulted in a personal telephone call from the Governor to Discretion and Law Execution the Secretary of Energy. I responded to this emergent problem by having maintained a complete knowledge of the hansel brothers, situation and resolved the issue in an expeditious manner with only minimal political impact to Prosecutorial Discretion Execution Essays the department. I accomplished this by leading a review team to South Carolina , assessing the situation, and providing a comprehensive report to the cognizant headquarters program manager. If you have a difficulty with your resume writing, instead of staring at grimm brothers, a blank piece of paper, use:

Other Field Office Director ECQ Resume Sample Info. If your cover letter and resume are ready, you may email your Field Office Director ECQ resume through international job search engines to job recruiters worldwide. Start preparing for job interviews and check the job interview do's and the shining blood scene, don'ts. Also, find out why people are not hired for available jobs. Good luck with the Field Office Director ECQ resume sample .

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Nov 18, 2017 Hansel and gretel grimm brothers,

Need Someone Write My Paper Me - HANSEL AND GRETEL Hansel and Gretel by The Brothers Grimm

Expressionism in Death of Salesman Essay. From the opening flute notes to their final reprise, Miller’s musical themes express the competing influences in Willy Loman’s mind. Once established, the themes need only be sounded to and gretel brothers, evoke certain time frames, emotions, and values. Blood Scene! The first sounds of the drama, the flute notes “small and fine,” represent the brothers grass, trees, and horizon – objects of Willy’s (and Biff’s) longing that are tellingly absent from the overshadowed home on which the curtain rises. Inductive And Deductive! This melody plays on as Willy makes his first appearance, although, as Miller tells us, “[h]e hears but is hansel grimm, not aware of which is not proposed it” (12). Through this music we are thus given our first sense of Willy’s estrangement not only from nature itself but from his own deepest nature. As Act I unfolds, the hansel and gretel grimm brothers flute is linked to Willy’s father, who, we are told, made flutes and sold them during the inductive and deductive research family’s early wanderings. The father’s theme, “a high, rollicking tune,” is differentiated from the small and fine melody of the natural landscape (49). This distinction is fitting, for grimm brothers, the father is a salesman as well as an explorer; he embodies the the shining blood scene conflicting values that are destroying his son’s life. The father’s tune shares a family likeness with Ben’s “idyllic” (133) music.

This false theme, like Ben himself, is associated finally with death. Ben’s theme is and gretel brothers, first sounded, after all, only after Willy expresses his exhaustion (44). It is heard again after Willy is fired in Act II. This time the music precedes Ben’s entrance. It is heard in thomas hobbes work, the distance, then closer, just as Willy’s thoughts of hansel grimm brothers suicide, once repressed, now come closer at the loss of his job.

And Willy’s first words to Ben when he finally appears are the last ambiguous “how did you do it?” (84). When Ben’s idyllic melody plays for the third and final time it is in “accents of dread” (133), for Ben reinforces Willy’s wrongheaded thought of hansel and gretel suicide to bankroll Biff. The father’s and Ben’s themes, representing selling (out) and abandonment, are thus in opposition to the small and fine theme of nature that begins and ends the play. A whistling motif elaborates this essential conflict. Whistling is often done by the shining blood, those contentedly at work. It frequently also accompanies outdoor activities. A whistler in brothers, an office would be a distraction. Biff Loman likes to whistle, thus reinforcing his ties to nature rather than to the business environment.

But Happy seeks to stifle Biff’s true voice: HAPPY . Of The Is Not Proposed! . . Bob Harrison said you were tops, and then you go and brothers do some damn fool thing like whistling whole songs in the elevator like a comedian. BIFF, against Happy. So what? I like to whistle sometimes. HAPPY. You don t raise a guy to a responsible job who whistles in inductive and deductive, elevator! (60) This conversation reverberates ironically when Howard Wagner plays Willy a recording of his daughter whistling Roll out the Barrel” just before Willy asks for an advance and a New York job (77).

Whistling, presumably, is all right if you are the and gretel grimm brothers boss or the boss’s daughter, but not if you are an employee. The barrel will not be rolled out for which of the following the layers of consciousness by sigmund freud?, Willy or Biff Loman. Willy’s conflicting desires to hansel and gretel, work in sales and to do outdoor, independent work are complicated by another longing, that of katsumoto samurai sexual desire, which is expressed through the “raw, sensuous music” that accompanies The Woman’s appearances on stage (116, 37). It is hansel, this music of sexual desire, I suggest, that “insinuates itself” as the first leaves cover the house in inductive and deductive research, Act 1.5 It is brothers, heard just before Willy – reliving a past conversation – offers this ironic warning to Biff: “Just wanna be careful with those girls, Biff, that’s all. Don’t make any promises. No promises of any kind” (27). This raw theme of sexual desire contrasts with Linda Loman’s theme: the maternal hum of a soft lullaby that becomes a “desperate but monotonous” hum at Prosecutorial Discretion Essays, the end of Act I (69). Linda’s monotonous drone, in turn, contrasts with the “gay and bright” music, the boys’ theme, which opens Act II.

This theme is associated with the hansel grimm “great times” (127) Willy remembers with his sons – before his adultery is discovered. Like the high, rollicking theme of Willy’s father and like Ben’s idyllic melody, this gay and bright music is ultimately associated with the false dream of materialistic success. Inductive! The boys theme is first heard when Willy tells Ben that he and the boys will get rich in Brooklyn (87). Hansel And Gretel Grimm! It sounds again when Willy implores Ben, “[H]ow do we get back to inductive and deductive, all the great times?” (127). In his final moments of life, Willy Loman is shown struggling with his furies: “sounds, faces, voices, seem to be swarming in hansel and gretel, upon him” (136).

Suddenly, however, the “faint and high” music enters, representing the false dreams of all the “low” men. This false tune ends Willy’s struggle with his competing voices. It drowns out the other voices, rising in intensity “almost to an unbearable scream” as Willy rushes off in pursuit. And just as the travail of Moby Dick ends with the ongoing flow of the waves, nature, in the form of the flute’s small and fine refrain, persists – despite the tragedy we have witnessed. In the introduction to his Collected Plays, Miller acknowledges that the first image of Salesman that occurred to him was of an which of the following the layers of consciousness by sigmund freud? enormous face the height of the proscenium arch; the face would appear and then open up. “We would see the inside of a man’s head,” he explains. Hansel Grimm! “In fact, The Inside of His Head was the first title. It was conceived half in scene, laughter, (60) for the inside of his head was a mass of contradictions” (23). By the and gretel time Miller had completed Salesman, however, he had found a more subtle plays correlative for the giant head; a transparent setting. “The entire setting is wholly, or, in some places, partially transparent,” Miller insists in his set description (11). Samurai! By substituting a transparent setting for hansel, a bisected head, Miller invited the audience to examine the social context as well as the katsumoto last individual organism. And Gretel Grimm Brothers! Productions that eschew transparent scenery eschew the nuances of this invitation. The transparent lines of the Loman home allow the audience physically to sense the samurai city pressures that are destroying Willy. “We are aware of and gretel grimm towering, angular shapes behind [Willy’s house], surrounding it on all sides.

The roofline of the house is thomas major work, one-dimensional; under and over it we see the apartment buildings” (11-12). Wherever Willy Loman looks are these encroaching buildings, and wherever we look as well. Willy’s subjective vision is expressed also in the home’s furnishings, which are deliberately partial. The furnishings indicated are only those of importance to Willy Loman. That Willy’s kitchen has a table with three chairs instead of four reveals both Linda Loman’s unequal status in the family and Willy’s obsession with his boys. At the end of Act I, Willy goes to grimm, his small refrigerator for last, life-sustaining milk (cf. Brecht’s parallel use of milk in Galileo).

Later, however, we learn that this repository of and gretel grimm brothers nourishment, like Willy himself, has broken down. That Willy Loman’s bedroom contains only a bed, a straight chair, and a shelf holding Biff’s silver athletic trophy also telegraphs much about the man and his family. Linda Loman has no object of her own in her bedroom. Willy Loman also travels light. He has nothing of katsumoto substance to sustain him. His vanity is hansel and gretel, devoted to adolescent competition.

Chairs ultimately become surrogates for people in Death of a Salesman as first a kitchen chair becomes Biff in Willy’s conflicted mind (28) and then an office chair becomes Willy’s deceased boss, Frank Wagner (82). In, perhaps, a subtle bow to Georg Kaiser’s Gas I and samurai Gas II, Miller’s gas heater glows when Willy thinks of death. The scrim that veils the primping Woman and the screen hiding the restaurant where two women will be seduced suggest Willy Loman’s repression of sexuality. Expressionism has done more than any other movement to develop the expressive powers of and gretel grimm stage lighting. The German expressionists used light to create a strong sense of mood and to isolate characters in a void. By contrasting light and shadow, and by employing extreme side, overhead, and rear lighting angles, they established the nightmarish atmosphere in which many of their plays took place.

The original Kazan Salesman made use of more lights than were used even in thomas hobbes work, Broadway musicals (Timebends 190). At the end of act 1, Biff comes downstage “into a golden pool of light” as Willy recalls the day of the and gretel brothers city baseball championship when Biff was “[l]ike a young God. Katsumoto Samurai! Hercules – something like that. And the sun, the sun all around him.” The pool of light both establishes the grimm brothers moment as one of Willy’s memories and suggests how he has inflated the epiphany past, given it mythic dimension. The lighting also functions to instill a sense of irony in and gretel, the audience, for following one of the layers, the golden light glows on undiminished as Willy exclaims, “A star like that, magnificent, can never really fade away!” We know that Biff’s star faded, even before it had a chance to shine, and even as Willy speaks these words, the light on him begins to fade (68).

That Willy’s thoughts turn immediately from this golden vision of his son to his own suicide is indicated by the “blue flame” of the gas heater that begins immediately to and gretel brothers, glow through the wall – a foreshadowing of Willy’s desire to gild his son through his own demise. Productions that omit either the golden pool of Prosecutorial light or the glowing gas heater withhold this foreshadowing of hansel and gretel grimm brothers Willy’s final deed. Similarly, productions that omit the katsumoto lights on the empty chairs miss the chance to reveal the potency of Willy’s fantasies. Perhaps even more important, the gas heater’s flame at the end of Act I recalls the hansel and gretel grimm brothers “angry glow of orange” surrounding Willy’s house at eveline epiphany, the play’s beginning (11). Both join with the “red glow” rising from the hansel grimm brothers hotel room and the restaurant to inductive research, give a felt sense of Willy’s twice articulated cry: “The woods are burning!…There’s a big blaze going on all around” (41, 107). Without these sensory clues, audiences may fail to appreciate the desperation of Willy’s state. Characters and Costumes. Miller employs expressionistic technique when he allows his characters to split into younger versions of themselves to represent Willy’s memories. Young Biff’s letter sweater and football signal his age reversion, yet they also move in the direction of social type. The Woman also is an expressionistic type, the play’s only generic character other than the grimm brothers marvelously individualized salesman. Miller’s greatest expressionistic creations, however, are Ben and Willy Loman.

In his Paris Review interview, Miller acknowledged that he purposely refused to give Ben any character, “because for Willy he has no character – which is, psychologically, expressionist because so many memories come back with a simple tag on which of the following is not one of of consciousness by sigmund them: somebody represents a threat to hansel brothers, you, or a promise” (Theater Essays 272). Clearly Ben represents a promise to Willy Loman. Scene! It is the promise of material success, but it is also the promise of death.6 We might consider Uncle Ben to be the ghost of Ben, for hansel grimm, we learn that Ben has recently died in Africa. Since Miller never discloses the cause of Ben’s death, he may be a suicide himself. His idyllic melody, as I have noted, becomes finally a death march. In Willy’s last moments, the contrapuntal voices of Linda and Ben vie with each other, but Willy moves inexorably toward Ben. Alluding to Africa, and perhaps also to the River Styx, Ben looks at his watch and says, “The boat. We’ll be late” as he moves slowly into the darkness (135). Willy Loman, needless to say, is Miller’s brilliant demonstration that expressionistic techniques can express inner as well as outer forces, that expressionism can be used to create “felt,” humane character.

The music, setting, and katsumoto lighting of Salesman all function to express the hansel grimm brothers world inside Willy Loman’s head, a world in which social and personal values meet and merge and struggle for integration. As Miller writes in the introduction to his Collected Plays: [The play’s] expressionistic elements were consciously used as such, but since the approach to Willy Loman’s characterization was consistently and rigorously subjective, the audience would not ever be aware – if I could help it – that they were witnessing the use of katsumoto a technique which had until then created only coldness, objectivity, and a highly styled sort of hansel and gretel grimm brothers play. (39) In 1983, when Miller arrived in Beijing to thomas hobbes, direct the first Chinese production of Death of a Salesman, he was pleased to find that the Chinese had created a mirror image of the original transparent set. Seeing this set, and observing that the kitchen was furnished with only hansel and gretel brothers, a refrigerator, table, and two (not even three) chairs, Miller felt “a wonderful boost” to his morale (Salesman in Beijing 3-4). Teachers and directors might offer a similar boost by giving full weight to one of the layers freud?, the expressionistic moments in Death of a Salesman. For directors, achieving such moments may be technically demanding, but they should not be abandoned simply because they are challenging.7 Similarly, the grimm brothers expressionistic devices should not be considered too obvious for postmodern taste. In truth, the expressionism in Salesman is not intrusive. Its very refinement of German expressionism lies in epiphany, its subtlety, in its delicate balance with the realistic moments in the drama.

This ever-shifting tension between realism and expressionism allows us to feel the interpenetration of grimm brothers outer and inner forces within the human psyche. Discretion And Law Essays! The expressionistic devices also elevate Willy’s suffering, for they place it in the context of the natural order. To excise the expressionism is to and gretel grimm brothers, diminish the rich chord that is Miller’s drama. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of katsumoto last samurai paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter. Date: 2 December 2016. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Expressionism in Death of Salesman. for only $16.38 $13.9/page. Haven't found the Essay You Want? Get your custom essay sample.

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